Letter to Josh from Danny (December 24, 2014)

Hey Josh,

     I haven't written you on here in a while, so I thought I would remedy that today. I know that I already texted you on Monday to tell you that I went skiing with your Dad, but I wanted to share a post that I wrote for my personal blog about the experience. I always remember how when we were younger you would talk about skiing with your family, and I was always jealous of it. I was never able to join you guys because of how much it cost, but I always wanted to go. I so wish that you had been there on Sunday to help your Dad teach me how to ski. Even though I probably would have gotten mad at you for not being patient with my learner status, I still would have appreciated having you help me learn something that was a part of your life. I pray for you whenever I think of you and hope that one day we can be friends again. If you are interested in reading about my experience, here is the link: http://mostboringpersonatthetable.wordpress.com/2014/12/24/shouldnt-we-start-on-the-bunny-hill/


Letter to All the Christians, In and Out of Calvary Temple

     I never knew that Christians would despise victims ("you were deceived and trusted a person who was not what they pretend to be").  I knew a few Christians who despised bad Christians, those overtaken in sin....the older brother looking down on the younger foolish brother type. We have experienced both.  I have cried so many tears at the Christians who blame me for being duped by a pastor professing godliness.  And I have been frustrated by Christians who despise my husband for doing what he did in obedience to the pastors orders. Neither action is Christlike. Jesus trusted his disciples, including Judas, he loved and spent time with all sorts of people. He came to those who had sinned, offering hope. He never abandoned any of his faithless, foolish, harsh followers. He rebuked them, He did not shun them. He let them argue with him, He was loving and patient, and truthful.
     I always thought He was our example in this world. I have not seen much of it among the many believers I know. It has been a sad testimony of the love of God in his people. Christians have forgotten they are sinners saved by Christ....not saved by their own works of righteousness. There is none righteous, no not one...all have sinned and fallen short of the goodness of God. The majority of victims are children, and then the elderly, and then women.....it is because they are more vulnerable, therefore prone to exploitation. Paul warned the church of Christ to beware of those who would exploit for their own gain.....he does not blame the church for being exploited, but does warn those who know about it, and do nothing to warn, help, save, protect the church. If there is evil in the church it is not that the devil is trying to hurt us, we know he hates Christians and is trying to destroy us. If there is evil in the church, it is when those called on to protect us, actually protect and facilitate the abusers of Gods people....all in Gods name. Lending confusion and injustice to the pain and fear already at hand. The best story describing this, is the one Jesus told of the Good Samaritan. A man is overcome by thieves, men pass by him alternately blaming or ignoring him for his plight. The true neighbor did one thing only, he restored the man who was nearly destroyed by bad men. He enabled him to live again. He used his own resources (time, vehicle, provisions, medicine, money, connections). He did not sermonize him into living, or reprove him for traveling alone or on that road. He did not ask anything in return....gratitude, recompense, commitment, relationship. He just saved the man from probable death.
     Jesus likened this man to how we as his followers, are to behave. I cannot do much anymore, it is a fraction of what I used to do in fact. But with the little strength which remains this is what I try to do for those who have been destroyed by this church and the men who run it. And if they are ever in need, I will try to give as much succor to them, as the others who have come. And they do come. Wondering if a good God doesn't want them, wondering if Christians are supposed to devour their families, wondering if Gods word is true, even when used by really sneaky men to take what does not belong to them. Wondering if God is true, why He allowed His Word to be used by bad men to deceive, wondering why God didn't or doesn't stop it.
     And, with sadness and compassion, telling them yes, God is true. God hates what is being done to them, in his name to destroy and devour and confuse.  And God will judge it one day soon.  And yes, you are valuable and wanted and loved by God....always. And that is why He will not give up on us until the very end. He will pour in the oil and the wine, the kind that restores my soul....He found us bleeding and dying on the Jericho road, and He pours in the oil and the wine.  Jesus is a victims only hope, and He is the only hope for the perpetrators as well. Loving in person, hugging, listening, buying a special gift, a card, a walk, memory of good things, crying when they cry, being pleased to be in their presence, not ashamed of them, not embarrassed by them, not hiding from them, avoiding being with them. Going to them when they stop going out, reaching in. Certainly not covering sin- being honest, truthful, longsuffering. Using my diminished resources to give them strength for one more day to know Gods love and mercy, whether for the first time, or renewed like Peter. Their lives and our lives are all precious. God is not willing that any should perish.

So why are you?

Letter to My Children (November 27, 2014)

Dear Children,

     It is Thanksgiving, I have been texting and calling leaving messages asking you to come home and see us, for this day. No response as usual. Someone who has left Calvary and doesn't want me to use their name, has given me photos of you. Beautiful. I have none of my Joshua, Christina and Olivia. I love you. Dad and Gretel and Noah love you. We are here for you. We will come to you, as long as you won't call the police on us, as is happening to so many down there who have left and try to see their own families. You know every time I have been to see you, I have knocked and cried on your doors. But know that I will never stop trying to reach you. I know that pastor Scott could tell you today to come and see me, and be restored to me, and all this would be over. Only the long healing process of being cruelly manipulated, but we would get through with God. Everything has been taken from me, but they cannot take my faith in Him. Last night a former deacon of Calvary called to encourage dad and I to continue to speak out, tell our story. We will do that until pastor sends you four children back home restored to us. No more lies. We are eating with our family here, and Leah, we all know the pain of being without our loved ones. We get through the day. Don't forget us, we weep, we ache, we smile to cover our sorrow, we are quiet. Come home Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, Christina. We need to see your smiles, hear your voices, give you our hugs and kisses.

Mom XO

Letter to Pastor Scott (November 12, 2014)

     "True evangelical faith is of such a nature it cannot lie dormant, but spreads itself out in all kinds of righteousness and fruits of love. It destroys all lusts and forbidden desires; it seeks, serves, and fears God in its inmost soul; it clothes the naked; it feeds the hungry; it comforts the sorrowful; it shelters the destitute; it aids and consoles the sad; it does good to those who do it harm; it serves those that harm it; it prays for those who persecute it; it teaches, admonishes, and judges us with the Word of the Lord; it seeks those who are lost; it binds up what is wounded; it heals the sick; it saves what is strong (sound); it becomes all things to all people. The persecution, suffering, and anguish that come to it for the sake of the Lord's truth have become a glorious joy and comfort to it." – Menno Simons (1496-31 January 1561, Anabaptist leader, Simons was a contemporary of the Protestant Reformers, and his followers became known as Mennonites)

Dear Pastor Scott,

     You have taken our children away from us. It is wrong. You have falsely accused us to them, that is wrong. You have told them that talking to us will leaven them, and they could end up in hell, that is false, because The Bible says that nothing can separate us from the love of God. God is able to protect us from evil. He sends us out as sheep among wolves, to show the world Gods love for them. I want you to know that you can be forgiven. We will forgive you and help you by Gods grace. Please restore our children to us. Tell them the truth, admit what you have done to us, and to others. You are old, and soon you will meet the Lord, and have to give account for what you have done to all our families. God knows the truth, and it will be too late to restore what you stole, too late to make restitution, too late to tell the truth and clean up all the confusion you have sown in minds and hearts. Pastor Ron once told me not to tell people in New York about the discipline, being put away in a motel room for 93 days, that you had told my husband to do to me. Because he said they loved me too much to help me by telling me the truth about me.
     Well sir, those around you at Calvary might just love you too much to tell you the truth about stealing children's hearts from their parents. I know I would have had a difficult time believing you were doing this unless it had happened to me. Because it is done so sneakily, in all those private meetings; children alone, without their parents there to protect them. You defamed Tom and I to our children. How wrong! Please humble yourself before God and man, and give our children back to us. We will help you if we can, the only reason we write you publicly is because you have completely shut us out from any other way of communicating. I have nothing to hide; let's talk. I put the quote above to remind you of the Gospel, it is good news. Judgement is coming to this world, we are all being shaken and exposed, so all the secret things come to light. And the church is first in line. Don't be afraid of God, He loves you, and will give you the courage and strength to right the wrongs you have committed. Do it before it is too late please.

Mrs. Molly Fitch

Letter to My Children (October 28, 2014)

Please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjgioXrnEME&feature=youtu.be

Dear Children,

      I know I have not written in a long while.  I write you everyday, just do not publish them.  Very sad lately, heart sore.  Dreams of you.  Last night it was of Christina.  Ache to hear your voices and laugh with you, hug you, cry with you.  We need you.  So much has been lost, please come home. This song, I hope it encourages you as it does me.  No matter what, come home.
     I was thinking of the losses, since pastor destroyed our family.  I have missed so much of your lives:

In 2011 was not allowed:
To be with Josh or Christina for their birthdays
To be there when Sarah found out she was expecting her first child
To be there for Christmas with my family
To have Gretel and Noah with us all for Noah's first birthday
To be there for Gretels birthday

In 2012, I was not allowed:
To be there for Jonathan's birthday
Sarah's birthday
Toms birthday
Sarah's baby shower
Birth of Sarah's baby
Easter, thanksgiving, Christmas
Joshua's graduation from high school
Joshua's first missions trip
Joshua's first car
Josh's entrance in college
Christina's entrance in high school
Josh's birthday
Christina's birthday
Christina's first job
Jonathan's first expected child

In 2013, I was not allowed:
To be there for Jonathan's birthday
Sarah's birthday
Josh's birthday
Christina's birthday
Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas
Jonathan's baby shower
Birth of Jonathan's first child
Joshua's engagement and marriage
Announcement of Sarah's second pregnancy

In 2014, I was not allowed:
To be there for all my children and grandchildrens birthdays
All holidays
All celebrations
Birth of Sarah's second child
Christina's first car
Christina getting her license

     Yes pastor Scott, you are slowly killing me.  It is wicked to do this to people.  Steal lives that do not belong to you, from their own families.  I forgive you, and hope you will make restitution to these families before it is too late.  God loves you, but he loves all of us as well, and you cannot continue to turn the hearts of families against each other without suffering Gods judgement one day.  What you are doing is not pursuing holiness, it is division.  And God hates it.  You are breaking so many hearts and lives needlessly.  You could be building up and restoring and bringing life to us all.  You could.  Just give back what was not yours to begin with.  You are just a man, you are not a god, you are not even a king, you are supposed to be a servant.....to Him. And He does not like what you are doing.  It is just like what the world does to christians, casts them out.

Come home please,
Love your mom

Letter to Jonathan and Sarah from Mrs. McDougall (October 5, 2014)

Dear Jonathan and Sarah,

     As everyone who has written, emailed, texted, called or sent presents (to be returned) can attest, this is a very difficult letter to write! I have pondered why and in my opinion you were raised as Christians but now you do not appear to be exhibiting the love of Christ.  Galatians 5:1,2 - "Be ye therefore followers of God, as dear children; And walk in love as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself to us as an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweet smelling savour."
     I watched you grow up since 1986 and I had ample opportunity to witness your mother's singular focus in raising you to follow the teachings of Christ. In fact, it looked as though she had accomplished her mission as each of you grew into adulthood. However, I also observed the unravelling of the family when your church demanded that your father put Molly away for 90 days in some motel. I have read the scriptures and cannot find that passage.  If that was not horrific enough, Jonathan, you came over to your parents place in Sterling at Christmas and said, (and I quote your mother,) "You are 90% good but 10% darkness. You need to be broken." I don't know where you get your mathematical percentages from but it surely isn't from the Word of God! I have known your mother for nearly 30 years and she is a Godly woman.  In her humility, Molly told you that she would reverse your comment. She also told you that she would not be put away again. You threatened to take Joshua and Christina and she begged you to stop the craziness. And on that fateful day you DID take Joshua and Christina who were both sobbing at this violent exhibition of unbridled power - this violent destruction of the family unit that your parents had spent 25 years to create!! (Only satan could have orchestrated such a diabolical plot at Christmas!!)
     I have been shocked, Sarah, that you went along with this. You have sinned by silence. You and Jonathan were raised in an intact family unit but you deprived Joshua and Christina of that security without even telling your mother what her great sin was. You destroyed their very foundation!! I hear that you and Jonathan have both had babies, Joshua is married and you will not allow your mother/grandmother to be a partaker of those joyful occasions.  Sin has its own destiny even after we beg for forgiveness. Just as there are natural laws there are also immutable supernatural laws and I shudder to think what that destiny will be....
     As you know, I have brought my bible into Attica State Prison, Groveland State Prison, started  and was on the Chaplaincy Committee at Wyoming County Jail for 13 years. Every manner of sin was represented by those incarcerated but nothing has so sickened me to my very core as the actions of you both.  However, I shall express the sentiments of other friends and family and beg you to call your mother.

"I can do ALL things through Christ which strengtheneths me." Philippians 4:13
Mrs. McDougall xxoo

Letter to Cali from Patty (September 26, 2014)

Hi Cali,

     This is your Grandma (your daddy's mom). I have been wanting to write you, but was hoping we would be able to see each other and I wouldn't need to write this letter. Let me just start by telling you how much we all love you even though you do not know us. We pray for you each and everyday. I am in a women's bible study at our church and we are studying the book of Galatians, which is about God's grace and mercy. After we read the word and have a teaching on it, we break up into small groups. That is where every week I pray for you and your mommy and daddy and their new baby. We cannot wait to hug and kiss you. Grandpa is looking forward to the day when you can be with him and help him in the garden just like your dad  and his brothers did. They did have some fun. They used to have tomato fights. Go out and pick potatoes from the garden and your grandpa would make the best french fries. There are so many things I want to do with you like we did with your dad. Your dad's favorite book that I read to them almost every night was this missionary book and I would read the first word and your dad would get it right every time the name of the story I was going to read. Most of the time he would be the only one awake for me to read to. At our women's conference last year Jim Elliott, the missionary who died in Africa, (there was a movie made about his life called Through Gates of Splendor) and his daughter Valerie Elliott came and did our teaching and she had made a children's book about her life and I got a copy and had her sign it for you. She wrote a scripture in it for you. One day I am going to give you this beautiful gift  and you will love it. She encouraged me to keep praying for you and your parents. I have. I have so much to say to you, but that will have to wait for another letter. My next letter will tell you a little about us all, and what god is doing in our lives. We love, love, love you soooo much and I trust my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to restore our family so we all can continue to grow in the Grace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the lord continue to keep your spirit, soul, and body safe. And may He continue to bless you with His peace.

Love and Prayers Always,
Grandma and Grandpa and your Uncles

Letter to My Sweet Children (September 4, 2014)

Dearest Children,

      Just taking a break from shoveling out the barn dirt from the truck.  Dad loaded me up last night at the farm, so we can have a good base to plant the raspberries in.  You know how children love eating raspberries!  Do you remember when dad planted Amos in the raspberry garden, I never ate any more berries from that side, seemed sacrilegious some how, specially since I backed over old Amos on Christina's birthday!  Poor Bean, didn't tell you about it that day, we just buried him while you were at Abby's birthday party.  Poor Candace, she was pretty sad about Amos....remember the gully trek/truck rescue?! Dad and I still chuckle about that.
     You children know how often I would get compliments on my gardens at the yellow house, and what did dad and I always tell people?  It's easy to grow stuff when you have good dirt.  The dirt makes all the difference.  We saw that in Virginia, awful dirt.  When Mrs. Schwartz asked dad and I to help her with a vegetable garden, it was so discouraging due to the poor dirt in her yard.  She needed yards of good old barnyard manure to replenish the soil.  I asked an old lady in Herndon who ran a plant shop about the sad soil, she told me how when developers came into the area  a few decades ago they stripped off all the good topsoil, sold it, and then put up housing and sod. Said the soil used to be terrific when she was a girl, could grow anything.
     So I was shoveling and saw a worm, he was burrowing back into soil, and isn't it neat that God has wired it into a worm to know what he needs to survive.  He needs dirt, being exposed to the air too long will dry him out.  We are hard wired too, to know right from wrong.  God says in his Word that he will write his laws on our hearts (Romans 2:15).  You know what you are doing to us is wrong, everyone who hears of this.......whether they are believers or not, know its wrong.
     We love you so much, not saying this to condemn you but to remind you from whence you have fallen.  Start reading the Bible again, all of it, it is good soil.  The lovely picture below the manure dirt pic from this morning, is Leah's garden (barnyard dirt dad brought in for her), which I took yesterday while mowing the Mazz house.  Good dirt makes all the difference.  Obviously I raised some good kiddos, or Pastor Scott wouldn't want you so bad.  The Lord is coming so very soon, we need to be reconciled while there is time.  Soon we will stand before the Judge of the earth and give an account for every deed and word and thought.  Praying for you every day with tears and love.

Come home.
Your mom

Letter to My Children (August 26, 2014)

Check out this video on YouTube:


Dear Children,

      For the past few nights my dreams have been filled with images of you.  Happy scenes of hugs and talking and laughter.  I do not want to wake up.  We were always close.  And that is how these dreams are.  In this song, there is a line that I want you to notice.  "I see the slave awaken to the value of her soul."  More than ever, I see the lack of regard mankind has for the value of a soul.  Jesus paid for the souls of all men in his lifeblood.  Your souls are precious.  Please kneel down and ask your Heavenly Father if he wants you to keep obeying a man who is destroying souls.  God is gentle, he does not crush or break even a bruised reed, how much more the lives of the people he died to save?
     As always, I offer you my life, as your mom.  To warn you and do anything I can to help you in this life.  Call or write or txt if you want me, I will continue to call and write you.  When we see each other again, do not apologize for what you have been forced to do to me, I will apologize for leading you to trust in a person without doing due diligence on his background.  For accepting a pastor on the basis of his speaking ability, instead of looking into his past and seeing if he is a man of integrity.  (And to the many pastors who read these letters, shame on you, for not requiring integrity in the ministry of God according to the Scriptures.  You are the ones whom God set to watch over the flock so it not be abused by bad men, you have not warned this man of his wicked deeds, and God will hold you accountable for our lives.  And for the life of this man, whom Christ died for, which is also valuable.  Why haven't you warned him to turn from his wicked ways?  Please read Ezekiel 33.)

Always watching and waiting.  With love and hugs and kisses,
You own mom

Letter to Christina from Abby (August 20, 2014)

Dear Christina,

     I wrote you a few months ago recounting a lot of memories of "the good ol' days". Now it's time to write about a life changing event that happened on July 28, 2014. It is with mixed feelings that I'm writing to you. I am happy, deliriously happy. But at the same time sad. Sad that this is the only place where I have any hope of keeping you informed on the things that are happening in my life.
     I told you that I am in a relationship with an amazing guy, Josh. He asked me to marry him in July at Letchworth. It was a gorgeous day and the setting couldn't have been more pretty. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I said yes of course. God is so obviously in our relationship. He has been directing our steps the whole time and we are seeking His face in what we are doing. After he proposed, I excitedly got on the phone with my family and then close friends. I want you to know that if you had not been told to cut me off months ago, you would have been one of the first ones I called. As it stands right now, this blog is the only way I can tell you these wonderful changes that are happening.
     I am planning to be a wife Christina. Me, a wife! Can you picture it? I am having a hard time for real! I am in the process of buying a dress and have been remembering the hours and hours we spent playing dress up with me as the bride in that poofy wedding dress Mom bought me and you as the flower girl. Oh, that you were able to be here for the preparations. The date is December 20, 2014. 4 months. 4 months for you to come home! We all love you so much. The best wedding gift I could get would be for you to be there. Please come to my wedding, Christina. Please be here to witness the joining of two lives together. I want you to be able to meet Josh. I want to hug you. You were there for the hours before Katy's wedding. We had many laughs. I want to share that time with you. This special time only happens once. Please don't let men dictate your actions. Read this blog and let the Lord work in your heart, not men who are fallible. Trust the One to speak to you through His Word. Listen to the quiet leading and whispering of the Holy Spirit.
     I love you more than words can tell. I have not ever stopped praying for you. You have always been a special friend to me, I'd say even one of my closest friends before circumstances and men came between us. Please, please come to my wedding. I'll be saving a seat for you.

Here we all are playing dress up. I of course was the bride and you were my flower girl. We had such fun dreaming!

     We were always dressing up and playing make believe. Do you remember? Of course you do. Don't shut out these memories please. God wants you to remember. I pray you will allow yourself to remember and realize that we (your mom and dad and sister, us Cases, your aunt and cousins, ect. do not hate you. We are not sinning against the Lord. We LOVE you Christina Fitch. We will welcome you home with open arms if you will just come. Please!

Letter to Sarah from Katy (August 18, 2014)

Dear Sarah,

     I know that it has been almost three years since the last time that we have talked so I thought that I would let you know what has happened since then.
     May 28, 2011, my wedding day, a day that a girl dreams about all her life. You were there to help me with my hair and make-up. You transformed a girl into a woman ready to commit her life to her husband. You made me feel gorgeous. Who knew makeup could do that right? Well, it was more than that. It was you taking the time to make me feel beautiful; what a wedding gift that was!
     All my life I looked up to you and wanted to be like you. I used to listen to the music you would play in your room when Gretel and I would be playing and I remember thinking how I just wanted to be just like you. To this day when I hear Point of Grace singing “Keep the candle burning” I think of you first. You were someone I aspired to be!
     I remember one time you came and babysat us while my parents went on a date. You got to spend the night AND you slept in my room! I was beyond excited!! I remember confiding in you how I felt so alone and wished that I had more friends and you took out a piece of paper and wrote a promise to me. Do you remember? You promised to be my friend for the rest of our lives and then signed it. I was over the moon!

Now I look back and think, “What happened?”

The last time I saw you was on my wedding day and so much has happened since then! 

     These are my two precious baby boys: Elijah Samuel (2 years) and Micah Daniel (8 months). I actually think that our little ones are not that different in ages. How I would love for them to be able to meet each other and play together like our families played together so many years ago. I can just imagine you, Gretel and I meeting at a park and sitting and catching up on life while we watch our precious babies play.
     Right now it seems like such an impossibility but I know that with God NOTHING is impossible!  I miss you all so much.
     Please come home Sarah. Please come back to your family and friends that love you so very much!  Please introduce your babies to their Grandma Molly and Grandpa Tom. Please search the Word of God for the truth. What is love? Love is not completely cutting off your parents and sister from your life. It is not refusing to speak to them or even hear their side of the story. Treating them like they are dead just because some pastors told you to is not something Jesus would do and thank God He does not!

Please repent and come home to your family they are waiting with open arms.

Please come and have a play date with me and my boys I can’t wait for that day at the park.

I love you Sarah and miss you so.

Katy Hollands

Dear Pastor Scott and Greer (August 14, 2014)

     This a picture taken just before Jonathan left to go to college and join your church in Virginia. With my blessing he went, but I hated letting him go. I was sad, even though Pastor Wayne Hughes, Chuck and Linda Wood, and Pastor Miller all backed up your church then. Then. Now all of them do not. Now they have all done due diligence and discovered a sordid past. Now they are sad for all those they pointed towards you. And I am without my beautiful children. These two wonderful boys, who loved and honored their parents, loved God, loved their own family - you have stolen from us, and poisoned their minds and hearts with a doctrine that teaches them to destroy their own family at your command.... in order to secure their salvation. To please God they must hate their own family. You have twisted the very meaning of God's love to be something bad.  Calling good evil, and evil good. Why? How can you destroy us? We are so dear and precious to our Lord, he died for us, while you tell my dearest babies that not speaking or answering the phone, or door is Christlike? I call, text, write, knock and am rebuffed. You must have had your work cut out for you, it must have taken weeks to get my kids to obey you in doing this evil deed to their own beloved parents and extended family. Because my children were raised to love and honor and cherish dad and I, and love and care for their siblings, and extended family. I can imagine some of their objections to the 'mind numbing meetings' in the back rooms during church services, as you had the pastors trying to get my children to 'kill' their own parents and family.

Questions such as:
"Why?  My mom loves God!  Why is she being put away?"
"I don't understand why my mom has to be put away?"
"Mom has always been up front, but she is afraid now.  What is going on in those meetings?"
"We know dad doesn't tell the truth, so why do you listen to him?"
"You have said dad isn't a Christian, so what?  Why can't I talk to him?"
"You say mom is a godly woman, but needs to be broken....for what?"
"Where is my mom?"
"Why can't I talk to my mom and ask her questions?"
"Why is my dad able to be in church if he is not a Christian, but mom cannot attend church, because my dad is making her work a minimum wage job to help keep her broken...and her hours are during church services."
"I want my mom!  Why can't I have my mom live in the house with us?"
"I think this is wrong, what has she done?" 
"What did she do?  I never saw anything!"
"Just because she cries and dad lies doesn't mean she should be put away does it?"

     But I know the verse you used to persuade them to kill me and dad and Gretel and Noah and all the rest of those who love them up here... Any man who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.... You have taught them to do wrong things. Greer how can you do this?  I loved you all. I only thought the best, even when Pastor Ron Zarou was saying goofy things... I figured you both had no idea what he was up to. 
     When he said to me that day that Tom lied to his face...”Even when Tom is wrong he is right!” and my response to that goofy statement..."No.  When he is wrong he is wrong.  And when he is right he is right." You should not call evil good, or call good evil. God said that.  Do what is right.  I forgive you all.  No bitterness. Only heartbreak and sorrow for my children, and for Tom to see that you can repent. He is horrified by what your background is. I believe time is short-do call me, do come and see me.  You will not be rebuffed as you have done to me... my door is open, my phone works, and I will do anything I can to help you right the wrongs which have been committed against our family. Tom and I both, as we have forgiven each other, will show the same grace and kindness. But it is time to stop muddying up the water of truth. There is only one reason you won't allow the children to talk with us all; it is because we are speaking the truth. And you are afraid you will lose them, and many others who love them down there, will also be offended with you and leave. It might happen. But having peace with God is the more important thing, correct?

Molly Fitch

Letter to My Children (July 14, 2014)

Dear children,

     This video....the words of it....reflect my heart pain. And, now that I know, the pain of only God knows how many-who have been destroyed and ripped away from their families.
     You know I pray for you all every day that you will know the truth, or at least ask to hear it. But just as often I find myself praying for all those I have now heard from or of, who have been told they are not wanted by God, or their families?!?!?! It is mind boggling isn't it? That the wonder of Jesus coming to save men from their sin, should be twisted to ....only if you are worth saving.
     That is the message you are giving, even if that is not what you think.....actions speak louder than words. Why are we not worth loving anymore? Love is no respecter of persons, why can you be loved and not me? Not Dad, not Gretel, not Noah? What about all those others who you haven't heard of, but I have. Dozens and dozens and dozens of lives thrown away. Lives Jesus died for and came to seek and find and save. Precious dear lives, faces, names....they are worthy of Jesus love, why not yours?
     Turn back, it's ok, everyone makes mistakes, sins, wrong decisions. Ask Gods forgiveness and go to people and apologize. I have had to. Many have, some are too proud to admit their wrongs, but I believe you children are not too proud, you can admit error. I love you all so much, this is taking the life out of me, but I cannot call evil behavior good.

Hugs and kisses,


Letter to My Children (July 4, 2014)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina,

     I have not written in a month, but every day I carry on conversations in my heart with you. I ask you questions like, Sarah how is our newest grandson, what is his name, why are you killing us with your silence? Or Jonathan your photo is beautiful, but tell me son, how do you smile so happily? We rarely smile anymore, and underneath even that is an ache that never goes away. Joshua, I have been told you are happy, and am glad, so much prayer has been made for you and Olivia, she is very lucky to be your wife, we hope she loves you as much as we do. Dearest Christina, you are wonderful, and dad and I need you to come take care of us, we need your love. 
     And then to the men who are teaching you and many others to commit such wicked deeds, how can you use Gods name to justify your evil destruction of people. Have you no fear of God? With your mouth you speak nice things of God, but your actions tell the real truth. Give all our children back to us today, give all the women back to their husbands, and tell the husbands to go beg their wives forgiveness for throwing them out. And please stop lying. It is wrong to lie. And tell the fathers to bring back their children they have thrown away.  And ask the children's forgiveness.    

It is time to do what is right.

And always I love you my own dearest children....all five and your families.  And we always will.

Song: You Cannot Lose My Love


Letter from Sydney (June 8, 2014)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh and Christina,

     I love fairy tales. I love how the endings always turn out happily ever after (the well written ones do anyway!) Since the kids were babies I have sung the sleeping beauty song to them.  The one that starts "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream..."  I changed the words of course to accomodate whatever I was doing with them at the time like waltzing, rocking, etc., and after "once upon a dream" whispering "you're so handsome" (or pretty) to the child or grandchild I was holding. Well one day Danny played the Maleficent version of that song for me (way to ruin a beautiful song!) Such a dark, creepy voice. It really irritated me when I watched the trailers for Maleficent as it seemed to be making the evil witch the attractive fun one. Making evil look good like so many movies do. And then after the movie comes out I get a call from Danny. He said that your mother and I have got to go to Maleficent! He said it is such a wonderful, redemptive movie. I'm like right Danny; that is so dark I will NEVER go to see it!
     Well you know how persuasive Danny can be! So I look up the Plugged In review just to make sure I wasn't going to a trashy movie (by the way there are no swear words or inappropriate scenes. The worst name you hear someone called is Beastie. I highly recommend it.)
 Okay the point is this: Maleficent is a sweet beautiful good fairy who is cruelly betrayed by the one she loves and trusts the most. I could never take your mom to this movie. It would be for her like she were reliving the nightmare of most of the people she loves best in this world rending and tearing her apart after so callously breaking her heart.  Of course after a few years of bitterness and hatred Maleficent's love and forgiveness is beautiful. Inspiring. She is so like your mother in that way, but your Mom just skipped the hatred and bitterness part and has loved you with all her heart. You all remind me of the cruel king except that I have confidence that you will all come out and be the sons and daughters you once were. At least some days I do. Your mom has never lost faith that you will all come out someday. I pray that it is soon.
     She and your dad have purchased a cottage on Silver Lake.  It has 4 bedrooms and she is fixing up the upstairs ones for her children. You know her; it is starting to look like something out of a House Beautiful magazine.
     I have never seen such a beautiful piece of lake property. The lawn is large and has a small forest of trees and a creek.  It slopes down and has a beautiful garden.  It even has a tulip TREE of all things!  The other houses are not close and one is owned by people who are almost never there but keep the grounds up perfectly.  The water is so clear and doesn't have a sheer drop off but is perfect to teach children how to swim.  The kayaks and boat are just waiting for children. Oh and the porch! An incredible wrap around that your children will be able to skate and ride bikes on! Noah should be there on vacations to get to know his cousins. Well that is a very pretty picture isn't it?  But you need to slay the monster of pride, repent and get out here before it is too late to enjoy this place.  And by enjoy these material things I mean to have a restored relationship with your mom first.
     So many people have left Calvary and come "out of the closet" so to speak. Slowly they will heal.  Well not all the way; the damage that has been done to some is irreparable, but you will heal too.  Come quickly.

I love you all...bring your families so I can meet them too.
Mrs. Case

Letter to Josh from Danny (May 30, 2014)

Dear Josh,

     I have not spoken with you since May 2012 and when we did speak it involved us arguing about what the truth was regarding your family’s situation. We argued for over 20 minutes and ended the conversation with you insulting me and me leaving the house. That is the last time I saw you and since then I have only left a few voicemails on your phone; the last saying that I was there for you, but would not be calling anymore.
     I wanted to write this post to share with you how much I miss talking to you and being your friend. You were there with me the day that I got my drivers license (the same day that you coerced me into spending way too much money to buy Nike tennis shoes, which is now my favorite shoe brand), you were always available to call when I needed someone to vent to about work at the Charcoal Corral, you wouldn’t let us leave the farm that one time I was upset about you killing birds until I told you why I was mad at you, and you were the one who helped plan the smuggling of myself in your family’s van after church one night. The list goes on and on about the things that you have been a part of in my life, and I wish that the list would keep going on, but the list has sadly ended.
     You were not around when I began my freshman year of college when I so desperately wanted a friend to call and joke off the loneliness I felt from being in a new place, I was not able to call you to tell you that I had finally decided on a major (which is Psychology), I was not able to call you to tell you that I had purchased a car (a Chevy Impala which I am sure you would have told me was a bad idea since you were always so supportive of Toyota and not Chevy), and I was not there when you got married. I think that is the one that stung the most. I had always figured that I would stand up with you in your wedding and you would stand up with me in mine. When I heard that you had been married I cried for the first time in a long time, overtaken by the sadness that accompanied the knowledge that my former best friend had been married without me knowing about it. The list of things that we have missed in each other’s lives is long and will continue to grow as the years go by. I just hope that it doesn’t keep growing, that you will come back to your Mom and your old friends and continue the life that you lead before cutting people out of your life.
     You have really hurt me in the past, the insults that your hurled at me the last time we spoke were a 1,000 times more painful than the Indian brush burns you always used to give me; it took me quite some time to forgive you for those words. I guess I wrote this letter to tell you that I am still here for you and I plan to continue to be here for you for as long as I am on this earth. And when you come back I will give you a hug and tell you that I forgive you.

Until then know that God loves you, your Mom loves you, and I love you.

Your friend,

 I'm not exactly sure what birthday this was for, but I always loved having your family over to my house to celebrate birthdays and help make the ice cream cake. Also, I love that my idea of a funny face was rolling my eyes and touching my temples...

 Watching movies with you was always such a fun experience since you were always so serious about them and really got into the story, whereas I did not so much (as is evidenced by the photo where I look completely out of it)
 The Three Musketeers; having Kevin over was always fun but at times frustrating since he could never play 007 with us on the Nintendo 64 which would get on our nerves since we loved playing that game. 
 The mammoth tusks; I don't remember how late we stayed up making those, but I remember how much fun it was and how proud we were of them
 I never realized until now just how stoic you looked in all the pictures that we have from childhood
This picture cracks me up since you look like a depressed child from a 19th century painting and I have the creepiest expression on my face. Camping in my room was always so much fun since it meant that we could stay up late talking since Mom's bedroom was too far away for her to hear the noise.

Letter to Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina from Aunt Jackie (May 30, 2014)

Dear Jonathon, Sarah, Joshua and Christina,

     Do you remember the time this picture was taken? It was June 2011 at the Outer Banks, North Carolina. The last time you cousins were all together... well not all...Bradley was in the Police Academy and couldn’t get the time off and Taylor had left to get back to Virginia to start a new job. That is why they were represented on paper plates. I can hardly look at this picture without crying. Thinking of the walks, talks, reminiscing, playing on the beach, crab catching, castle building, kayaking, pedicures by Gretel ...only three short years ago, yet it seems like a million!
     In the last three years there have been: high school and college graduations, the birth of children; Penny Rose and Jackson whom we have never met; and who knows if you, Sarah, have had your second baby. We will not receive an announcement or phone call. We will not be able to see or touch him or her. Not your mom and dad or Auntie Gretel. Not Grampa and Gramma Beck, cousins, or friends. Weddings have come and gone: Gretel's, Jacquelyn, and Joshua's. Every anniversary, birthday, holiday or special occasion brings overwhelming sadness and tears for us. I wonder do you cry on these same occasions? So much time gone, never to be regained. It was only a few short weeks after this photo that your mom was "put away" and your family,... our family, was torn apart!
     We miss you all desperately! I cannot believe that in the pit of your hearts you cannot know that this is all SO wrong ! You are being held in a prison by those who claim to be setting people free with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I fear that Jesus HImself would not even be welcome into your church. For He said in John 6:37 "All that the Father gives Me will come to Me, and the one who comes to Me I will certainly not cast out." How many precious lambs has Pastor Scott cast out? I know of many...your own mom, your dad, your own sister at the top of the list.

Please, please, I plead with you to come home.

Always Praying
Always loving you
Always watching and looking over the horizon to catch a glimpse of your return
Always, your Aunt Jackie

Letter from Sydney to Jonathan (May 27, 2014)

Dear Jonathan,

     Today is Jenny's birthday. Remember the Sunday at LaGrange when it was the 27th and I told Mr. Case it was yours, Jen's and Emily's birthdays? So of course we sang to all three of you. Remember the birthday dinners that your family shared with ours over the years? Do you remember the many ice cream cakes you had at our house? Do you remember helping Danny and Josh decorate the pies for Danny's birthday? I even have proof that you did it...we got a picture of you holding up your pie! You were so sweet to hang out with the little guys like that. You tried to be a good example to them of a rough and tough Godly young man. You even jumped out of the tree fort when you were up there with the boys! How I miss those days. Typing this note is opening such a flood of memories of which you were all a huge part of. One of the kids said recently one of the biggest anxieties they used to have was wondering if they would get invited to your house on Sunday!
     Tonight we are having Jen's birthday dinner. I get the joy of seeing Jenny unwrap her gifts and see her sweet smile of thanks; just like you used to honor and respect your mother. Today your Mom should be receiving a call thanking her for bringing you in to this world and loving you unselfishly and forgiving you even when you don't ask for it. Her firstborn son whom she dedicated to God just like Hannah did Samuel. Come back Jonathan…dinner is at 6:00 tonight and you are all invited. Don't put off until tomorrow what you should have done 2 years ago. When you come back to your mother then I will wish you a happy birthday. 

Until then,
Mrs. Case

Letter to Pastor Scott (May 26, 2014)

Please Sir,

      Please return our children to us. We have wronged no one. We love Jesus and obey His Word to the best of our ability. You have wronged our family, but we forgive you. You have lied about us, manipulated us, stolen our children, ruined reputations, caused many to stumble in their pursuit of God, brought division and strife and confusion to so many families....yet there is hope and forgiveness and God's love is waiting for you if you will just humble yourself and restore what you have taken away, tell the plain truth, and let God decide the future of your ministry. 

The real bride of Christ loves the truth.

Letter to My Children (May 22, 2014)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua and Christina,

     I would like to share with you the most important things: this world is passing away, but Jesus is not willing that any man perish.  Listen to how simple he has made the gift of salvation (eternity with Him, all our sins forgiven).
     "Jesus heard that they had cast him out; and when he had found him, he said unto him, Dost thou believe on the Son of God?  He answered and said, Who is he Lord, that I might believe on him?  And Jesus said unto him, Thou hast both seen him, and it is he that talks with thee.  And he said, Lord, I believe.  And he worshiped him."  ~John 9:35-38
     "Be it known unto you therefore, men and brethren, that through this man (Jesus) is preached unto you the forgiveness of sins: and by him all that believe are justified from all things, from which you could not be justified by the law of Moses." ~Acts 13:37-38
     "And he brought them out, and said, Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shall be saved, and thy house." ~Acts 16:30-31
     I love you children, and pray for you and your families day and night. Make sure you know his love and forgiveness. We all need reminding of the difference between saved by faith in Jesus or saved by religion (our works for God).

Love and hugs and kisses and tears,
Your own mom

Letter to My Children (May 20, 2014)

Dear Children,

     The newsletter of World Challenge has an article by David Wilkerson (http://sermons.worldchallenge.org/en/newsletter/2014/demonstration-of-spirit-and-of-power). It made me cry because it is exactly how it seems my life is now, a spectacle unto men. Not because of sin on my part, but because of trusting men to be what they profess. Not double minded, but truthful and honest lives. Not perfect, only Jesus is, but walking with integrity. But there is hope for them and us all, through the blood of the Lamb. 
     So it has been on my mind to begin to write to you children once more about the great gift of salvation provided by Jesus through his death and resurrection. You are my lambs, given to dad and I by God.  He could have had you be born in any family, but chose us to be your parents.  So I will keep on reminding you of the most important things, just as if you were with me.  I hope you are comforted by the article, your lives are becoming a spectacle too, and yet God has chosen to use us to expose the lies in a church many of us have considered a purveyor of the Truth. "For the time is come that judgement must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?  And if the righteous scarcely be saved, where shall the ungodly and the sinner appear?  Wherefore let them that suffer according to the will of God commit the keeping of their souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator" 1 Peter 4:17-19.

Love your own mom

Letter to Jonathan and Sarah (April 28, 2014)

Dear Jonathan and Sarah,

     I am crying. I was just shown some of your Facebook pages, and saw some of the comments from people to you as well as your own comments. It is awful. A person should be weeping if they had their parents ripped away because of pastors orders. What shameful adults, who say that my children ALONE AND WITHOUT FATHER OR MOTHER TO GUIDE THEM, are now a real testimony to God's grace and goodness.
     God hates divorce, but Pastor Scott advises divorces in order to manipulate the congregation. God says honor your father and mother, but Pastor Scott has told you to dishonor us....IN ORDER TO PLEASE GOD. God says you are not to hide from your own flesh (family), but you children are told by Pastor Scott to call the police if I linger too long at your door. God says not to lie, but Pastor Scott tells you lies about your parents and you repeat them without even checking with us to see if it is true. God says not to make haste, yet Pastor Scott tells you to throw your sister, nephew, mom out in the street in one meeting, and you do it. God says you will know a tree by its fruit, Pastor Scott tells you poisonous fruit is edible and you eat it. God says love, Pastor Scott says hating your parents is love.
     Those adults who wrote praises to you children should be ashamed. The bottom line is you children are known by your doings. No matter how lovely, handsome, smart, wealthy, healthy, happy.....you have not SPOKEN TO YOUR MOTHER OR FATHER in about 2 YEARS. And you only have texted Gretel to rebuke her over and over. I am ashamed of you. I raised you better than this. I raised you to THINK not just blind obedience.. God gave you a brain to use.
     In May of 2011, Jonathan you gave me pearls for mothers day, all of you children and Candace and Joelle, gave me the sweetest cards, declaring how you want to be like me as a parent and wife. What happened? You mean to say that in 30 days, Pastor Ron and Pastor Scott were able to get you to agree to putting your mother away for 93 days in some obscure place, and you never questioned it? You never said 'What is going on here?'
      And even though your dad was part and parcel in the deed-even he told me over and over that if he did not want do this to me, then they would do this to him. And so he agreed to something he knew was wrong. But you children, if you can do this to your mom who loves you and your father and the Lord Jesus Christ with all I am; than I fear that you will do this to your own sweet babies one day, or to your own spouses one day. All on the whim of a pastor. Just ask Waleed Zarou, who told your father and I one rainy afternoon...."Molly when Pastor Scott said he wanted to put you away, all of us deacons protested, saying 'No, not Molly, she is one of the godliest women in the church, if anyone it should be Tom.' But Pastor Scott said "Let's try it."
     Yup, it was an experiment children-designed to snare your young hearts, sow doubt and discouragement in your own abilities to know right from wrong. Make you think you 'Loved Mom too much to see the truth.' , like you told some folks up here. Really? Would to God, you loved Jesus enough to stand up to men who 'lord it over your faith' and are 'making a gain of you' for their own personal ministry.
     There is only one reason you are wanted at Calvary....you look good, you smell good, and you have access to our money. Pastor Scott needs poster children to lure other unsuspecting foreigners into Calvary. And you are innocent enough, like your mother was, to not check references, not check out stories of those who have been marked, not check out the integrity of the men in places of position.
     INTEGRITY is being the same on the inside as the outside. INTEGRITY does not have a secret past that must be covered up. INTEGRITY is ready to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

God will judge. Are you ready for that day. Because it is coming soon.

Love with all my heart and no animosity for any one of you, only deep sadness.
Your own mom

Letter to My Children (April 22, 2014)

My Dear Children,

     Yesterday this photo was sent to me by two of your friends. I showed it to your dad at lunch yesterday, and we admired how beautiful our daughters are and precious grandbabies, and handsome our sons. Dad seemed surprised at how much Jackson looks like Jonathan as a toddler. I knew he was the spitting image from the birth photo that was sent to me by Jacquelyn. He is precious, and Penny, well, dad said yesterday what so many have said, 'She looks just like Gretel did at that age.' God has a sense of humour Sarah. Christina is beautiful, dad says she looks like me. And Josh is so grown up andlooks like his big brother.
     Don't think for a minute we are stalking you. Everyone up here knows you have cut dad and I off, along with Gretel, and our extended family. So when friends and family find a photo of you children anywhere, they send it to us. To comfort our hearts. I have made 2 albums of those photos sent to us from whomever comes across pictures of you.
     Your dad and I and Gretel love looking at them, so does your extended family and friends. I always pass them on to those you know, who love you and are praying for you to talk to us again. It encourages your dad and me so much when we receive these pictures. Every day I cry, but try not to discourage dad or Gretel. It would hurt them to see me hurting. But many days, I do not want to go on without you. I know this is wrong. And I write to let you know we are not mad at you, we are hurt. We love you no matter what. And to warn other people not to go to Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia. So they will not suffer as we have. There are churches that preach the gospel and live according to the Scriptures, but Calvary Temple is not one of them.
     Recently we had one of your cousins to dinner, and he was saying he wanted to go and shake some sense into you. It was good to hear your dad warning him to be careful, that what is said there is very slick and appears godly. But so dangerous underneath. It has been a long hard road for your dad coming to grips with what he did down there to us all. But God is working in his heart I believe, and he is working in your hearts also. We are here for you no matter what has been done to us. Just call and I will come.

Love and hugs and kisses,

Letter to My Children (April 18, 2014)

Song called Love is Here by Tenth Avenue North


     Do you like this photo? Our neighbor Kim and her 3 children gave it to me. They prayed while constructing it, for you to come back to us. They look forward to meeting you. 
     I love you more and more with each passing day, knowing you are being forced to 'kill' your mother and father and sister by men who have perverted the Scriptures for their own gain. You are precious and they want to keep you for themselves. I forgive you. 
     God gave you to us, not them. And he holds your hearts in his hand. Love you, praying for you with tears. Never forget you are loved, and when you realize the truth, don't be afraid. My arms are wide open and I am watching for you day and night. Anticipating our being together again soon. 

Hugs and kisses, 

Letter to Christina from Abby (April 1, 2014)

Dear Christina,

      I have been putting off writing this letter for quite awhile, not because I don't love you and think of and pray for you daily but because I am not quite sure how to put all my thoughts into words. But I am going to try:
     Let me start out by saying how much I miss you, Christina Anne Fitch. I miss your laugh, our shared jokes, your beautiful smile. I miss talking to you about the Lord and going on crazy adventures to the farm on that rickety old four wheeler with Jenny. I miss lying out under the stars talking about life and our future. I miss playing with my dogs with you. So many things that I miss and I can only imagine how much your dear mom and sister and dad miss you if I miss you as much as I do.
     There are so many precious memories that I have growing up with you. What a fun childhood we had! I remember the first time I met you. You couldn't have been more than 4 or 5 at the time and you asked if I wanted my nails done then proceeded to stick fake nails on me. From then on, we were pretty much inseparable. I think you looked up to me and I simply adored you. There are so many pictures of us playing dress up in those big ball gowns that your family kept in the toy chest in the hall by your upstairs bathroom. We would play for hours, pretending I was the bride and you were my flower girl.
     How about the times we tortured poor old Amos by putting him the little red wagon and carting him all over kingdom come in the "ambulance". Or the silly imaginary games we played in the pool during the hot summer months. Since you were so young, we weren't allowed to do as much as the older kids but I didn't mind (well, except when I had to go to bed at 7 with you when the other kids stayed up but I'm not bitter :P ). I loved playing with you. You were like a little sister to me.
     Even after you all moved to VA, we were here for you when you came home. You didn't have a lot of other friends so we got you all to ourselves. Remember the first time staying at the Mazz house? The slippers were still by the bed and that creepy scanner was on. We had so much fun making up scary stories! Or how about the time we dressed up in the clothes we found in the master bedroom and had a "tea party" with the contents of the dining room cupboards. Oh goodness, I smile at the memory.
     One of my favorite memories with you happened probably in the summer of 2010. You and Gretel were up with your parents. I can't remember if Josh came that time or not. Gretel and Katy went off in the field behind the Mazz house and you and I decided to ride the four-wheeler around in that field. The stars were absolutely glorious! We just rode around talking to Jesus out loud, praising Him for His creation and for our friendship. Never did it cross my mind that our friendship would be cut off so abruptly and without much warning.
     So many things that we are missing out on in each others' lives. Did you know I'm an EMT now? I work on an ambulance and get to feel the rush of adrenaline at bad calls ('though we get a lot of down time). I guess all those times playing nurse and EMT with Amos paid off :) Did you know I now have not one but two adorable nephews. I also am privileged to be dating an incredible guy, Josh. We met through Danny. Will you be at my wedding? I always pictured you there, maybe even standing up with me. Will we get to meet each other’s babies in years to come?
     Christina, please come home. There are so many people who love you and are praying for you and the rest of your siblings. Please don't keep us cut off. I want to be there for you. I want to hug you close and laugh with you again. I want to go on crazy adventures with you and see firsthand what a beautiful young woman you have become. The last text I sent you I said that I will never stop praying that you come home. I haven't stopped and won't 'til you are released. I love you. I hope even though you won't talk to me anymore or acknowledge me, that at least you will remember all the good times we had growing up. What a childhood it was! Memories are so precious and I thank God for them and that He gave me the privilege of knowing you.

Love, your forever friend
Abby Case

Out on Silver Lake having the time of our lives

Letter to Candace and Joelle (March 30, 2014)

Dear Candace and Joelle,

      Do you recall when you gave me this collage of photos? It was as a surprise 25th anniversary party you and my children planned for Tom and I. There are two things that deeply touched me from that day; this collage from you both, with each of my children, plus your own pictures, framed with a copy of my favorite poem Call Back.
     And the DVD my Sarah and Christina prepared of our 25 years of marriage. If I can upload the DVD to this site, I will. I still have cards of endearment you gave me. I just want you to know that I realize you are being forced to cut me off. I know you don't understand, but must just trust the leadership'. I know that Candace you could lose your own husband if you disobey the pastors. Joelle, I know that they need you to keep Sarah happy, otherwise she would be tempted to leave, and so would Taylor, which would mean Mr. Kain the big financial supporter of the church MIGHT leave too.
     But remember this.....God is watching and listening. One day very soon, we will all have to give an account of our lives before Him. Walk in the integrity of heart and mind that Jesus died for. He who did no sin and was hated for it, He died that we might be forgiven our sins, and have the opportunity to walk in the truth. Sin shall not have dominion over those who love Him.

Do what is right before God, not before men. Trust God alone, do not trust men.

God bless you, I love you and have no animosity towards you. When you are ready, I will be there to hug you.

Letter to Waleed and Amy (March 20, 2014)

To my friends and fellow Christians Waleed and Amy:

      Yesterday Sarah told me that your young daughter was allowed to come home.  I am glad for her, few know the pain of being 'put away' from your family.  When I spoke with your daughter last week, although peaceful, her face showed sadness from rejection. So now you have a chance to right the wrong. Please let me to share a certain history of the apostle John as recorded in Foxes Book of Martyrs. You were my friends, and I hope will be again one day. Don't let your family go Waleed.  God entrusted them to you. This is why I fight for my family. God entrusted them to me, and I will continue to reach out for them until the Lord takes me home. God bless you both and those 3 girls of yours. Please help restore my own 4 beautiful children and families to us.


     "When John was returned to Ephesus from the isle of Patmos, he was requested to resort to the places bordering near unto him.  Whereupon, when he was come to a certain city, and had comforted the brethren, he beheld a young man robust in body, of a beautiful countenance, and of a fervent mind.  Looking earnestly at the newly-appointed bishop, John said: 'I most solemnly commend this man to thee, in presence here of Christ and the Church.'
      When the bishop had received of him this charge, and had promised his faithful diligence therein, again the second time John spake unto him, and charged him as before.  This done, John returned to Ephesus.  The bishop, receiving the young man committed to his charge, brought him home, kept him, and nourished him, and at length baptized him; and after that, he gradually relaxed his care and oversight of him, trusting that he had given him the best safeguard possible in putting the Lord's seal upon him.
     The young man thus having his liberty more, it chanced that certain of his old companions and acquaintances, being idle, dissolute, and hardened in wickedness, did join in company with him, who first invited him to sumptuous and riotous banquets; then enticed him to go forth with them in the night to rob and steal; after that he was allured by them unto greater mischief and wickedness.  Wherein, by custom of time, and by little and little, he, becoming more expert, and being of a good wit, and a stout courage, like unto a wild or unbroken horse, leaving the right way and running at large without bridle, was carried headlong to the profundity of all misorder and outrage.  And thus, utterly forgetting and rejecting the wholesome doctrine of salvation which he had learned before, he entered so far in the way of perdition, that he cared not how much further he proceeded in the same.  And so, associating unto him a band of companions and fellow theives, he took upon himself to be as head and captain among them, in committing all kind of murder and felony.
     It chanced that John was sent for to those quarters again, and came.  Meeting the bishop afore specified, he requireth of him the pledge, which, in the presence of Christ and of the congregation then present, he left in his hands to keep.  The bishop, something amazed at the words of John, supposing he had meant them of some money committed to his custody, which he had not received, could not tell what to answer.  Then John, perceiving his perplexity, and uttering his meaning more plainly: 'The young man,' saith he, 'and the soul of our brother committed to your custody, I do require.'  Then the bishop, with a loud voice sorrowing and weeping, said, 'He is dead.' To whom John said, 'How, and by what death?'  The other said, 'He is dead to God, for he became an evil and abandoned man, and at length a robber.  And now he doth frequent the mountain instead of the Church, with a company of villains and theives, like unto himself.'
     Here the apostle rent his garments, and, with a great lamentation, said, 'A fine keeper of his brother's soul I left here! get me a horse, and let me have a guide with me:' which being, done, his horse and man procured, he hasted from the Church, and coming to the place, was taken of thieves that lay on the watch.  But he, neither flying nor refusing, said, 'I came hither for the purpose: lead me,' said he, 'to your captain.'  So he being brought, the captain all armed fiercely began to look upon him; and eftsoons coming to the knowledge of him was stricken with confusion and shame, and began to fly.  But the old man followed him as much as he might, forgetting his age, and crying, 'My son, why dost thou fly from thy father?  an armed man from one naked, a young man from an old man?  Have pity on me, my son, and fear not, for there is yet hope of salvation.  I will make answer for thee unto Christ; I will die for thee, if need be; as Christ hath died for us, I will give my life for thee; believe me, Christ hath sent me.'
     He, hearing these things, first, as in a a maze, stood still, and therewith his courage was abated. After that he had cast down his weapons, by and by he trembled, yea, and wept bitterly; and, coming to the old man, embraced him, and spake unto him with weeping (as well as he could), being even then baptized afresh with tears, only his right hand being hid and covered.
     Then the apostle, after that he had promised that he should obtain remission of our Saviour, prayed, falling down upon his knees, and kissing his murderous right hand (which for shame he durst not show before) as now purged through repentance, and brought him back to the Church. And when he had prayed for him with continual prayer and daily fastings, and had comforted and confirmed his mind with many sentences, he left him restored to the Church again; a great example of sincere penitence and proof of regeneration, and a trophy of the future resurrection."

--Taken from pp. 14-17 FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS, prepared by W. Grenton Berry, Baker Book House Company, fourteenth printing, Jan. 1992--

Letter for My Son (February 19, 2014)

Dear Jonathan,

     I called and left a message this morning. But never know if you listen to them. Dad says you might, but others say you are told to delete them. This morning so much on my heart to talk with you of. As I mentioned on the message, we watched a true story movie recently. A good father who had taught his son right from wrong, honor, and integrity and bravery had sent his son off to war in the 1990's.  The father was a former soldier himself, and had served proudly.  But the army had changed since those days, and one day the son was driving down a road in Iraq carrying a truckload of soldiers.  A small boy kicked his ball in front of the truck and ran out to pick it up. The young man was ordered not to stop for the child, as it could possibly be an ambush for snipers to attack. The soldier argued with his commanding officer sitting next to him, but in the end, he obeyed orders and drove over the child.
     He wrestled with the guilt. He could not tell his father what he had done.He was raised to trust and obey the authority over him. It nearly drove him mad, going against his convictions.
     What would you do son? Is it right to endanger your platoon for the life of a child? To obey your commanding officer, or be written up as insubordinate? What if protecting a child costs the life of a fellow-soldier?
     Son. I would say to you, that you are a soldier. You are obligated to lay down your life and your reputation for the life of a child. Be careful for your fellow-soldiers yes. But ultimately, they are soldiers too, ready to protect the weak and the helpless, the orphan and the widow. You should stop for the child.  Even if it is an ambush.
     Do what is right, no matter who is telling you to 'run over the child'. The pharisees said Jesus had to be killed to save the nation.  That is what pharisees do-they offer up others to save themselves or keep control. But Jesus never did that. He protected that woman from stoning, he protected the village from his irate disciples wanting to call down fire and consume it.  He protected the children who were being shooed away from him.  He protected his mother as he hung on the cross. Jesus took the hit for us all. He did no evil, neither was guile found in his mouth. When reviled, he didn't, when he suffered, he didn't threaten. He trusted his life with God the righteous judge.  1Pet. 2:22-23
     I love you son. I raised you to be a man of integrity. So hear once again from your mother please; "And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their  deeds were evil.  For every one that doing evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light, lest his deeds should be reproved. But he that doeth truth cometh to the light, that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God.  John 3:19-21
     I have nothing to hide, please don't you hide anymore. Don't tell your brother and sisters to hide anymore. Come into the light. Where there is full and free forgiveness and love to cover a multitude of sins. Obey God.


                              *3 young men who broke their moms hearts by rejecting them*
                                                                   *for what?*

Letter to My Children (February 14, 2014)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, Christina

     So much sadness every day for us. Losing you is like losing my arms and legs. We cry, pray, and wait for God to bring us all together again.  I will love you always and forever, no matter what you have done. XO's for all of you.


Letter to My Children (January 27, 2014)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua and Christina,

     It was your own father's birthday. You did not call, and we called you. You did not write, and we texted you. We were crying inside for you. You are breaking our hearts every single day.  Please call and talk with us. This is not God. We are reaching out to you. We want you, we love you, we forgive you, we ask you to forgive us if we have done you any wrong. God would never tell anyone to do to us what you are doing. God loves....always. I do not accept your wrong behavior, but out of love, I will always reach out to you. How can you keep crushing us and taking pleasure in your own lives. It is a reproach to all that is good and virtuous and true and Godly. 

Love always with tears,
Your mom

Letter to Pastor Scott (January 22, 2014)

Dear Pastor Scott,

     Again I am writing asking you to please let my children go.  You did not respond to my previous requests to restore my children, so I plead with you to hear me again.  If I have done anything to offend you I beg your forgiveness. You have always been someone I looked up to, the referral of your character by Pastor Wayne was sterling.  And then you had my husband put me away in motels and apartment for 93 days.  Not because I had done anything evil, but as an experiment. Because my husband was always complaining.  Your own deacons ALL protested, but you insisted.  Pastor M***** (asked to remain unnamed) told me that you regularly put down people who are godly, in order to lessen their influence in their own families.  Why do you do this?
     Because I considered you a godly man, I referred your ministry to many.  Today with so few men of godly character willing to stand up and preach the Word of God in America with no thought of personal gain, you seemed heaven-sent.  Which is why I must beg you to stop the deeds you are doing behind-the-scenes.  Deeds of sending mothers away from children, telling children to run away from their own parents if they leave Calvary, telling husbands to divorce and ruin their wife financially, and cast off children who do not attend Calvary.  Deeds of allowing lies to be spread about children's parents and not even bothering to seek out the truth and clarify them, thereby discrediting parents to their own children and placing you first in their hearts as to who they should obey. Deeds of taking simple scriptures like 'if any man loves father or mother more than me, he is not worthy of me' and saying to children that loving a mother/father that disagree with you, Sir, means those children do not love God.
     Sir, I am not bitter with you.  I pray for you to see the error of your ways and reconcile all the families destroyed by this logic you use.  It is sad that the many associate pastors and deacons who have left your ministry over the years, are not reaching out to you to show their love and warnings from the bible, and help and support you to do the right thing.  Several have said they tried but you would not listen. But Jesus does not stop reaching out when we don't listen.  He keeps on reaching out to a 'disobedient and gain saying people'.  He knew he would be rejected by his own, but he came anyway.  Because love SEEKS.  We are the object of His love, you are the object of his love Sir, and as I have already mentioned, I will tell my children to honor any man who can admit and right his wrongs.  That takes integrity and courage rarely seen today.  But I know what Jesus can do, and believe you could be one of those men.
     Please do not separate our children any longer.  We ache for them.  They will do what you tell them, because I taught my children to trust those in authority.  I can give you dozens of references for my character, your own people gave me cards testifying to my character, my husband has admitted to pastors and friends and family he has difficulty being truthful.  He said he only put me away because you said to.  And my own children had written countless cards of loving admiration right up until one month before you sent me away.  Sir, it is ok to admit you were wrong.  Please don't let pride devastate our family one minute more.  Jesus is coming quickly.  Let the exhortation of Ezekiel 34 remind you, as a shepherd for Jesus' flock, not to destroy men's lives, but to seek and save, bind up and heal.
     Many people you have not met are praying for you Pastor Scott, not for your destruction but for repentance and a return to the joy of serving God in spirit and in truth, John 4:24.  You know probably any one of your former pastors or deacons who love Jesus, would be happy to share their hearts with you, if you wanted to talk to them.  They must still love you, they served with you for years.  A friend loveth at all times.  Ask them to help you.  Sometimes the people closest to us are afraid of hurting us, so they won't tell us the truth, hoping some one else can.

In the love of Christ,
Mrs. Molly Fitch

Letter from Sydney (January 8, 2014)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua and Christina,

     I have been putting this off because I have been so angry with all of you. How you can believe such lies told about your mother and others who you know are godly people is unfathomable, but I am going to write what God has laid upon my heart.
     You don't know the true cause of your mother being kicked out of Calvary Temple because you will not hear her side of the story. That is completely unscriptural, Proverbs 18:13 says "If one gives an answer before he hears, it is his folly and shame.” Or maybe you do know that the things you are being told are not true but you are choosing to ignore the convicting of the Holy Spirit in order to please the men you call your pastors.  How can you obey men rather than God?  And they are just men! You must stop treating them like they are gods. Like Paul, they are the chief of sinners because they too have been destroying Christians just like he did by destroying families. And you too have blood on your hands because of your very silence. Repent! It is not too late! Bring these deeds to the light and expose those who have been allowed to get away with murder, so to speak. What does Star Scott have to do in order to get you to see that you must not justify everything he does? Stop turning a blind eye to Scott’s reprehensible deeds. Most of what I have just said is for you Jonathan, but you are all accountable.
     Have you ever wondered why your mother is such a target?  Here is a telling question: is there even one of you who has spent a whole hour crying out in agony because of your sin? Since before you were babies your mother has felt her unworthiness before a great and holy God and has spent entire nights confessing sin and reveling in His love.  He is merciful, not a monster ready to stomp on us. She was put out from the church because she spoke the truth and had a great influence on people because she is a godly woman with great discernment. The only thing she was ever misled in was trusting the men at Calvary Temple. You know how many young people she sent there which is something she will always regret. If you would only listen to the truth! You are raising your children without the godliest influence they could have: your mother. And there will never be another person who loves you more than her.  She will take you back with open arms when you come out. You will never be able to restore all that you have stolen from her, but she has forgiven you.
     Read I Corinthians 13; do you have even a niggling doubt about the hatred you show towards your mother? The self-righteousness? Think on these things! Wake up before it is too late! Remember that God says, "All things are open and laid bare to the eyes of Him with Whom we have to do" (Hebrews 4:13) and that "nothing is hidden, except to be revealed; nor has anything been secret but that it should come to light” (Mark 4:22).  
     What more can I say to admonish you?  I plead with you...turn from deception and walk in The Truth. Remember..."Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6). Follow Him. No position in your church is worth the price you are paying or the incredible pain you are bringing to your mother and others. Answer me honestly…if you lost your wealth, good looks and important jobs do you think you would still be in positions of favor in the church?  Turn from your present course and choose to do what is right. There is hope, 1 John 1:9 says, "If we confess our sins He is faithful to forgive us our sin and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." The God who requires righteousness has also provided The Way to attain it; turn to Him now.
After all that I can truly write this: I love you all.  We are here for you.

Mrs. Case