A Letter to Sarah from Gretel (September 28, 2018)

Dear Sarah,
     I was thinking of you this morning while I made up a few of Mom/Gramma Eileen's apple pies. It made me think of how mom used to make cupcakes for our class on our birthdays, and then how we made our own things to take in as we got older. Remember when you helped me make this for my class? I think it was for my birthday. It is one of my happiest memories I have of you and I growing up. I took it to school and shared it with my class. It was so tasty, and everyone loved it.
     I looked up to you. You always were the best at baking. You were tall and striking and beautiful. You were my big sister, and I was in awe of you in many ways. I still love you and am in awe of you in so many ways. Please come home, and don't be too proud to admit you are wrong.
     And when you come home, we can make this cake again! I am looking forward to it! I love you Sarah Bear! Xoxoxo

Love you now and forever,
Your Little Sister Gretel