A Letter from a New Yorker (December 23, 2016)

Dear Molly,

     I want to thank you for your stand of openness and honesty regarding what was done to you and your family by Calvary Temple. As well I would like to express admiration for the others who speak out about their abuse at the hands of this church. Having known you and your family for thirty years, it's been heartbreaking to see the lies and horrific division of a family loved and admired---by a church! As well as, unfortunately, some church people up here. Thank God it is (because of your consistent stand of openness and personal integrity), FINALLY coming into the open. Through the steady and courageous effort of yourself, and the other writers on your Dear Calvary Temple Blog, along with the other blogs I have been following called Tactics of Calvary Temple, and Leaving Calvary Temple, and Expose Calvary Temple, and Against Calvary Temple. Not to mention the protests of brave people for a whole year down there is Virginia, every week, against the alleged abuses occurring at the church there.
     Well, needless to say, you are all heroes to those of us watching, praying, and standing with you Molly. I know your heart is broken. I have watched with awe the kindest care and forgiveness to your husband for the awful things he did to you and Gretel. I am so happy he has come to his senses and is honestly dealing with the terrible things he participated in. We are here for you guys. And wish there was more that we could do. What we are doing, is warning every young person and parents, that we find out is in any way on social media with people we know at Calvary Temple. We warn them to do the research themselves, to read everything they can on the church, and we give them your phone to call you and Gretel to be told the truth about what is happening. We warn them to question anything they are told by individuals inside Calvary Temple, and ask difficult questions, to share all information they are told with their parents, and or pastors, in order to fact-check. Especially in light of the prevalence of lies told.
     I know that if there is a shred of decency in the people that run that church down there, they will repent for what they have done to your family and kids, and make amends. And if not, people here and there, are warned, and hopefully, no more lives entangled in a corrupt church. Personally, I agree that it is the pastors who are responsible for this. Not the poor souls who have been lied to and love bombed.
     None of us like to think about a pastor or church being corrupt. But we must face the facts, there are people that are doing very terrible things, that are running churches. It must be exposed and dealt with, hopefully biblically. God does not expect us to cover up abuse and lies. He is fearless regarding the truth, and so must we be fearless. Along with loving and showing compassion and patience with people who have been terrorized and victimized. You have been through hell, and from what I have learned these past years, so have dozens of other folks. Some cannot even speak of it, they are traumatized to such a degree, it has altered their whole lives. We are here for you Molly, for Tom, for Gretel and for all those brave people who have shared their painful stories with us. God bless you. We are standing and praying. Don't give up. Soon your family will be reunited, and all the others too.

The reason some individuals are unnamed is because they have found out or already know that Pastor Scott will inquire after them, and denigrate their names from the pulpit. It has been reported, by some individuals inside the church, that this occurs, and no one needs that kind of abuse, for speaking up publicly. So, unless the person is absolutely sure they wish to be identified, the letters are not signed.

Letter to the Christian Brothers & Sisters at Calvary from Patty Simoneau (December 11, 2016)

Dear true Christian brother and sisters at Calvary Temple,

     What you are doing to families and marriages in the Name of Jesus is NOT BIBLICAL. Situations have been falsely portrayed and misrepresented. ANYTHING TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT IS FALSE. Period!!! I believe these actions are devilish and brought about through the leadership at Calvary temple. Jesus is not in any of this . After our abuse at Calvary Temple eight years ago, we began attending Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg.
     We are now in a church that teaches through the Bible. You learn the full counsel of Gods word, not the cherry picking that Calvary does. I remember before I left, seeing the word "anethema" above the stage. ( I cannot call it a pulpit because they are NOT true shepherds).This place teaches division and has set itself up for idolatry. I have never seen a more bitter people than those that are in CT. Who created that? Your pastor did.
     What did Bob Scott tell you about they way we were told to leave? That we abandoned you and our son? A lie, our doors have always been open to any of you. And our son forsakes us, not the other way around.
     We are not afraid to talk about it. Only the guilty ones don't want to talk about the truth nor look at the facts. It's easier to listen to a lie and shut your ears to the rest of us. Ask yourself, are you a child of God who walks in the light or are you a child of Satan who walks in darkness? God will continue to judge this place and bring everything into the light.
     HE WHO CONFESSES AND FORSAKES THEIR SIN, WILL FIND GODS GRACE AND MERCY. Bob Scott has talked bad about other churches, including ours.
     True pastors are men whom God has called to lead others to Christ. Not to a CHURCH. We the people make up the church, not a church building. Pastors are to be humble men who lift up Jesus. There will never be a perfect church, because God wants to keep our eyes on Him only.
     Blessed is the man who puts his trust in the Lord, they will never be ashamed. If any of you in Calvary temple have questions or red flags as Bob is talking up there, then listen to other churches live feed services. We have live feed services because only God's word is taught, and we walk in the light, so no need to edit sermons. Like Calvary temple does. This is darkness, not open and above board. Ask God to show you the truth. Know God's word, so you will not sin against God. EVERY KNEE WILL BOW TO HIM. EVERY LIAR WILL FIND THEMSELVES IN THE LAKE OF FIRE. I know that those of you that want Jesus, not a church, will hear his voice and do what's right. God is watching.
     If you do have any questions, you can always call and talk to our pastor or any in the area. Everyone is aware now of what is going on at Calvary Temple. They would gladly sit and answer any questions. Please do it sooner than later! Jesus is coming soon to take his bride home.

Diligently interceding for our families,
Patty Simoneau