Letter to My Readers (July 29, 2017)

Dear Readers:

     Another blog was created recently by a former abused member of Calvary Temple Church, Sterling, Virginia. I have asked permission to link to it from my site here. Please take a few moments to look through the blog. Especially check out the VIP Documents. Although I am not on Facebook, Michelle is, and for awhile now I have heard of her commentary regarding another blog called Tactics whose anonymous author(s?), have been so helpful to those of us trying to understand why and how Calvary operates to destroy lives. Exposing darkness by shining the light and truth of honesty and Gods word. Plus Michelle's helpful insight which comes from years of attending the church. Thank God the wicked deeds are being outed. They shall know the truth, and the truth shall make them free.


Letter to Jonathan and Carly (July 28, 2017)

Dear Jonathan and Carly,

     When I stopped by your home over a week ago and knocked, it was one of the happiest days of my life. Because Carly opened the door! And in the course of our conversation, she allowed me to see your son Jackson (who is four yrs. old) for the first time in his little life. And of course talking with him, and the sweetness of his walking up to me so I could pick him up and hug and kiss him, still makes me weep.
     I am so thankful for that moment. Wish I could have held little Madeline also, and most especially son, I wish you had been there so I could hug you. The picture I chose above is from one of our family Christmases. You were a hero to your siblings (pictured above w Gretel) and also your cousins. Much damage has been done to those relationships by you. And knowing how true blue you aspire to be, the truth of your actions probably will sideline you upon discovery. But never fear, you will regain what you once destroyed when you man up and go to each one and apologize. And we are here to help you. You won't be alone.
      Carly told me that day at your home that I raised five wonderful children. And I told her, yes I did. So come home, Jonathan. I am waiting with open arms for my firstborn child. You must not let anyone make you afraid of your own flesh and blood. If you cannot come to me, I will continue to come and write and call you until you can hug me yourself. I love you unconditionally. Always have and always will. You are my son.


Letter to My Children (July 23, 2017)

     I recently watched a documentary regarding post-Holocaust responses of the atrocities which survivors endured. Society post-WW2 tended to silence the survivors, implying the atrocities were somehow their own fault....victims should have seen it coming, or resisted more, or listened to vague warnings, or they survived by being cowardly, etc...reminded me of responses we have experienced.
     I came across this photo of your sister's wedding. She is dancing with Grampa, my father. Dad (Tom) and you children were not there, forbidden from attending by those who were influencing you. I was not compliant. Along with everyone else that actually had a brain, I was removed from your lives in order to 'be broken.'
     Unacceptable deeds and lies wrapped in respectability, give an air of credibility. However, just as the documentary explained, years pass, and those who were abused and destroyed, regain confidence and courage. To open up and let the world know what really happened. And it is not the made up cliches, put out by our abusers. They are just fanatics who take the Lords name in vain while keeping their wealth, power and fake reputations intact; and sacrifice the good and the honest, in order to safeguard positions of 'trust.'
     Look at the sad face of my father. He is dancing with his granddaughter, whom he walked down the aisle because her father would not attend her wedding because a pastor told him not to (and her grandmother refused to attend as well, thereby complicit in the abuse). While truly good men and women stepped up to protect us as we were being bullied, helping me by organizing a beautiful wedding and reception for our daughter. These protested loudly (with their words and actions) that it is wrong to be quiet when people are being tormented.
     How sad it is, that few are so helpful (as my friends and family were helpful), to the survivors. No wonder people stay silent for so long. Why are victims blamed?! Those who are traumatized by bad men and women need loads of love and support and affirmation and stalwart souls to condemn in loud words and ways, that God does not batter people into compliance.
     God is good and hates for the strong to abuse the weak. He states the opposite. The strong ought to bear up the weak. Like carry them on your back till they can walk on their own again.
     Our daughter has been through hell. Bad people taught her father to nearly destroy her, her young son and her mother. Now over four years after when this picture was taken, she is learning to find her voice again. And regain some of her natural strength, courage, and optimism in the face of evil. It has been one of my constant jobs, helping her relationship with her dad, encouraging him to apologize and make amends for what he did. Showing him to do everything in his power to atone for the horrors of those days. Not running from guilt, but acknowledging it openly. So he can finally find peace of mind.
     Due to individuals in my life who loved and supported me, I am able to speak. Tell our story. Good people who adamantly told me that it was not my fault I was abused, they were proud of me, protected me, exposed lies by defending me, affirmed my value and dignity. They cried with me and got angry as they heard our story, bit by awful bit. They supported me financially when my husband and his parents refused to, in the beginning. (Fearful of people finding out what their son had done, they behaved badly as well.)
     Honesty is a lost virtue these days, amongst pillars in the communities. Too many skeletons in closets. Thankfully, time does heal somewhat, and our mouths are unlocked, and out come details of unbelievably terrible actions. The evil doers look so good, and our stories are shameful and shocking. But it is still the truth. And telling it does warn and protect others from a similar fate. Stop blaming the victims. Start defending and protecting them.

Articles of Survivors who told their stories:

Letter to Sarah & Christina (July 14, 2017)

Dear Sarah and Christina,

     I found the old picture of our tea tree party stump at the old yellow house. Was it around 2005 or so that I built it-sort of? Lol, I remember standing on a chair, chain sawing the tree down, an old crabapple that had lots of tent worms, there were 2 of them on the front lawn at the time. Anyway, standing on a chair, using our small farm chainsaw I think for the first time on my own. Jeff was driving by and pulled over to tell me how dangerous it was for me to chainsaw standing on a chair. Which it was. Anyway, following the subsequent dismantling of the tree, we set up stumps, and I got the old John Deere and used the bucket to take the debris out back to be burned. Jeff later offered to get me a wooden spool top, and voila! We had our tea tree party stump setting. Dad was away on a trip, and he never noticed the missing trees till I asked him if he thought anything was different. That made us laugh.
      I think Gretel has a photo of little girls in long ball gowns playing and laughing as they served tea and goodies. Will try to find one to post. I hope you get the stumps you want Sarah, or you can come up home. I have plenty you can choose from, we burn wood at the cottage, and dad likes to collect stumps out by the driveway. Actually, Claire used several for her wedding last summer. Be safe, be honorable and kiss my PennyRose for me. Someone sent photos of her first day at school. She looks just like you and Gretel. Noah wants her to come see him. We all are so proud of our sweet little girl.

Xoxo. Love and hugs,

Letter to My Children (July 7, 2017)

We love you. Thought of you throughout the holiday, I would have come, but your sister needed me to be here. I love you. Dad has been teaching Noah snorkeling. It's hilarious. Both of them prowling along the shore. I've bought a small sailboat for the grandchildren to learn in. I will take a picture soon. And a water mat for is for all the littlest babies to play on, John runs around on it, jumping off into waiting arms. Here we rest quietly. Waiting for justice, God will judge evil doers who steal children by warping men's minds and hearts. You have been taken captive, and God help those who insinuated this was an isolated case, or our fault, or prevented you from contacting your parents and sister. Millstones and deep water, are preferable says Jesus. Because Hell awaits those who destroy mothers and children. I love you with all my heart.