Letter to My Children (December 25, 2021)

Dear Jonathan & Carly, Sarah & Taylor, Joshua & Olivia, Christina & Michael,

Good Christmas morning to you all. And to my grandchildren PennyRose, Jackson, Weston, Madeline, Hudson, Hazel, Maggie, and baby the way! I was sent the link to the Christmas play in which all of our grandchildren were involved. It was wonderful to see them, how they have grown. Showing the photos to family and friends, we commented on who looks like who; very easy to identify my Fitch grandkids! Aunt Jackie said she cried on her drive home, thinking of how much I miss you all, how awful to have a church steal children from parents. And somehow convince them to cut off an entire family. It’s brainwashing, plain and simple.

Watching the skit (Christmas play?), surprised to see children repeating memorized lines encouraging one another to self-isolate. Amazed at the refrain uttered by a young boy…."self-reliance is God-defiance"? A little girl chastised for spending time with a friend who didn’t attend their church; denigrating a mother-owning a business; pitting stay-at-home moms against working moms? Huh? Pitiful. However, the kids looked sweet.

Many kids are growing up without (we are not the only ones being shunned…) a parent, grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousins…dozens of kids isolated, because "Pastor says." Anyway, what happened to a Christmas play of the birth of Christ Jesus, the Lord. Born to save the world.

Well, my own dear children. Just so you know, one of the nicest things about you all (growing up on the farm, with a super busy dad and a super busy mom) was your learned self-reliance! We taught you to do things, try things, make friendships all over the world, help strangers (regardless of their religion), love your family, honor your parents and your grandparents, work hard, laugh often, get involved in organizations... Oh well. It will come back to you, this Calvary Temple crusade to divide families is nearly over. Happily people are waking up, and saying no to the isolation. Keeping the biological family God gave them. Takes guts!

Now for the photo of Sarah and Christina dancing around the tree! Me in the background. There’s another photo of Jonathan looking at dad (holding a chainsaw in the living room) in disbelief; dad looking guilty! Too funny. At our age, it’s definitely easier to use a chainsaw than a handsaw to shorten a Christmas tree…remember all the self-reliant things we did. Back then when Pastor Scott thought you had wonderful parents? Hmmm. We are genuinely good people. Who give and create. Selfish people isolate you, denigrate your family, lure you in with praise, and keep you and your "talents" for themselves to profit by. Good people, like your parents, are a wonderful gift from God. Do not shun us. It is a sin.

Love and hugs and kisses from your mom. To you all.