Letter to Sarah (January 10, 2020)

Dear Sarah,

How are you? I received your message you relayed to a passer-by who said hello to you while out walking the other day. I am sooo happy that you are well and out walking with our newest granddaughter. And our little Penny also riding her bike. Following being congratulated on the birth of your baby, you were asked if you had a message for your own mother. Whom you have not reached out to communicate with or see in 9 years. And your response was to tell me to “repent” and then I would be welcomed back to their family. Huh. Repent for being put out of the house because I was so loved by my children it was a threat to a church leadership infiltrated with pedophiles and adulterers? Or repent for loving my family and friends in NY? Or repent for pleading with dad to not cut off our unmarried daughter and infant grandson, leaving them on the streets of D.C. alone with no protection? Or repent for coming faithfully to Virginia for nine years every few weeks to knock on your doors, hoping to see you all?

Or maybe Repent for writing to you all publicly. On this forum. Because all my letters were returned in the mail. My calls unanswered. My texts as well, including the several years of texts to my youngest son Joshua, when in fact they were being received by his boss/deacon of Calvary Temple-Mike Gardener. Mr. Gardener did not once let me know that my messages , to my son were being sent to the his own number. Mike Gardener, who also left his parents’ home years ago as a young teen, subsequently taken in by a pastor of Calvary Temple. I guess it was around twenty years before Mike ‘repented’ to his parents for doing that to them.

So the word repent is used very loosely. Just like the word love. I love my children. I will not stop trying to talk to them and remind them of who they are. They do not belong to Calvary Temple church. They are my children. I want them back. Love you Sarah. With all my heart and all my life.

Xo Mom


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