Letter to Taylor from Ellen Kusar (August 9, 2018)

Dear Taylor,

Just the other day I learned of the No Trespassing Notice you sent to Molly, your mother-in-law.

Taylor, I have known you since you were a child, and I am deeply ashamed of you. I photographed your wedding to Molly's beautiful daughter. The daughter Molly agreed you could take as your wife. Molly raised Sarah to be a godly young woman and taught her how to be a wife and mother that would bring honor and blessing to her husband. This is how you now treat Molly? You have led Sarah to be divided from her mother, father and sister. You have the benefit of years of her beautiful upbringing and you have thrown it aside. You promised to be a blessing; that's what good people do. Instead, you have brought strife and division.

Taylor, many have asked both you and Sarah what Molly has done to deserve this dreadful treatment, and you have no answer. And why do you have no answer? Because Molly has done nothing but good.

Ellen Kusar