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Letter to My Children (January 22, 2022)

Nanc, Patrick & Molly   Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina, The world is going nuts. Spent a couple days visiting with cousins. Shared memories, and laughter and tears (regarding family members who are not speaking with their parents or siblings). Reminiscing of our childhood, and the freedom we had to love all members of our family. The sanctity of family, children and parents and grandparents! Set up by God himself. And if you notice, the biggest draw churches have is happy families. But the biggest turnoff to churches, is those who divide families, and do not resolve differences. The electrician who wired the cabin, a former marine, shared how when he became a Christian, immediately went to his estranged dad; to make things right. Yup. The cousins were in agreement, Christians love their parents and children no matter what. Gramma Almeter ( pie maker), Nancy & Patrick So, both sets of grandparents were a part of our growing up. We lived a few years at the Almeter farm

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