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Letter to My Children (April 1, 2021)

  Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina, I hope you are all well. Dad filled me in on how you all are, that little Maggie has been going to the doctors and that you told him to go talk to Pastor Ron Zarou, in order to be a part of your lives. Dad told me, he said ‘Probably not.’ Many times when trying to talk to you kids, I was referred to see Pastor Scott, but he refused to meet with me. Permission required, permission denied. Calvary pastors manipulate our family. Back to our lives up here. Your Grampa (my dad) and my brother, your Uncle Pat, had some fun knocking down old sheds. The old Ford tractor he restored, uses to plow his driveway winters, is a bear!!!...and I texted you all videos of him pulling down these sheds with a chain! Hope you watched them. Honor your father and mother, even little kids know it instinctively. They yearn for their biological parents, and their biological grandparents. I recall telling you kids, some folks are takers. And some folks are givers. Tha

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