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Letter to My Children (October 3, 2019)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina,

     How are you all? How are you Sarah? I believe you are due to deliver a Baby. God bless you daughter. Thinking of you all tonight, as I unpack spices and whatnot. A friend was over today helping organize the basement. I found a whole tub of spices. Although not much of a cook/baker since you all were taken from me, I am cooking. I made some pies, casserole, jalapeño poppers, lots of bacon and eggs, and tomorrow perhaps homemade pea soup, Its unusual. Losing my family in one fell swoop, who wants to make food? Your sister, (who actually took the above photo during Thanksgiving weekend in NYC!), is a great cook. She can whip up delicious food in an hour.
     So the urge to create is coming back after almost eight years. A terrible tragedy and legacy of hatred have been perpetrated upon our loving family. By a church destroying women and children, to prop up a church leadership who crave power over others — using isolation, speaking abusiv…

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