Letter to My Children & Grandchildren (December 24, 2017)

Dear Children - Jonathan and Carly, Sarah and Taylor, Joshua and Olivia, Christina & Grandchildren - PennyRose, Jackson, Weston, Madeline,

     Here is my Christmas message for you in 2017. I will always I love you. I will tell what happened to our family until you are with me again. I will expose the people who did this to us. Publicly, because all quiet and private attempts have been, and still are being rebuffed. But when you are part of our lives again, I will stop writing on this blog. More and more individuals, who (thankfully!) are allowed to have their families again...fathers, mothers, children,....don't have to speak publicly any longer. We know they are reunited due (in large part) to the protests for over a year outside the church, along with news articles, court cases brought to public attention, several blogs written about Calvary, increased community pressure. All lead to a loosening of the control and separation of families. Public pressure on bad decisions is a good thing.
     And so my part will continue until you are all safe in my arms, we can talk to each other. And laugh and make wonderful memories again, healing the painful memories of the past seven years. Remember children and grandchildren. False accusers and destroyers of families, do not prosper. Pastors should not covet their neighbor's children and grandchildren. Pastors should not lie. Pastors should not steal. And pastors are not idols to be worshipped. They are plain men who must be good, pure-hearted and noble. (A requirement of those in ministry) Real wisdom is honorable. Not a con-job.

Love and hugs and kisses,
Your own mom and dad and the rest of your family

Letter to My Children (December 16, 2017)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina,

     On my mother's birthday, your newest little nephew was born. An absolutely peaceful and precious birth attended by two of your sisters old, faithful friends, Katy and Abby Case (now Hollands and Taylor). It is quite a story, which I hope you will call your sister to let her tell you. Anyway, I texted you all that night and hoped you would respond. I waited. But nothing.
     Anyway, the arrival of little man, and attending old friends dropping everything to come and spend the day with Gretel, while Kyle was wrapping up work at Ft. Drum and then making the drive down—caused me to reflect on how wonderful the Case family has been through this whole nightmare 6 years (on Christmas Day). Without you all.
     Remember how the Cases came to visit us in Virginia? And when I was put out, Sydney was right there, even spending nights so I wouldn’t be alone. And Dan talking to Dad about how wrong it was to do this, so kindly and firmly. Always being a friend to Dad and me, although we did not attend his church. (Dan pastors a little Baptist church nearby our hometown.) Always available to visit at our home as often as we needed his company.
     Abby flew down to attend a court case with me and tried to talk to you children. Later, Sydney flew down too, babysat Noah so Gretel and I could spend time alone and talk, and then despite not feeling well, attended a court case and tried to talk to you kids also. Later on, Katy and Jason came down with baby Elijah, to talk with you Jonathan, for quite awhile, I will always be in their debt for that effort, when Jason did not even know you, but Katy encouraged him to try. Danny showed me how to do my blog, and still helps me when I can't figure out this dumb computer. Jenny, drove down with Danny and your cousin Jacquelyn to meet with you Sarah, and try to show you how wrong this is. While Danny met across the street with Joshua, at our deacon Waleed's pizza shop in Cascades. How good Danny was to meet alone with you Josh, and Waleed right there, a bit intimidating going to try and reason with a deacon, but Danny did it because you were his old friend. And Danny, being a pastors son himself, knew wrong from right. And what Calvary Temple has told you to do is wrong.
     And finally, there are the calls, texts, Facebooking, letters on the blog that they have written to you over these past six years. Never doubting that one day you will read the notes, and come to your senses and come home. Interesting isn’t it, that even though Dan is a pastor and Sydney a pastor's wife, and Dad and I are not part of their local church—Sydney (with Dan's blessing) still came down with Danny last year, and stood on the roadside outside of Calvary Temple and held up signs from me, begging you children to talk to your mom, dad, sister. Come home.
     Yes, this little baby boy's birth, so sweet and peaceful — with two of our faithful friends, made me incredibly grateful for this wonderful family up here in Perry. Don’t know what I would have done without them. And by the way kids, did you know that Pastor Ron Zarou considered Sydney to be a threat to his control over me, and he told dad to monitor our friendship. (You recall it was Pastor Ron Zarou who was counseling dad for Pastor Scott, to put me away. ) Oh well, she is a godly woman, so I suppose she would make a bad guy nervous.

God bless and keep you all my children. I love you, and soon we will be together.

Your mom

Letter to My Children (December 13, 2017)

Dear Children,

     We received 5 inches here overnight. Everything is covered with white snow. I’ve been baking Christmas cookie gifts for the first time since Pastor Scott encouraged Dad and Jonathan and Carly to put me away on Christmas Day 2011. Like we have done since I was a little girl with my mom, trays of all kinds, baked and piled on pretty plates for neighbors, friends. You remember. I found a few pictures of you girls baking and goofing around in the kitchen, aprons on! And this note from Sarah tucked into the recipe box with her Sister Cookies recipe card tucked inside. Lol. Blessed memories of our wonderful family.
     It was cruel of Pastor Scott to ruin Christmas for us. Always the memories will burden our hearts on what should be a day of peace, joy, and a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Instead of memories of a mother instantly deprived of children, husband, home. And my five children deprived of Mom. Tom forced to put out his wife or be outed himself.
     Allow me to share some good memories since.... A family visiting for Christmas took me to a movie and held my hand during the show because I was crying. Others calling to say they are going to try and reach my children, and do I have a message for you, that they could relay. Surprise flower deliveries. Meals brought and left with a note. Hugs. Lots of hugs and shared tears and coffee from unannounced visits. Always invitations, even though I rarely accept them, they still come, and we are still wanted and missed. The Christmas cards in the mail, although I rarely send any, mean so much. Texters saying we are loved, they are proud of us, don’t give up.
     Jesus said to ‘visit the widow and the orphan in their affliction.’ I am not much for going to peoples homes now. I miss you so much, being in family houses is painful. When individuals want to be at the cottage, even though we are not super happy, I know they are Christlike. It is much easier to invite people over than to go and be with them in their sorrow. This is called bearing one another’s burden. So Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina, you will have lots of people waiting to do the same for you as they have done for us. To hug you and say ‘...got your back, and it's going to be alright.’
     Always I love you. No matter what you have done, or what you have become, come home. Contact me secretly or openly, and I will come to you, as fast as I can. You are my children. I love you.

God bless us, everyone.
Xo Mom

Letter to Joshua & Olivia (December 8, 2017)

Dear Joshua and Olivia,

     Someone just told me that Olivia has been quite sick for a while. I am so sorry to hear it. Dad told me awhile back that Olivia had a bad back. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I will be praying for her. I was thinking of my Josh this morning while shoveling the sidewalk. Just a perfect first snow...the wreaths on our fence looked lovely, but when I took the picture, the sun casts a shadow over the red bows. So I tried to color them in for you to see. Can’t do it justice, but for Penny and Jackson and Weston and Madeline, they may like to see that Gramma likes coloring too!

I love you, Josh, and I miss you so much.
Xo Mom

Letter from an Old Family Friend (December 12, 2017)

Jonathan Fitch, Joshua Fitch, Christina Fitch, and Sarah Kain,

     I am not saying ‘Dear’ because your behavior towards your mother and sister is not endearing, it is manipulative and unchristlike. I hope your mom will put my letter on her website for you all to read, or your neighbors to read and tell you about. I heard you Jonathan, were mocking your mom being cast out of the home by your pastor and your father. The comment was along the lines of 'hotel room locks are on the inside of the room, mom could have left anytime she wanted!'
     I am shocked at a statement like this coming from kids I have known for over 25 years. You’d never have said that before Pastor Star Scott twisted your minds. And you cannot tell me he is not the one pulling your strings, because every pastor I KNOW, would have driven you to your mom by now to make things right. That he allows you to cut off your mom and family for six years shows he's the one calling the shots. So he can keep you all to himself, is my guess.
     Your mother was brutally treated, beat down emotionally and spiritually, and blackmailed into doing exactly what your pastors and father demanded of her, because of the THREAT OF NEVER SEEING HER KIDS AGAIN. Most decent moms will stand in front of a moving truck if it means keeping our kids safe. Why did that sadistic pastor have your father, keep her away for so long? Tom told us he hoped it would just be for a few days. Sick, sick, sick men get power by crushing the best people around them.
     So this brings me to one BIG QUESTION. If your mom could have left and been home with you all at any time, and she just suddenly DISAPPEARED, but you had no idea where she was, only your dad did......... WHY IN GOD'S HOLY NAME, DIDN’T YOU FIND HER AND BRING HER HOME? Don’t children typically CARE ABOUT THEIR PARENTS? If my MOTHER OR DAD OR SISTER OR CHILD OR HUSBAND SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED WITHOUT A GOODBYE AND I HEARD NOTHING FROM THEM FOR 3 MONTHS, I WOULD ASSUME THEY WERE KIDNAPPED OR DEAD OR WORSE!!!!! AND I WOULD CALL THE POLICE TO HELP ME FIND THEM!
     What kind of sick pastors (and I call them pastors because they call themselves that, your mom calls them that, and you call them that), would encourage, allow, promote, be aware of this kind of thing going on in their church? And do NOTHING? Please don’t tell me they did not know. That is not true according to your dad, your testimony in court (transcripts), other people who have written your mom. Your pastor has talked about your mom, and the blog she writes. So he knew, and he knows, and he has done nothing to make your wrongs right.
     I’m sorry, but you are adults now and need some critiquing. I am astonished at your cruelty, your selfishness, your coldness, and your self-righteous attitude towards someone who had been rejected so thoroughly. You admit your mother has DONE NOTHING WRONG EXCEPT BE A LOVING AND PROTECTIVE AND A WONDERFUL MOM, (again your words). Yet you have disowned her, your sister and nephews, your father and all extended family. Personally you kids need to get off your high horse and ask your mother's forgiveness. The rest of your family will accept you after you fix that. You are not Christians. Not anymore. As an aside, I know for a fact, your wealthier grandparents say you will never get a penny of their money until you leave that church, and are talking to your parents.

Words of admonition from an old family friend. 

(I hope it drives your pastor nuts trying to figure out who I am. From questions I have asked Leah in the past, he likes to be in the know.)

Letter to Friends Who Once Were Part of Calvary Temple (November 26, 2017)

Dear Friends Who Once Were Part Of Calvary Temple,

     Thank you all, for your kindnesses to myself, and my husband, our daughter Gretel, and her children, and for constant attempts to share my love with my four kids still in Calvary Temple. Your names are remembered and your friendship cherished. I would list you all, but do not wish Pastor Scott to know who you are. He does read this I am told, you are precious people, and I hate the thought of your names being on the lips of a bad man.
  • Thank you to the young man who often texts to tell me I am a good mom. 
  • Thank you to the young ladies who visit us in New York, and treat us so kindly. 
  • Thank you to the lady who always had room in her home and family for me to stay. And has made me feel like a blessing, instead of a burden. 
  • Thank you to the couple who regularly made me come for food, and gave me advice and insight into the craziness of being marked and put away. 
  • Thank you to the young man who informed me of so many things that had been going on in leadership behind the scenes with my situation. 
  • Thank you to the young man who encouraged me to write this blog, even though it was so hard for me. 
  • Thank you to the young man who wrote and offered an apology for his treatment of me initially, and then since leaving CT, his dear friendship! 
  • Thank you to the young ladies who helped our daughter Gretel, in more ways than I can count. 
  • Thank you to the couples who have invited me to their homes to share their experiences and tell me all they can about what my kids are enduring. 
  • Thank you to all the older individuals who have written, called, texted, sent cards and anonymous notes, sending photos of my children that they had, from their time in CT, and their encouragement. 
     You are all heroes. Thank you for praying for me and my family to be brought back together. Thank you for doing all you can to make contact with my kids when you see them out. Thank you for loving us in deed and words. Thank you for being so brave despite all the pain and suffering you each have already endured. Thank you for giving me hope, that this nightmare will end, and joy will return. Thank you for showing us you care, over and over again.

God bless and keep you all.


Letter to My Children (November 23, 2017)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina,

I am thankful for you all.

Your Mom

Letter to My Children (November 22, 2017)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina,

     How are you all? I am sorry I haven’t written in quite awhile. You know every day you are in my thoughts and prayers and conversation with others. We all, up here, want to know when you will be allowed to see us and hug us again. Talk and share your lives with us.
     A few weeks ago John, our family friend who was in the special forces, called to tell me about the long conversation he had with you, Jonathan. He informed me of his concerns for you all, and his confidence that very soon you will be restored to my arms. And our whole family will be together, and the tears wiped away. He related how, despite earlier indications, he now believes you are in a legalistic church that is practicing wicked deeds behind the scenes. Due to John's familiarity with abuse of power, and his training in the military, he came away from a conversation with you, son, and was not impressed. You are a handsome and well-spoken guy, (and as your mom, I think you are a gem!), but you know Mr. C., he’s kind of a man's man. And unfortunately, son, your unkind actions toward your parents and sister outweigh your words. However, please know that I am not upset with you. I know that you are under the power of Pastor Scott. You can only do what he will allow you to do. If he disapproves of you talking to your parents, you won’t. If he approves of you talking to your parents, you will. It’s that simple. Lots of people are now being allowed to talk to previously shunned family members. People have called to say they are praying I will be the next person on that growing list. It is a win-win for pastor to send you children back to see us. In so many ways. I often hear from folks down in Loudoun County, Virginia, who tell me that they read this blog and that it was the reason their family did not attend Calvary Temple when invited. They did not want to take the chance of having their family split up by a pastors counsel.
     I love you all. Here is a photo of your nephews recently at our cottage on the lake. So many times these little boys remind me of you children, and your childhood. Gretel is a good mommy, just as I know you children are with my other four grandchildren- that I cannot wait to hold in my arms and get to know.

Please call me this Thanksgiving. Please.

Love and hugs and kisses from mom

Letter to My Children (October 22, 2017)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina,
     I have a cold. Just back from a week with dad in Florida, kissed your little nephew John, and caught his cold. So up at 4 am, drinking hot tea (and coffee and donut!).
     I just listened to a song posted on the blog called Tactics from this summer, (https://tacticsofcalvarytemple.wordpress.com/2017/08/21/peace-in-our-violence/). And I cried. Because I see the faces of so many who are silent because of the violence that was leveled against them. Not because they DESERVED it, but evil for EVIL'S SAKE. Did Jesus DESERVE to be crucified? Or Job's children DESERVE to die? Or did Moses DESERVE to be removed from his parents home and raised in an idolatrous palace? How about the disciples, did they all DESERVE to be tortured and die cruel deaths? Evil tries to silence us.
     What is mind-boggling, is when the violence being leveled against the innocent is coming from the Church. Or is it really 'false brethren, crept in unawares,' who bedevil the children of God. 'Preventing' many from coming to God.
     There is a movie, just released, out for free. It was produced two years ago, but the powers the be in Hollywood have tried to stop it from being shown in theatres. So the backer who funded it, a Christian, is taking it to the public for free, to expose wicked deeds in high places, and also to offer hope to the abused and silenced innocents. Those who were preyed upon through no fault of their own, by wicked men and women. Who feasted on the trust and innocence and naïveté of young people. It will make you cry. I hope so anyway. I hope the Christians who read this are not hardened through the deceitful news of sin. Because sin and the effects should make us weep. Jesus wept over Jerusalem and its sins. Jesus wept over our sins which he was about to bare on the cross when he prayed in the garden. And we should weep. And be angry. Yet sin not. For we consider that the captain of our faith, Jesus Christ, took up a whip and entered the temple courts and overturned the tables of thievery.
     Have we allowed our Fathers houses to become dens of thieves? We should be mourning and weeping and fighting for all who have been silenced by rapacious abuse so ungodly they can barely whisper it aloud. Do not ask victims of church abuse (or any) to defend themselves. The strong ought to bear the weak up. Consider the Good Samaritan. He did what no other person of faith did, he picked up the wounded and provided care until the man was well again. No questions asked. No lectures, No fearfulness of being involved. Just calm, brave, sane, strong, tender, time-consuming concern and care. What a novel idea. A man acting like a Christian. Huh, have we seen many of those lately? Nope. Many who've been left for dead, by the side of the road, have been bleeding and dying for a long time.
     Either the Church is filled with fakers, or she has become seduced by thieves, or she is lukewarm, or she is filthy. Because real Christians care about others, all others. (http://youtu.be/IxHITJfD8Wo) I

Love you always,

Letter to Penny, Weston, Jackson, and Madeline (October 5, 2017)

Dear Penny, Weston, Jackson, and Madeline (our grandbabies),

     Ok, here's the back barn wall. We were moving fast, and Gramma (me), forgot to take pictures for awhile. Noah is smiling in the window pane, and Grampa is working on the very last board of the walls. Friends Don and Bandon and Jamie, came over that day and put on the roof with Grampa. Boy was it hot. Over 90 degrees, which is too hot for New York in late September.
     We all drank lots of water and had pizza after it was done, up at the lake. Do you see the boards? They are all different widths. The wood is basswood. A big tree was leaning over the garage up by the cottage. So Grampa cut it down last year. And sawed it up with Mr. Mark, into boards. I helped Grampa stack it in our garage where it dried for a year. Then we used it for your Aunt Gretels cowshed. I think it looks very nice. Do you? Aunt Gretel will paint up the windows and trim. But she wants to leave the wood unpainted.
     Oh, by the way, your cousin Noah climbed up on the roof while the guys were putting up the steel. He was not afraid to climb so high. Did you children read the names on the rungs of the ladder I left at your house last month? I put Madeline's name at the very top rung...I was chuckling as I painted it. Because Madeline's daddy (Uncle Jonathan), loved to climb on the roof of our old yellow home. One time he snuck into the house by climbing into his bedroom window from the roof, so he wouldn't have to be introduced to a passel of ladies who were over at our house! Uncle Jonathan could always make your Gramma laugh, with his fun ways. Thinking of you and wishing you were in these pictures too.

I love you lots,

Letter to Penny, Weston, Jackson, and Madeline (October 4, 2017)

Dear Penny, Weston, Jackson, and Madeline (our grandbabies),

     Here is a picture of Aunt Gretel's cow, Patsy. She is the only one left of a small herd your aunt bought last year. It was quite an adventure. She bought them, sold off a few, one was for meat for the freezer (Big Billy) and kept Patsy. Patsy was taken last week to a neighbor's small farm, to be bred. Aunt Gretel wants a calf and the extra milk to make some homemade cheese and yogurt.
     You can see the cowshed and Grampa up on the ladder in the back corner of the pasture. Gramma was laying on the grass when I took this picture. It's kinda crooked. Patsy is pretty small. Not as large as she looks here.
     I love you all. I hope school is going well for you Penny. Your cousin Noah began first grade. He loves reading, just like Uncle Jonathan did at his age. And he is writing nicely in cursive already. What is your favorite subject? Mine was math. And I liked art projects. Do you? You are all loved and wanted and missed something awful.

XO Love and hugs,

Letter to Penny, Weston, Jackson, and Madeline (October 3, 2017)

Dear Penny, Weston, Jackson, and Madeline (our grandchildren),

     This is the back corner of Aunt Gretel's cow pasture. Here is where all the old building material sat for a year, until now, where it is being used in the new cowshed. Your cousin Noah has strung up a good length of rope. He was contemplating how to hoist some big boards. Noah is almost seven years old. He is quite strong, and tall, and loves fishing, swimming in the lake, taking care of the ducks, chickens, turkeys, and cow. He is learning about hunting and skinning small game.
     A few days ago he trapped a skunk! It was exciting. The corn was growing out back in our field and is very tall this year. Noah and John know that they cannot play in the cornfield. It is easy to get lost. But Grampa did feed the cow (Patsy), a few ears of corn from it. Uh oh. Now Patsy wants more....she follows Grampa and John around hoping for more of the treat. Aunt Gretel wove a hay basket that hangs from the fence. Out of baling twine. Your aunt is really clever at crocheting, knitting, spinning, etc. I will get a picture for you. Praying Pastor Scott will give you all back to us soon.

I love you all so so much,

Letter to Penny, Weston, Jackson, and Madeline (October 2, 2017)

Dear Penny, Weston, Jackson, and Madeline (our grandbabies),

     Here's a photo of your cousin John, perched upon a couple of boards sorting through the screws. Grampa is working up on the ladder. Gramma (me), had just finished framing all six of those old windows up. They are missing panes, but I will replace them when the walls are on. Gramma likes fixing old things. Your mom might call it 'vintage.'
     Grampa and Uncle Kyle and an old friend of your moms, Andrew-took down an old shed below our old yellow farmhouse, at the Carlson's. Grampa suggested it had plenty of good wood, and so they broke it down (last fall), and Noah and Gramma and Aunt Gretel, hammered out all the nails from old boards! That was fun. Little John carefully put them inside a jar, so no nails would end up on the ground or stuck in one of the truck or tractor tires...lol. And for Aunt Gretel's birthday present (just last week), Grampa and Gramma began creating a cowshed/barn.
     The sun was very hot for the end of September. Cousins John and Noah ran around barefoot in the pasture as we plugged along, Gramma on the chop saw, Grampa climbing the ladder and fitting in 2x4s. Noah handing up the materials. John sorting screws, and Aunt Gretel carrying out lots of water and snacks to keep us all perky...lol. Uncle Kyle was at work in the Army.
     John likes to climb high. Noah likes to build things. What do you children like to do I wonder? I cannot wait to learn your personalities. Soon we will be together. Pastor Scott will tell your mom and dad to bring you up to see me and your cousins and aunt and uncle. We love you all very much.

Your Gramma

Letter to Penny & Weston (October 1, 2017)

Dear Penny and Weston (my grandbabies),

     Yesterday when I stopped by your home and heard noise coming from the kitchen since no one came to the door I went around the corner and saw you all through the kitchen window. Your mom was stirring up some breakfast I suspect. Penny, you were in the fridge, and Weston was nearby. Both of you stopped and looked at me. Your momma pointed her finger. At first, I thought she meant for me to come go round to the door! I watched your faces as you looked at me, your gramma you have never met, and then at your mom. She beckoned for you to follow her out of the room. I walked away and cried.
     One day soon, Penny and Weston, you will be in my arms. I will hug and kiss you, laugh with you and listen to all you have to say. We will have adventures together and make memories. Gramma has been busy helping Grampa and Noah (your cousin), build a small cowshed for your Aunt Gretels cow. A friend of your moms and Uncle Jonathan put up the frame while Grampa was on a trip. I was given some old windows by a neighbor and framed them into the walls. Noah was building something interesting with the leftover building materials...lol. Here he is standing on his boards, while Grampa stands on his! I had to get a picture. This is what we will do together when Pastor Scott allows you to come home to us again. Have fun and love each other in person. Not with words that have no substance behind them.
     Love is real. My love for you brings me to Virginia (a 6.5 hr drive), to knock on your door. I will always try to show you my love until you are allowed to hear my words, be hugged and kissed by me, and play and visit with us all. (Did you climb the ladder I left for you? I painted the flowers, and names of all our grandbabies and children on the rungs. I like old wooden ladders!)
     I will try to write more about the barn building. Someone said you children would enjoy seeing the pictures and hearing the adventures. So I will post some here for you to read about. I love you, Penny. I love you, Weston. And I love you, Sarah and Taylor.

Your Gramma, and your Mom

Letter to My Children (September 1, 2017)

Dear Children,

     I am tired; we just returned from dinner with friends in Sterling. Ellen Kusar (You remember Ellen, she was the photographer of Sarah and Taylor's' wedding.) Anyway, while there, Pastor Jeff Heglund, his wife Kimberly, and their younger daughter walked in. We were waiting for our table when I saw them and immediately made my way to the door to speak with them regarding being allowed to have my children back. Ellen, who was with us, wrote down what occurred. I am sad to say that, even though I walked out to their car begging them all the way to please allow us to have our children back in our lives, they never once cried, apologized, prayed with me, talked and said they were sorry for the past 5-6 years of needless suffering. I told them I would do whatever they want, give them a hug and kiss, cook and clean, no bitterness or meanness in me. I have done nothing wrong, and they know it. And like the widow before the unjust judge I will not be silent, give me back my babies, is the cry of my life. I stood there watching them back away out of the parking space and drive off. So sad. A pastor and his wife, of Calvary Temple in Sterling Virginia.
     By the way, I did stop at my children's homes, none home this time, but my Sarah. She did not open the door. So I picked up the children's toys in the yard, tidied them a bit, wrote with the chalk in the driveway a loving message from Mima (gramma), and smiled over the tree swing and quilt, and tree stump stools, memories of our home life. When I walked to the end of her driveway to visit with her neighbor, my little grand-babies came out and I waved to them-Weston waved back! And Penny would peek out the window afterward, and each time I waved. Made my day. So I went out and bought a few little things to leave on their lawn for them all. Just small treasures from Mima, for my precious babies and my sweet daughter.

With love,
From Mom

Here are Ellen's thoughts:

     Molly Fitch and I went to dinner tonight to meet some ex-CT friends. As we were waiting for our table to be ready, we saw Kim Heglund and her daughter entering the restaurant. Molly immediately met her at the door and asked her to please give her kids back. Kim's response was "we love you" and "talk to your children." Molly said, "I do try to talk to them, but they won't open the door." I said "When she did talk to one of the children, she said to go and talk to Pastor Scott. But Pastor Scott has refused to talk to Molly, so what should she do?" and Kim kept saying "we love you - talk to your kids."
     And I again repeated, "How can she talk to her kids, they refuse to talk with her until she has talked to Pastor Scott and he refuses to talk to her so now what?" At that time Jeff entered and Molly again asked for her children, saying "you know me, I have done nothing wrong, tell me what I can do." Jeff kept saying "We love you." He hung his head and would not meet her eye. In my opinion, Jeff looked ashamed. Kim attempted to keep a smile on her face. It was incredibly sad that two grown adults could not speak face to face with two women asking honest questions. Jeff, Kim and (I guess) Hope left without eating. We had a very pleasant time with our friends, but it was very sad. My question for Calvary Temple is why do you attempt to deceive people into believing that you have nothing to do with the destruction of the Fitch family?

Letter to My Children & Readers (August 29, 2017)

Dear Children and Readers,

     A few weeks ago we had the chance to tell a couple of hours worth of our experiences at Calvary Temple. It's not easy to talk about. For over the past six years, silence has enveloped me, apart from writing to you in this way. And even this was and is incredibly difficult to do. Initiated because Pastor Scott cut off all other means of communicating with my children. Dad was the one who filled me in on all that Pastor had directed you to do to me. But my main concern was that you would feel abandoned if I did not keep reaching out, so I call, text, write here and come down every five weeks or so to knock on your doors.
     Aside from that, though, I am largely silent. Only when people ask. The pastor who listened to our story stopped me at one point. Horrified, he apologized to me, for not realizing the extent of our abuse. He apologized on behalf of pastors, for the wicked treatment of Calvary pastors toward our family. He remarked that he was amazed I could even enter a church, let alone trust a pastor again. And he expressed admiration for the integrity I have shown throughout.
     But the truth is, the damage is incalculable, and although his words were comforting, I ache inside for you my dearest children, for your sister, for her children, for all the wounded who have learned to live in silence. Because the pain is still raw. I love the Lord. I hate evil doers. Calvary Temple has the veneer of godliness, but it is the hidden wicked deeds that have destroyed many many lives. Including yours, dear children. Only one thing will not change. My love for you is not worn out. And I will keep coming to you. Writing to you. Praying for you. Showing you that you are not alone in this. It's going to be ok. The holocaust survivors learned to overcome the horrors they went through. We are learning that too, and we will help you.

God bless you Jonathan and Sarah and Joshua and Christina.

Love and hugs and kisses,

P.S. This is an incredible story...I cannot warn enough of the extended damage of leaders who lie to the people...it is not the people's fault, we are not mind readers.


Letter to Jonathan & Josh from Mrs. Case (August 22, 2017)

Jonathan and Joshua,

     I want you boys to listen to this song:

     This is the song that every man should aspire to be for his wife. Fight for their honor. Don't let anyone try to make them feel guilty for doing something right. Don't let anyone, pastor, deacons or otherwise try to make your wife feel sad or scared. Be behind them, support them, and be their knight in shining armor. Most of all, love them like Christ loved the church. And apply that love to all people, especially your mom. Do you think God is so harsh that He wants us to hate our families? The first fruit of the Spirit listed is love. Love is more important than faith and hope. As for any person in authority who is harsh...flee from him. "Don't be deceived, God is not mocked. What a man sows that he shall also reap." You will reap this hatred someday. Beware.

Love to you both and your wives,
Mrs. Case

Letter to My Children (August 17, 2017)

Dear Children,

     The above quote was referenced at our church on this past Sunday. Of course, you know I agree, always sticking up for the underdog, giving second chances and third and fourth. And so it is with you. When I spoke with Carly, she intimated that if I would admit to Pastor Scott that perhaps I did something to DESERVE being treated in such an ungodly manner, that you all would be allowed to see me again. This would, of course, strengthen Pastor Scott as he abuses you, under the guise of Christianity. Which would be like saying Jesus does evil to arrive at good. Of course, anybody knows that is ridiculous. I cannot call evil good, nor can I admit to false stories to prop up a ministry. Ministry without the banner of truth and justice and integrity is not legitimate anyway. It is only another false religion.
     Recently Jamie, the son of your dad's friend Don, attended a service at Calvary Temple while in D.C. Dad and I had informed him of the services and if he felt brave enough to please go, and try to see you children for us to give you our message of love. Jonathan, you invited him to lunch after the morning service. Jamie told us all about your home and lovely children, and how Christina looks like me, and the other couple who were there as well, Chris and Kevin O'Connor (who have a terrible story of abuse of their step-children: http://www.loudountimes.com/news/article/spiritual_warfare_at_sterlings_cavalry_temple_church898). Of course, dad was horrified to learn that Kevin was sitting at the table with our young daughter Christina, and of course, our granddaughter Madeline. Jamie was quite shocked as well because he had not discerned anything unsavory about the man initially (totally understandable). He relayed his enlightened perception of the message at church that day, as being rather hopeless. Of course, his dad (Don) has read the blogs and related information on Calvary Temple. Years ago Don attended the bible school there for a bit of time. So he is entirely familiar with how convincing a wealthy church and spit-spot looking folks and professional type pastor speakers can be. I am sure his dad's knowledge equipped Jamie to withstand the allure of the charm offensive done in his honor.
     But really son, we have always been plain and honest folks, and we never needed to impress people. Our goodness and kindness to all, irrespective of person, was the hallmark of Christ in our lives. Can you not see the most glaring blot on your visit with Jamie that day? He said it was really sad, that not even once did you ask about your mom, dad, sister and nephews, your aunts and uncles, cousins, or Grampa and Gramma Beck. You did mention the only persons Pastor Scott is interested in (because of their old age and possible inheritance for you and your children-Fitch grandparents. Which you already received by the way.) I was very hurt to hear that you showed no concern for your parents who loved and raised you and provided for you, to be a good man, and do what is right. Your actions outweigh your profession of moral superiority. You have fallen from grace. Repent my darling son. And do again the first things you learned...to show charity to your parents and immediate family. No one is impressed with a man who is cruel to his family. I know you were very badly manipulated to do this, and yet, please go and speak with some of the good men who have left Calvary Temple. They will answer all your questions. And call me. I will come to you.

Love and hugs and kisses,
Your mom

Letter to My Readers (July 29, 2017)

Dear Readers:

     Another blog was created recently by a former abused member of Calvary Temple Church, Sterling, Virginia. I have asked permission to link to it from my site here. Please take a few moments to look through the blog. Especially check out the VIP Documents. Although I am not on Facebook, Michelle is, and for awhile now I have heard of her commentary regarding another blog called Tactics whose anonymous author(s?), have been so helpful to those of us trying to understand why and how Calvary operates to destroy lives. Exposing darkness by shining the light and truth of honesty and Gods word. Plus Michelle's helpful insight which comes from years of attending the church. Thank God the wicked deeds are being outed. They shall know the truth, and the truth shall make them free.


Letter to Jonathan and Carly (July 28, 2017)

Dear Jonathan and Carly,

     When I stopped by your home over a week ago and knocked, it was one of the happiest days of my life. Because Carly opened the door! And in the course of our conversation, she allowed me to see your son Jackson (who is four yrs. old) for the first time in his little life. And of course talking with him, and the sweetness of his walking up to me so I could pick him up and hug and kiss him, still makes me weep.
     I am so thankful for that moment. Wish I could have held little Madeline also, and most especially son, I wish you had been there so I could hug you. The picture I chose above is from one of our family Christmases. You were a hero to your siblings (pictured above w Gretel) and also your cousins. Much damage has been done to those relationships by you. And knowing how true blue you aspire to be, the truth of your actions probably will sideline you upon discovery. But never fear, you will regain what you once destroyed when you man up and go to each one and apologize. And we are here to help you. You won't be alone.
      Carly told me that day at your home that I raised five wonderful children. And I told her, yes I did. So come home, Jonathan. I am waiting with open arms for my firstborn child. You must not let anyone make you afraid of your own flesh and blood. If you cannot come to me, I will continue to come and write and call you until you can hug me yourself. I love you unconditionally. Always have and always will. You are my son.


Letter to My Children (July 23, 2017)

     I recently watched a documentary regarding post-Holocaust responses of the atrocities which survivors endured. Society post-WW2 tended to silence the survivors, implying the atrocities were somehow their own fault....victims should have seen it coming, or resisted more, or listened to vague warnings, or they survived by being cowardly, etc...reminded me of responses we have experienced.
     I came across this photo of your sister's wedding. She is dancing with Grampa, my father. Dad (Tom) and you children were not there, forbidden from attending by those who were influencing you. I was not compliant. Along with everyone else that actually had a brain, I was removed from your lives in order to 'be broken.'
     Unacceptable deeds and lies wrapped in respectability, give an air of credibility. However, just as the documentary explained, years pass, and those who were abused and destroyed, regain confidence and courage. To open up and let the world know what really happened. And it is not the made up cliches, put out by our abusers. They are just fanatics who take the Lords name in vain while keeping their wealth, power and fake reputations intact; and sacrifice the good and the honest, in order to safeguard positions of 'trust.'
     Look at the sad face of my father. He is dancing with his granddaughter, whom he walked down the aisle because her father would not attend her wedding because a pastor told him not to (and her grandmother refused to attend as well, thereby complicit in the abuse). While truly good men and women stepped up to protect us as we were being bullied, helping me by organizing a beautiful wedding and reception for our daughter. These protested loudly (with their words and actions) that it is wrong to be quiet when people are being tormented.
     How sad it is, that few are so helpful (as my friends and family were helpful), to the survivors. No wonder people stay silent for so long. Why are victims blamed?! Those who are traumatized by bad men and women need loads of love and support and affirmation and stalwart souls to condemn in loud words and ways, that God does not batter people into compliance.
     God is good and hates for the strong to abuse the weak. He states the opposite. The strong ought to bear up the weak. Like carry them on your back till they can walk on their own again.
     Our daughter has been through hell. Bad people taught her father to nearly destroy her, her young son and her mother. Now over four years after when this picture was taken, she is learning to find her voice again. And regain some of her natural strength, courage, and optimism in the face of evil. It has been one of my constant jobs, helping her relationship with her dad, encouraging him to apologize and make amends for what he did. Showing him to do everything in his power to atone for the horrors of those days. Not running from guilt, but acknowledging it openly. So he can finally find peace of mind.
     Due to individuals in my life who loved and supported me, I am able to speak. Tell our story. Good people who adamantly told me that it was not my fault I was abused, they were proud of me, protected me, exposed lies by defending me, affirmed my value and dignity. They cried with me and got angry as they heard our story, bit by awful bit. They supported me financially when my husband and his parents refused to, in the beginning. (Fearful of people finding out what their son had done, they behaved badly as well.)
     Honesty is a lost virtue these days, amongst pillars in the communities. Too many skeletons in closets. Thankfully, time does heal somewhat, and our mouths are unlocked, and out come details of unbelievably terrible actions. The evil doers look so good, and our stories are shameful and shocking. But it is still the truth. And telling it does warn and protect others from a similar fate. Stop blaming the victims. Start defending and protecting them.

Articles of Survivors who told their stories:

Letter to Sarah & Christina (July 14, 2017)

Dear Sarah and Christina,

     I found the old picture of our tea tree party stump at the old yellow house. Was it around 2005 or so that I built it-sort of? Lol, I remember standing on a chair, chain sawing the tree down, an old crabapple that had lots of tent worms, there were 2 of them on the front lawn at the time. Anyway, standing on a chair, using our small farm chainsaw I think for the first time on my own. Jeff was driving by and pulled over to tell me how dangerous it was for me to chainsaw standing on a chair. Which it was. Anyway, following the subsequent dismantling of the tree, we set up stumps, and I got the old John Deere and used the bucket to take the debris out back to be burned. Jeff later offered to get me a wooden spool top, and voila! We had our tea tree party stump setting. Dad was away on a trip, and he never noticed the missing trees till I asked him if he thought anything was different. That made us laugh.
      I think Gretel has a photo of little girls in long ball gowns playing and laughing as they served tea and goodies. Will try to find one to post. I hope you get the stumps you want Sarah, or you can come up home. I have plenty you can choose from, we burn wood at the cottage, and dad likes to collect stumps out by the driveway. Actually, Claire used several for her wedding last summer. Be safe, be honorable and kiss my PennyRose for me. Someone sent photos of her first day at school. She looks just like you and Gretel. Noah wants her to come see him. We all are so proud of our sweet little girl.

Xoxo. Love and hugs,

Letter to My Children (July 7, 2017)

We love you. Thought of you throughout the holiday, I would have come, but your sister needed me to be here. I love you. Dad has been teaching Noah snorkeling. It's hilarious. Both of them prowling along the shore. I've bought a small sailboat for the grandchildren to learn in. I will take a picture soon. And a water mat for is for all the littlest babies to play on, John runs around on it, jumping off into waiting arms. Here we rest quietly. Waiting for justice, God will judge evil doers who steal children by warping men's minds and hearts. You have been taken captive, and God help those who insinuated this was an isolated case, or our fault, or prevented you from contacting your parents and sister. Millstones and deep water, are preferable says Jesus. Because Hell awaits those who destroy mothers and children. I love you with all my heart.


Letter to My Children (June 25, 2017)

Dear Children,

     This video was sent to me recently by another godly mother, who is fighting for her children and grandchildren to be restored to them. Of course, you remember who Carter Conlon is; he is the son-in-law of the late David Wilkerson. He is a pastor of the Times Square Church in NYC.
     His church (along with the headquarters of Calvary Chapel in California and the Voice of the Martyrs main office) is who I called after being put away. I explained what had been done to me, by my husband at the pastor's direction. They were horrified. All three pastors from all three ministries were appalled and very concerned for my safety and the safety of you children.
     Each of the three pastors spent a long time talking with me, asking about my punishment, and the meetings held with the pastors, and then explained it was not 'authenticity Christianity' as Pastor Ron Zarou had tried to tell me when I protested. They said that it was cult-like, manipulative and abusive treatment, and even if it was cloaked in the Gospel, it was a misrepresentation of Gods heart and love for his church. Totally wrong, and to flee the church with my children as fast as possible. To not try to reason with the pastors, because if they were doing this to me publicly, then they were doing much worse behind closed doors. They'd seen men like this before. Greedy and power hungry. Lustful and untruthful. Dividers of families and back biters who destroy anyone opposing their position of authority.
     It was these three pastors, who prayed with me and encouraged me to document everything and to be totally open with what had been done to me. Not hiding out of embarrassment, but just honestly telling what was done. They all, (interestingly) quoted the same verse, 'They shall know the truth, and the truth shall set them free.' This was the verse I had on my mind all the time, that my children need to know the truth, so I must tell them what happened. So they can be set free. At the time, I had no idea how many other people would read these letters, and be set free from their own hellish memories of abuse at Calvary Temple. Or the courage it would give to others to shake the dust, finally, and move on in their walk with the Lord, knowing they are not the guilty party. I am glad.
     But my letters must continue because I do not have my own babies back yet. When that happens, I will probably cease to write these letters. Until that time, I must be strong and continue to fight for you to be restored to our family again.

Love, hugs and kisses,

Letter to My Children (June 23, 2017)

Dear Children,

     I love you all so much. You know that. I call and leave messages on your phones that you do not answer even once. I text (or try to if I am unblocked in a random display of control I guess). I come down and knock on your doors, every other month or so. Leaving messages in chalk on your sidewalks, or written in the dew on your car windows. Sometimes I leave little presents there for you. You are my children. I raised you, loved you, cried over you, laughed with you, read Calvin & Hobbs with you, quoted poems together, memorized Psalm 23 together, decorated your rooms, taught you to make a good pie, debated hot topics with you, talked dad into hunting lessons and a 4wheeler and Nintendo games, insisted on music lessons,  paid for your schooling, paid for your upbringing, took you on vacations, invited all your various friends to come stay with us, took you skiing, took you to swimming and flight classes, taught you to drive, taught you how to treat others with kindness, respect authority, honor your father and honor pastors, love one another and care for your family first, work hard, study, dress nicely, have fun adventures, make lifelong friends and keep them close, and on and on....
    Jonathan, you told me when you and your dad carried out Pastor's orders to put me away on Christmas Day, that I was a 'great mom.' Your words. Ok. So listen now to your great mom. You are doing a bad thing. You are believing lies and committing wicked deeds against your mother and father and extended family members. Please stop son. You have been hoodwinked. By men who look good, smell good and sound good. But they are not good. Their words sound fine. Christian sermons that other pastors would even nod their heads yes to, but this separation of parents and children, and husbands and wives and even more heinous things being done to people is ungodly. It is a reproach to the Lord Jesus Christ.
     I know it's hard to accept that you have been tricked and lied to by the pastors. But no matter what, pursue the truth. Come and spend a whole day and let me tell you everything that's happened in the past five years. You have no idea what is going on. Just like I did not. Back then, people were afraid to talk. But they are not afraid to talk anymore. People are speaking up about what was done to them. Through these letters to you children, many more have found comfort and courage to share their own story of abuse at the hands of the pastors of Calvary Temple.
     We will be together soon, all of us. I think, by now, Pastor Scott must be getting pretty tired of being a despised bad guy, down there. I hope he and Greer will repent and do what is right, and send my children home to me so I can hold them in my arms again. Laugh again. Stop writing letters for the whole world to read, and just say all that's in my heart to my children face to face. The way we used to. It's time to come home.

Love you so very much.
God bless you children,

Letter to Molly from a Friend (June 16, 2017)

Hello Molly,

     I just want to say thanks for your speaking out about what was done to your family. I know you try to protect your husband and his relatives, by not sharing the full story. And appreciate your reasons, which you articulated to me at one point. However, it takes a lot of gumption to write your blog. Please post this note. We stand with you and your kids, and I applaud your courage and honesty. And wish everyone could hear the whole...it makes me mad to see good people maligned falsely. If there is a God in heaven, you will be vindicated, hope it's sooner rather than later.

 -E. & A.G.

Letter to Joshua (June 12, 2017)

Dear Joshua,

     For a few months now, you were able to receive my calls and texts, I believe, because another kind soul at Calvary sent me your number. I thought I had it, because when I had been put away, you had the phone we gave you, and I called you often. A year later, I was notified anonymously, that you had another number, given you through your work part time with Calvary Deacon Mike Gardner. So I began using that number mostly, occasionally using the old NY one because it was still active. Then came the newest and 3rd number, just a few months ago. I cried. This means that for the past five years, my messages of love and hope have been received by a stranger. Someone who never identified to me that you were not the recipient of each call and text. Someone who listened to them all, and now apparently gave them to the leadership of Calvary. Or perhaps the leadership was in possession of that 2nd number all along? Intercepting all communication from a mother to her son, who was forbidden to talk to her, on pain of?
     I am shocked and saddened. What kind of a man or woman teaches a teenager and young adult to abide by such wicked methods of deception? Did you realize dear son of mine, that your phone was being used by others who never told me it was no longer your phone? Did your wife Olivia know about this? Did her parents who attend Calvary, Randy and Lynn know about this deception? Did Josh's boss Mike know about this? Because it was confirmed to me yesterday, that leadership in Calvary Temple spoke of my texts and voicemails that I was leaving to my son Joshua, to others, even misquoting them. And of course, I have them on my phone. And the number I was calling, was not his phone. He has another number exactly the same, only the last digit was different. When I called it, there was Josh's voice again. 
     When I received the newest 3rd number, I called the 2nd one and left a voicemail asking why the recipient hadn't let me know I had a wrong number? And that they should be ashamed. I also called my children and left them messages about this cruel trick done to hurt my Josh, making him feel alone without any loving messages from his mom for years!!!!!! It's so awful; I felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. At the time honestly, I didn't want to believe it could be deliberate on the part of people in Calvary to keep Josh from hearing my voice. Or that they were listening. I don't like to assume. But after being informed yesterday from a sensitive source, I cried. It's just too wicked to fathom. My heart is sore from the level of depravity exhibited by men and women who proclaim Christ.
     Sometimes I lose hope, seems like we're caught up in a soap opera of epic size, then comes along things like the Tactics post today. And I shake myself, and think soon we will all be together again; Pastor Scott will call me and say he's sorry for allowing this all these years or allowing others to do them to our family, under his watchful eyes. And I will hug my children and grandchildren and try to forget the past. But Joshua, let me tell you this, I have NEVER, NOT ONCE blamed you or your brothers and sisters. I thought Pastor Scott was a good guy, and of course, you also do. I did not know what I know today, and of course, you don't either. So many people have called me and told me things I never knew of. But for the bravery of those who now speak up publicly, this stuff would NOT be known. And I feel like I must share my story, because it helps others, and warns my children.
     But now the hidden things are being made manifest. Because God loves and wishes all men to turn from their sins and become born again, old things passed away and all things new. Liberty and life and truth and joy, abundant life freely given to any who want it. That's the real Good News or Gospel of Christ. And nobody can control that. Period.

Love you son of mine,

Your Mother -- who thinks you are practically perfect and handsome and smart and hardworking and loyal and loving and generous. God bless you, my son.

A Letter about Being Put Away for Three Months (May 25, 2017)

 Nearly two weeks ago my daughter Sarah and her husband Taylor were visited by an aunt and uncle who came from out of state for a one-hour coffee to try and get our kids back. During the ensuing debate, my children asserted that Pastor Scott did not put their mom away in a motel....their father did that. This is a lie.
     When my husband told me he was going to put me away somewhere, I sobbed and begged him not to, people would think he was crazy, and pastor Scott would never endorse such behavior. He told me pastor Scott had told him to do it. I said no way; he did not. So he called Pastor Ron Zarou and putting the phone on speaker, he told him that I did not believe pastor wanted him to do this to me. Ron said to Tom, let me tell pastor as he's right here, and then I heard him say "Pastor says it's a good idea, Tom." I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach.
     After being put away, I was called every few days by Pastor Ron Zarou to see if I was 'Broken and repentant and able to be brought home' yet. He also came to the first hotel room to see me for a half hour with Tom, to rebuke me for crying and begging to go home. (I obeyed them all because I was told if I did not, then I would not see my children or grandchild again). This went on for the entire three months. Pastor Ron sent his wife, Tara, to bring me cash from my husband to pay for the room I rented upon being removed out of the motel after six weeks. Pastor Ron sent his wife to pick up the birthday gifts for my two youngest children who turned 15 and 18 while I was put away. I had finally found a job that the pastors approved, (I was told not to accept a secretarial position at a local orthopedic office because other Calvary Temple people worked there, and it would be difficult for them to work with me as I was marked, Pastor Ron told me.) So while working as a greeter at Dicks' store in the mall located in Sterling, I had my check deposited in our joint account. Tom had given me back my license and a credit card, phone, and car, so I could get to work and buy gas and food for myself. Each months rent was to be paid in cash, provided by Tom. Tara delivered the money to me, she would call my cell phone indicating she was waiting in the parking lot, I ran out to take it, she drove off. Supposedly everything was approved with Tom through Pastor Ron Zarou. I was told not to call Tom directly; Pastor Ron told me to call his cell phone directly, not the church phone.
     After three months of this life, Pastor Ron told me in a phone conversation that he thought I was possibly ready to be brought home. Tom called and came over and very nicely said he thought I was ready to come home. I said nothing. I had been beaten down completely. I was their puppet, and they pulled the strings. Even later that evening, when brought home, the first thing our son Josh said to us upon seeing me, was "Dad, does pastor know you brought mom home?" In an accusing voice, as though Dad was doing something wrong.
     Finally, I was not allowed to attend my children's school functions, sign their report cards, talk to their teachers even after coming home. I did not even attend church for a few weeks due to my work schedule at Dicks. Finally, my older children complained to their father, and finally to Pastor Ron Zarou, who told me that he had told Tom to find another job for me because the kids wanted me in church. Although first, he told me to ask for better hours, which I did; however, I was a new employee and had only been working about six weeks at that time, as the low guy on the schedule, I worked Sunday's and nights.
     The leadership and pastor Scott of Calvary Temple totally controlled my being put away, where, length of my separation from my children, my whole life. Yes my husband was culpable as well, he has acknowledged his part, but he did tell me that he was afraid of them and that they had told him that if he did not put me away, they would kick him out of church. Also, a few days after I was brought home, Tom and I were out walking when Deacon Waleed Zarou (Ron Zarou's brother), drove by in his business car and stopped upon seeing us. He commented to us both how nice it was to see us out walking together, and that when Pastor Scott had told the deacons he was going to have Molly put away, all the deacons protested! Saying no pastor, Molly is a godly woman, if you put anyone out it should be Tom. But Pastor Scott replied, "Let's try it." It was then I realized it was an experiment on our family, to gain control over us. And my heart went cold.
     So yes, I was put away on the direct orders of Pastor Scott. All the other pastors and deacons know this to be true. Obviously, they have lied to my children about what really occurred. To protect pastor's reputation. If it WERE possible that only Tom did this to me, then shouldn't pastor Scott inquire what happened to Molly who attended his church and worked in his school as a helper? Why then did not my children come and find me? Why didn't they call our family in NY to ask where their mom was if she had disappeared so suddenly without a trace? Without a note or a phone call, while the younger children were in school, and I had not been allowed to speak with any of them before being taken away? Why did they NEVER ask me upon my return, where I was, what had happened? Why did they never reprove their dad for hiding me from them all for three months without any communication at all? And with my Sarah becoming pregnant during that time, why didn't she try and call to tell me she was expecting her first child?
     No, it is a lie to say Tom put me away. Pastor Scott ordered Tom to do it, walked him through every step of the three-month ordeal via the active participation of his assistant pastor Ron Zarou. And Ron Zarou often told me he was relaying 'pastors (Scott) heart' regarding the ongoing church 'discipline.'

Molly Fitch

A Mother's Day Update (May 24, 2017)

  I was only able to see my son-in-law Taylor on Mothers Day. He came to his door when I brought flowers for my daughter, and respectfully asked me to leave his property per Sarah's request. I asked him if she was feeling better, he said yes. And I asked if he would give her and my grandchildren a hug for me, and he said yes. And I asked if I could give him a hug, and he said yes. But that I need to repent to pastor Scott before he could talk to me. I said I would never put my children or my reputation on the line for a lie. In all I had about 5 minutes before I was told to go. I cried on the way to the truck. (Taylor WAS the nicest he has been to me since I was put away, for which I was thankful.)
     I did leave flower baskets on Carly's (my son Jonathan's wife), and Candace' doors. I left a corn bag on Christina's car from her sister, Gretel. No one answered their doors. I could not find my son Joshua at his last known address, so we asked, and were quietly told he is living in the basement of some old friends of ours, the Brights. This couple has broken our hearts with their aiding in keeping our children apart from us.
     Some folks in the area asked me to tell, again, how I was put away. I did. It surprises me that this blog is widely read and many people are praying for our children to come back to their parents. What a terrible reputation Calvary Temple has in the Sterling area now, apparently since the news coverage back in 2014. (God bless all those protestors for a whole year! Even a pastors family from NY came down to join in on a Sunday morning protest. Good friends of ours for 18 years. And I had not participated in the protest yet, concerned with publicly seeing my children drive by, being so close and yet not wanted, the pain of their rejection is great each time, it's a struggle to not cry. When I finally was strong enough to attend a protest, it was the end of a whole year for those brave and stalwart men and women who had been standing every week to warn and reach out with their own stories of injustice.
     A lot has happened in the past 10 days, that I will not share, regarding Calvary Temple. But must address a lie pastor Scott is telling my children (per my children). It will be forthcoming in a day or two. Common sense dictates my children should see through this, but I am aware (NOW ) of misinformation used to separate families. God is giving people courage to honestly and openly share what has been done. Hopefully pastor Scott will acknowledge his wrongdoings and make restitution while he can.

Letter to Christina from Abby Case (May 20, 2017)

Dear Christina,

     It's been a long time since I last wrote you. But that doesn't mean I've forgotten you. There's a bobble head dog on my kitchen window sill that you and your mom gave me for a birthday years ago. Every time I look at it I'm reminded of you and I pray for you.
     Yesterday, Gretel brought her boys over to my mom's house to play with my nephews. It was such a beautiful day. We had a picnic outside in the yard and Mom and Gretel put together a treasure hunt for the boys. Watching them, I was struck by how neat it is that there is a third Fitch/Case generation of friendships! I was also reminded of all the countless hours we spent with our siblings playing after church. Summer evenings especially were the best. It was good our moms were such good friends because that meant extra time to play while they visited :) I miss those innocent times when the only thing we had to worry about was when we would see each other next. Times change, but know that my love for you hasn't. You'll always be that sweet little sidekick.
     I wish you could know your nephews and mine. They're all so precious and remind me of us so much. I am looking forward to the day when you come home. We love you so much and miss you. Please know that if you ever need anything, my home is always open to you. I love you Christina Fitch!

Abby Taylor

Mother's Day (May 14, 2017)

     I woke up and thought I need to go down to Virginia to try and see my children on Mothers Day. So I came and found some flower baskets to hang on the girls' doors. I have six wonderful grandbabies and five beautiful children. But Mother's Day I will be knocking on doors of four of them hoping to catch a glimpse of dearest faces. Faces that I raised and kissed and hugged. Laughed when they teased me, recited silly poems, cried when they got married, privately into my pillow at night, because they were grown and leaving the nest, loved unconditionally when they did naughty things or heart stopping moments when I wasn't sure if they were ok. It was a lot of work, and thank God they all turned out beautifully inside and out. Couldn't be more grateful for each one.
     Despite the sleepless nights, tears and sadness of the last few years, my children are worth every effort I have ever made and so much more. God bless them all and keep them from harm. I pray that we will soon be together. I will meet and hug and kiss the four grandchildren I do not know. We will laugh again. Jonathan will wrap his strong arms around me, and I will cry. Josh will lift me off my feet, and Sarah will sit close on one side and Christina on the other and Gretel will feed us all her amazingly delicious food and get the laughter and memories flowing again. Dropping little kisses on top my head occasionally. Lol. Noah will lead the other four kiddos and his little brother in the exploration of the fields and lake. Dad-Grampa will sigh with relief that all is once again as it should be. And this nightmare will never hurt us again. And in my dreams, Pastor Scott never does this to anyone ever again. And all the wounded, broken, divided families find a measure of peace and the restoration of all that was stolen from them. Stolen lives, affections, reputations, faith, innocence, peace.

A Mother's Day Letter to My Children (May 13, 2017)

Happy Mothers Day to my children.

     I miss you and love you and long for you. Thank you for all the wonderful years, the memories sustain me. The poems and presents and love and hugs and laughter. All of you (you too, Candace) are my life. God-given to me and your dad. I took this photo yesterday in between helping dad work on the garage. You are my dear babies, and I will never give you up, or give up loving and looking for you. God gave you to me. Bless you all, and keep you safe in Jesus.

-Note to readers: I have had no hugs or kisses or cards or visits or talks or calls or contact with my four children since Christmas 2011. All because Pastor Star Scott decided to break my mothering of my children and break my spirit or personality. His comment once was that 'too many people loved me.' He tried to turn my husband against the family; thereby deceiving my children to gain them for himself. Making them afraid of their parents and extended family relatives. Young people and children are easily hoodwinked when separated from their parents. And separating mothers from children is devilish. A wolf does this. No pastor should do this.

Love and hugs,
Your mom

Letter to Mr. Scott from a Community Member (May 7, 2017)

Mr. Scott,

     I recently listened to one of your online sermons. I felt heartsick and grieved to the point of feeling physically ill. You described a time in your youth when you "knocked [a young girl] out," "boom, jacked her up and she went into a wall." You were called into the principal's office. He said, "Bob, you can't... (a pause as you and the congregation laugh)... be hitting people".  More laughter from you and the congregation. And then the principal looked at you and said, "Now, I know she deserves it." And more laughter from you and the congregation.
     You next referred to "demon deacons" that you wanted to punch out (one because "he got in my face over nothin') but God had supposedly changed you, and you controlled yourself. You spoke of how people should be very glad God changed you because in the past you would have just as soon hit people.
     Your next story is of "one of our haters that was sitting across from us at the mall the other day." According to you, this "hater" stayed on purpose to listen to your conversation. (perhaps she was just eating her meal). You mocked her by raising your voice and speaking of your great humbleness learned through the persecution you have endured. All the while laughing and joking about the "hater."  Again, your congregation was laughing at your cleverness and your supposedly momentary backslidden state.
     Mr. Scott, you think this is funny? You should be ashamed of yourself. I have no idea who was sitting near you at the mall, but my guess is you are responsible for bringing great heartache into her life. How do I know this? I have talked with ex-members of Calvary Temple and have heard the same horrific stories again and again. Stories of abuse. Marriages and families destroyed. Intimidation tactics. Lies told from the pulpit. Children put out of homes. Personal confessions revealed to all. Physical, emotional and sexual abuse known and covered up. All the while, you mock and ridicule those you are supposed to be protecting. A true shepherd lays down his life for the sheep, even when they leave the "fold" of Calvary Temple. But you, Mr. Scott, you do all you can to kill and destroy the little ones Jesus died for. Again, you should be ashamed. How do such incidents become comedy material? The very work you say Jesus did in your life is clearly non-existent. If He had delivered you from such fleshly responses, you would fall on your face before you would verbally "jack her up." Just because you were able to physically restrain yourself doesn't mean you are a changed man. You assaulted her in your heart. Do you remember the scripture "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart"? Same principle, Mr. Scott. All you have learned is a socially acceptable way to beat people up.
     And as for the members of your congregation, I wonder if any felt repulsed or saddened by these remarks. Or are they immune to such disgusting behavior? Have they heard many such stories throughout the years and think it is the norm? I would pray that the community at large does not hear these kinds of stories and think the man telling them is an example of a Christ-follower. Because he is not.

A member of the community
(staying very far away in case you "momentarily backslide.")

Letter to My Readers (April 13, 2017)

Dear Calvary Temple readers,

     It was mentioned that people cannot read the letter sent. (In the previous post.) Just so you know, my guide for publishing the things sent to me is this: If it will possibly endanger a family inside Calvary by getting them in trouble with Pastor Scott, and causing them to be punished, humiliated or divided, then I hide the letters, pictures sent, etc. However, if it exposes the truth, or a perpetrator's wicked deeds, without endangering anyone else, I am fine with printing it. And as always amazed at the courage or those who do reach out to me. No one except a Holocaust survivor persecuted Christian from a country where Christians are watched and turned in by their neighbors and even families, can understand the level of intimidation that goes on secretly at Calvary Temple.
      I do not think it is a cult. After all they preach the same Gospel as any church; however, they are doing wicked deeds to families and individuals. Why? I wish I knew. It makes no sense in so many ways, almost like cutting off your nose to spite yourself. But the devil likes to work from within to destroy Gods children. And even Jesus warned his disciples about the wicked deeds of the Pharisees, the pastors of Jesus day. They weren't a cult either. Just doing bad things to God's people. Tying burdens on the people that were too heavy to bear. It's interesting to think that Jesus showed anger mainly with the religious leadership of his day.
     As a side note, most of the letters and emails sent to me, I cannot post. People tell their story, say they read the blog, and encourage. They have been too brutally torn apart to talk openly. They have been traumatized by their pastor, family, and friends. It is ungodly and awful what they have endured at the hands of brethren, who, like David lamented in Psalms, walked together and took sweet fellowship as they went into the house of God. They will be protected. However, I believe perpetrators of this violence upon Gods people, are to be exposed and questioned. I had no idea how many bad men have corrupted leadership. We see it in our government today. What can the righteous do? More than ever before, I get it when Jesus asked us to pray for those in government that we might lead a quiet and peaceful life. That they might be converted to Christ, and be good men, and treat others well. Not making merchandise of us all.
     Also, back in February, someone sent in the mail a copy of an email from Greer to a church member regarding Sarah's improvement. I was grateful for the information regarding my daughter of course, but I never posted it, because again, sure don't want to endanger anyone else inside the church. Keep your families together, don't let anyone take your children away from you. God gave them to you, hang on tight. No pastor should ever divide or steal or kill. That's the Devil's job. Christians believe the best, hope and endure, think no evil.
     In the meantime, dear brave folks inside Calvary, just keep speaking the truth boldly, telling my children to go home to their parents and not to do what the pastors say anymore.  The pastors are mixing good and bad together. That makes it all wrong. You don't get sweet and bitter water out of the same well. It's a no brainier. God bless and keep you safe.


Letter to My Children (April 11, 2017)

Dear Children,

     Here is another letter that came in the mail today. (Thank you whoever you are for your kindness in communicating with me.) Gretel dreamed last night we were all hiking together in Letchworth, just like we have so many times. Laughing and teasing, holding hands, like I often did, with Bean. Boys roughhousing. We do have a wonderful family. And thank you again Jonathan for telling me that Christmas Day I was put away for the second time, that I was a great mom. But I knew it was not you putting me away. Tom said it was either him or me, as he was told. This is truly a ridiculous tragedy of epic size. The ramifications of getting rid of mom has not only broken us all, but disturbed and angered hundreds of people all over.
     Please come home children. I do not mean move back, but come home and see us and be part of our lives again. You are loved. You are wanted. Your are our children and grandchildren. We accept and love your spouses. We need you. We will never ever stop reaching out to you. God never will, and neither will we.


A Letter of Thanks (April 4, 2017)

Dear People,

     I read in an article in the Loudoun Times about the raid on one of Pastor Scott's church properties, by the ATF. One more thing to be proud of about Calvary Temple right? 1 Timothy 3:7
     Most people acknowledge that Calvary Temple is not a safe or true-blue church. This is due to heightened awareness, thanks to all those who have protested, written letters on blogs, given interviews, gone to the police, etc. In short, all those who brought this stuff into the public eye, into the light so to speak.
     No one knows the actual depth of evil deeds that were done to our family along with so many others, who are unable to say a word. Because we just can't talk about it except in small doses. Awful trauma occurs from being manhandled by family members and pastors whom you loved and trusted. You cannot imagine that they would do cruel things to you. For no reason. It doesn't make sense. And so we are broken beyond repair. I feel like I've been hit by a train.
     And then there are the PROTECTORS. The dear, saintly, precious, wonderful people who by their ACTIONS and WORDS told us all that we were really valuable. They did it every time they wrote on a blog, every time they stood by the roadside with signs PLEADING with our lost families. Every interview they gave, every Facebook post they put up, was in defense of us. Every kind comment written on the blogs encouraged us and protected us from further abuse. There is no way we can repay those of you who have PUBLICLY spoken on our behalf. (And all the subsequent hassle you have taken from Calvary Temple people for being so brave.) God will not forget it, though. He is a champion of abused, forgotten, rejected people.

     Please don't think we are cowards. We are mostly silent because we have been so badly broken. We are not like real people anymore, just shells of who we were. And without defense, we do fade away. Because we just don't have the strength to protect ourselves or even defend ourselves anymore.
     So God bless you dear people who have been so kind and so brave. God will remember your kind deeds. Thank you.

Molly Fitch