Letter to My Children (August 30, 2018)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina, 

     Isn’t this a beautiful picture? It is the day your first nephew, Noah Caleb, was born. We were all together then, of course. Jonathan, I love the tender way you are holding your little nephew. And Christina, you are so sweetly crooning over him. We were all there for Gretel’s delivery of Noah. It was a specially close time for our family. 
     I know that you and Carly are expecting your third child Jonathan. I have never been allowed to hold any of your babies. Or even know when they were born. I do not have their birthdates or even know their full names. Crazy huh? Because we are such a loving and close family. How could one Pastor tear you so completely away from your natural family, one this close? Look at this picture children. This is who we are. You are like robots now. Wake up, please. Come home. I love you, want you, need you, miss you, and cry for you. Always and forever. 

Xo Your own mom