Letter to My Children (January 6, 2019)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina,

     How are you all? I am sorry for not writing sooner. You know how things happen and all we need is our own family? The past year we have needed you all, our own family, more than ever. God never left us for sure, but you are our children and should have been able to help us throughout. But you don’t. Or can’t. Depending on who is trying to explain to me why my kids do not call, write, text, come to see me. Since December 25, 2011. Seven years ago.
     At night, if I am tucking in your little nephews, Noah, John, and Peter—I pray with them. We ask God to watch over and bring home each of you, and their little cousins (our grandchildren), PennyRose, Jackson, Weston, Madeline, and Hudson.
     I love you. Each one of you. I hope you had a nice Christmas. And New Year. I hope you are all healthy. Sarah are you well? Jonathan are you ok, how is little Hudson feeling? Joshua, we are very proud of you getting your electrical engineering degree, we always wanted you to. And Christina we are very proud of you and your nursing degree. Good girl, following in your aunt's steps.
     Most people do not realize, that your church and pastors will not let you have any contact with us, and the rest of our family. I know that Sarah and Christina are allowed to text dad when he texts them. But not the rest of us. We are grateful for any little bit of contact though. It comforts us to know anything, no matter how unjust, or small. Surely seven years of enforced isolation, per Pastor Scott, is enough torture for our family? Please let my children go. Tell them to call their mom, call their sister, call their dad. We love them and need them.

Love you all so much,
Your own mother