Letter to Calvary from a Former Member (June 26, 2018)

Dear Calvary Temple,

     Yesterday the Washington Post published the digital version of an article telling the stories of several members that you used to claim as your own. This article is difficult to read for those of us that have stood by and loved the ones you put out from among you. We know the heartache they have experienced; we ourselves have walked through similar valleys. But seeing it in print, knowing the courage it took to reveal it to the whole world, is heartbreaking. It is for these and so many others that have been abused by your pastors, deacons, and members, that we continue to speak out against your so-called church.
     Yes, we sometimes find it distressing to make public the despicable actions of some of your leadership and members. It is difficult knowing that some who are seeking God may decide to turn away from their search because of what they hear and read. And yet we have had to trust that God will honor those who seek after Him and that they will not be affected by the sins of one church. We believe firmly that we are called to stand for the truth.
     Calvary Temple members, if you have had the courage to read this article, probably against leadership orders, you will read the confirmation by Star Scott's niece to the reporter. Yes, as a young child, she was abused by Star R. Scott. The same man who covered up this horrendous sin and fled the state of California to keep it hidden. Who continued to hide it from you until he was forced to confess. Who misled you as to the true nature of his heinous actions. And who has never faced the legal consequences of his criminal activity.
     Your pastors and other leaders have brought great harm to innocent people: mothers & fathers, brothers & sisters, children & grandchildren, friends. Every person in this article suffered needlessly because of Star Scott and others. And each member of Calvary Temple is culpable. If you continue to attend, support, and protect evildoers, you are also responsible.

Praying you will stand for truth,
 A former member

 (I am not signing my name, not because I am afraid or ashamed. But because Star Scott uses the time-honored underhanded technique of "if you can't kill the message, kill the messenger")