Letter to My Children (August 3, 2019)

Dear Children,

     Last week when we were told my daughter Sarah (2nd born of my five beautiful children), is expecting a baby girl, I was soooo happy. Called you Sarah and told you that I was thrilled for you, both your improved health and a new baby! A girl!!! As sweet and lovely as her big sister. And her little cousin. I am now gramma to NINE beautiful grandchildren. But Calvary Temple Church in Sterling Virginia has taken control of the lives of four of my five babies. And we do not know six of my sweet nine grandbabies. This has been going on since 2011. A church counseling children to cut off all communication with parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, old friends. For no reason. It is bizarre! The above photo was taken in May of 2011 just a month or so before I was taken from my children and grandchild. Crazy huh.
     Of course I had to come down and try to knock on my children's doors or stand in the street of their homes and wave. Texts and call to you went unanswered. I am saddened. Just now out walking with a friend, stopped to talk with one neighbor near Sarah's home in Virginia, and after saying goodbye, rounded the corner and saw two others, who were people I know from Calvary Temple. Immediately saying hello to Kevin and Chris, asked them why I cannot see my babies, my children and grandchildren. I said, please tell my children to come home. It is God damn wrong what has been done to us. To all our extended family, all our relatives, and Tom and I. Please.
     As they and their dogs, walked away, heads hanging down. My heart was pounding, and I was wanting to cry, beg, plead for them to be normal and reasonable and decent. I kept walking back towards my car, thinking. This couple of individuals bought my daughter-in-law's wedding dress. They have dinner often I guess at my children's homes. But cannot look me in the eye, and talk to me, answer my questions, comfort me. Give me hope that I will see my wonderful children again soon. What kind of a church does this? Why? How? For what reason?
     I love you children, Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina. I love you PennyRose, Jackson, Weston, Madeline, and Hudson.

God bless you all, children of mine.