Re-printed: A Letter from Don Reed

A letter from Don Reed, husband of the late Norma Reed, whose son attends Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia.

In that video, Star Scott speaks of a brother (Pat Konczal, my stepson) who is going through something, but Star said it hasn't been made public yet. What Star is talking about is the death of my wife Norma Reed (Pat’s mother), who took her life on August 4, 2022. Norma was suffering from anxiety and depression, she called her son back in May and asked Patrick if and when we could go down (to see them). Patrick's answer was a shock to his mom, he told her not to come down because we had left Tony's Church (The Sanctuary, Pastor Tony Wozniak) in Buffalo, NY. 

After Norma took her life, Patrick's younger brother called Patrick. Patrick told his brother that I and his mother Norma are reprobates and have been given over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh and that we are "dead" to him. He will say that he and his wife made the decision (to not see us), which may be true, but was surely inspired by the Calvary's ‘Sanhedrin’ (pastors) coming together in March to have their "panel discussion." It is so sad to see people just bobbing their heads, buying into the deception that is being spewed from the "high priest and his Levites" (Pastor Star Scott and the associate pastors).

As you can imagine, Patrick's answer to his mom was devastating and she just felt worthless. Norma never once railed against this cult, the only thing I can remember her saying is that the cult made serving the Lord an obligation and not a joy. I told her to get out of there (The Sanctuary Church in Buffalo). Well I am sure this cult probably thinks that Norma and I got what we had coming to us. I can only say that these "leaders" are wicked and one day will pay a price for their wickedness, maybe not here on this earth but most certainly on the day of the Lord. Patrick will one day figure out that he was deceived and it will hit him hard, his mom truly is dead and his last words to her (because of the arrogant cult leaders) were "don't come down". Norma told me if Pat calls tell him we will see him in glory.

I hope our children will one day see that living for "Pastor's heart" instead of living for Christ was wicked and hopefully they will wake up. Our children are being deceived because half-truths are being preached and partial scriptures are being quoted and others are being twisted. Our children read the Scriptures in light of their cult leader's interpretation. To simply put it, they have been indoctrinated thus being deceived. God's grace has truly been sufficient for me in this time as I grieve the loss of Norma and I will have to go on without her but by the grace of God, I will go on.

Lastly, when Norma raised her three boys by herself, she sacrificed for those boys as they were growing up, her first husband left her with three boys to raise, and as I said she sacrificed to put food on their table and clothes on their backs and a roof over their heads. Norma was a Godly woman and a Godly wife. This is the payback she got from her son caught up in the cult. I hope he repents and gets his heart right with God. Let's continue to pray that God will wake up our children. They are deceived so when one is deceived there is no getting through to them and the only one who can is the Spirit of the living God. God bless you Molly and others who are victims of this cult.

Don Reed