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The three of us sisters. Your Aunt Nancy died last summer. Today was her birthday. My previous post was written at the request of the leadership of Calvary Temple after going to the homes of my children, Pastor Scott and Waleed Zarou (a deacon at Calvary Temple). Waleed and his wife were the only ones who answered the door. We spoke for a long time. Jonathan, my eldest son, then appeared after a couple hours. It was implied that if I took down the blog, and wrote a statement apologizing for hurting the feelings of Pastor Scott, the kids would be able to see me and our family members in NY. Late on Sunday night, September 12, 2021, I had the blog removed, and left a short, written statement. On my drive back to NY the following morning, my son Jonathan called. He thanked me for removing the blog and providing the statement, adding that Pastor Scott wanted me to know he forgave me for writing the blog. However, I needed to add (to my statement), that the blog was full of lies/that I was

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