Letter to Waleed and Amy Zarou (June 23, 2018)

Waleed and Amy Zarou,

     Here is our girl, Gretel. Fishing at Ft. Riley. This was taken just a couple years after Noah was born, and you had wished her to go and do as many wicked things as possible. Then come back to Calvary when ready to be forgiven.
     Gretel had told me that about how you instructed her to do bad things. Only after I was put away by Tom and the pastors of Calvary Temple. She said you had also told her, that her parents knew what your advice was and approved of it. When you both would call and ask for Gretel to come spend time with you at The Dons’ Pizza Shop, your business in Sterling, Virginia, I naively assumed you were encouraging and being a good example. She believed you when you said we agreed with your advice, she believed you when you told her she was a constant drain on our family, she believed you when you said she might as well be as bad as possible, because she had no value to God currently.
     And I was kept in the dark about your advice. Tom may or may not have known your methods,  my older children and Tom did tell me my mother instincts were high for Gretel and baby Noah. Tom, Jonathan, and Sarah kept me out of discussions that they had with her. (I was sent up to my room!) So —— mixed messages from you Waleed. I was the best mother. I should raise our grandson. But, Gretel was sent to work a month after Noahs’ birth, which I protested. Resulting in shaming me to the family for disagreeing with my husband and church leadership. Apparently my ‘mother instincts’ were alarming to Pastor Ron Zarou (your big brother). He did not like mamas who are protective of their children. He is an expert on family life. Although he and his wife have no children. And never have.
     You know, Waleed and Amy. When I found out that you had put your own sweet daughter Nina on the street in winter. No family or friends to go to, scared and alone, to ‘break her’. I realized you were not like me. You did it to please your brother Pastor Ron. Nina told us how it went down. I told Nina to always love and try to talk to her parents, and that her uncle Ron  God would turn upside down on his bald head one day. He is a bad guy. And as long as you and Amy listen to bad guys, you will be one.

Molly Fitch

The Way We Were (June 18, 2018)

Dear Calvary Temple Church, Pastor Star Scott, and Pastor’s Heglund, Wozniak, Miller, Gardener, and Zarou,

Here is a home video of old photos from our family albums. Of my children and the delightful, happy, blessed family. This is the way we were. As we all up here in NY testify.

Letter to My Children (June 16, 2018)

Dear Children,

     Remember back in 2014 (http://dearcalvarytemple.blogspot.com/2014/06/letter-from-sydney-june-8-2014.html), dad and I bought a lovely cottage by the lake. The previous owner said it required a lot of ground maintenance. She is a fabulous gardener and had planted perennials everywhere. One of the things I am sure she did not plant was the Virginia Creeper. I had never heard of it, but dad informed me of its creeping, take over everything, nature. Shooting suckers out underground, it is hard to spot and eliminate completely. The first year we were here, I found a pine tree underneath a truckload of Virginia Creeper vines! Yes, we dumped a whole truckload down back of the farm from that one bush (I thought!), which was actually a 12 ft tall pine tree underneath.
     So this morning, Dr. Tom stopped in to take out his rowboat and saw me photographing the Vinca (a ground-cover). I explained that despite regular maintenance, it was shocking to see in the bright light of early morning sun, a bit of Virginia Creeper peeking its head here and there, out of the Vinca. Camouflaged in color and height, I just never noticed it. And can you believe once I started ripping it out, what were maybe six heads, turned into well over sixty! Nothing like the truckloads dumped back that first year, but knowing how fast it takes over, I had to get after it asap. So now, with my dirty hands typing out this short post for you to read, let me mention your sister Gretel recently saw a testimonial written by our Candace. (http://www.calvarytemplemiracles.org/drug-addiction-depression-suicide-hope). Sad as I read it, and called Patty, mom of Joey (Candace husband), grandmother of Candace's two children. Joey's parents & family were not allowed by Candace’ church to attend their son's wedding (although they had attended the church previously for over 20 years). They’ve not met Candace two children, their only grandchildren. They have been ostracized by Candace's pastor and church.
     Just as Virginia Creeper sends out tender little shoots to blend in with its surroundings until it is well established and almost impossible to eradicate completely, the church in Virginia called Calvary Temple and its senior Pastor Star R Scott, send out tender persons like our very own Candace (and you my dear children). Camouflaged to look normal, blend in, and become part of lives. That only will end up overtaken completely by the church, choking off sunlight to the original planting, and ultimately brings decay to the original person. This year is the first year that pine tree I mentioned is fat and flourishing. It was touch and go the first couple seasons, spindly from lack of sunlight and its nourishment being consumed by the Virginia Creeper. I will include a picture of it below for you to take heart. Hopefully, after the Creeper is ripped out, with patient care, new life comes to those affected.

I love you kids, and will never stop reaching out to you. Until you are with me again.
Xo, Mom

Letter to My Children (June 15, 2018)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina,

     Yesterday we were talking about when you are allowed to be part of our family again. People have asked me how to treat you. With kindness and friendship. Just being normal. Like you were raised.
     Josh, I found a photo of you fishing the other day, and coincidentally, your nephew Noah is on the brochure this year for our county. He and Mr. Connor were out ice fishing. Mr. Connor caught the fish and then took a picture of Noah holding it up to send to Gretel.
     We are grateful for our friends and family. They have stood by us as we fight for you all. Carly told me you were the best five kids in Calvary Temple. I have no doubt. You are ours, raised well. And it is wrong for Calvary Temple to keep you from us.

Come home.

Love and hugs,

Letter to My Children (June 3, 2018)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina,

So many people are going through hardship, so I was happy when your sister, your cousin Jacquelyn, and Abby went and walked to raise support for a Crisis Pregnancy center last month. It was a cold day, so Little John stayed with me at the cottage while your nephew Noah accompanied by his little brother Peter walked along with mom. Here is a picture from that day. Brothers and sisters should be like this, showing their love for the other. This is how you were raised. This is who we are.

Sending you hugs and love.

Letter to My Children (May 31, 2018)

Dear Children,

     We have been so busy, and I really need you to be here for us. But until you are, we carry on. Others stand in for you, fully expecting you will thank them one day. I read an interesting article The Wartburg Watch and will link it here for you all to read.

Xo Missing you.


Letter to Sarah from Mrs. Case (May 28, 2018)

Dear Sarah,

     Not only is this Memorial Day, but it is also Katy's anniversary. You did her hair and make-up (and made me let you do my make-up too!) and your Mom, of course, did her beautiful flowers. And remember, Jason wanted Katy to forgo the hair and make-up to go witness to the people in Henrietta who messed up the guy's pants and shirts. Katy was going to do it, but you said "no." Thankfully, she listened to you!
     You made her look and feel like a princess. Think what it would have done to her if you had refused to come and do these things that you had said months ago that you would. You did them, even though the higher-ups at CT told you not to. You stood up and did what was right. You need to do that now. Stop doing what these men tell you to do that you know are wrong. Don't let your conscience continue to be hardened by not listening to the Holy Spirit. Candace did end up going back on her word to help with the hair and make-up too, but you did what was right.
     As for the flowers, how would you have felt if at the last moment the flowers weren't done for you? Do you know how hard it would be to find flowers as beautifully made as the ones your sweet Mother did for Katy? It would have ruined her day.
     And do you know what your Dad said when he was told not to let you and your Mom do these things? He said he would hurt his own family but not the Cases'. Don't you find that a bit twisted?

Sarah, wake up. Come home.
Mrs. Case