Letter to Sarah Foster Akel from Ellen (August 16, 2018)

Dear Sarah Foster Akel,

      Today Molly and I visited your parents, grandparents, and brother. The drive to their home is so peaceful and beautiful, but nothing compared to when we walked into the house. Greetings and hugs all around, lots of love. Sarah, your parent's home is as it always was, full of joy, peace, and laughter. God is present.
     As always, we hoped your dad would bless us with some hymns on the piano. As he played, my mind drifted back to the day of your wedding. I remember you standing at the piano in your living room with your mom and dad. I don't recall which song he played, perhaps you can remember. And I remember you and your mom dancing and singing in the kitchen to "We're Going to the Chapel." I remember seeing tears of happiness in your mother's eyes as she laughed and hugged you.

     And then I thought of the last time your dad played the piano for worship service at Calvary Temple. On a Sunday morning, as your parents walked out to their car, Chuck LaRock informed your father that his services would no longer be needed. Just like that, 40+ years of humble, beautiful, sweet, anointed worship tossed to the side. No apology or explanation. 
     And as your dad played the beautiful hymn "Even Now," your mom spoke of the great gift of sitting back in her chair, closing her eyes, and listening to him play. She told me she could listen for hours, never tiring, because she knows he is anointed to worship the Lord through his music. 
     I recorded your dad playing and singing this beautiful worship song. Even Now, Sarah, fall to your knees and ask God and your family to forgive you. You will be welcomed with open arms.