Letter to Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina from Mrs. McDougall & Gretel (September 2, 2018)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina,

     I have written before and quoted Scripture but to no avail. Your hearts are obviously hardened against the Word of God because this blog, written by so many people who love you, has consistently quoted Scripture in the hopes that your hearts & souls would be touched by God’s Holy Spirit. Seven years is a long time to reject THE TRUTH and embrace a family wrecking cult.
     When the Communist Chinese were overrunning Tibet, the  Dalai Lama was asked what he said to his brother monks. He said, “I hope that you have been worshiping the God of the structure and not the structure of the God.” You appear to have turned your eyes from Jesus to worshiping the structure- pillars, pews & people (and classic car collections!) The idea that you follow a dirty old man who claimed to be a shepherd but preyed on a young innocent lamb in his care is repugnant. Or a Waleed who told your sister Gretel that she was of NO value to God and should go play in the world’s pig pen - sex, drugs & rock ’n roll!! When sated return repentant and just maybe she would be welcomed back into the bigoted, intolerant arms of your fellowship. The irreparable damage these people have done while claiming to be God’s mouthpiece, demands an Old Testament judgment and a millstone just won’t do.
     Gretel Marie is up in Canada visiting us with her three boys - your nephews - Noah, John, and Peter. A blessing that you are missing out on .....We were going through old pics and thought you might enjoy a trip down memory lane from Alison’s wedding when Sarah & Gretel were flower girls or sitting with Joshua, Gretel, and Duncan on the roof of the fort under the crabapple tree at your childhood home in Perry.

May you return to your mother’s arms soon!

Mrs. McDougall & Gretel