Letter to My Children (September 30, 2016)

"Nobody is stronger...than someone who came back. There is nothing you can do to such a person because whatever you could do is less than what has already been done."~Elie Weisel

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina,

So much has been happening, I often think of that song, which says we will have a lot to catch up on when we see each other again. How to recapture 5 years of living? Anyway we just attended a wedding of one of your old friends. Gretel was also standing up in the wedding. Just beautiful. And the young man, reminds of Jonathan. His happy, responsible, clear-headed thinking ways. At least the Jonathan we raised was like that. I know now how Calvary Temple changes lives horrifically. Ruining the God-given personalities and turning the young people and adults into robots.

Several interesting conversations recently. I heard that Candace had an encounter with her husbands mother, who for the first time saw her two grandbabies. A heartbreaking few minutes, in which she was told that she could be part of her son and his children's lives if she would agree with Pastor Scott. This brave lady said that she is not bitter against all the evil this man had done to her or her family. She loves Jesus and knows God will fight for her family to be restored to her, because she has done nothing wrong. God bless her for her strength of character and integrity. Someday her grandbabies will rise up and call her blessed, for speaking the truth in love. (Candace is caught in a trap. She knows what is going on in Calvary is wrong, but they have threatened her before, to take her own children from her, if she doesn't submit to them. My daughter Sarah, told me this just before I was put away for the second time. Candace knows. Candace is trapped.)

So following that visit, a neighbor came by, one of our children's old babysitters. She showed me my Sarah's Facebook recent posts. It broke my heart. To see them out playing and laughing on this day (it was the birthday of Sarah's sister Gretel). And none of our four children texted or called to wish their sister a happy birthday or love. We always call and text and write on their birthdays (even though we get no response.) But none for Gretel or her children, or our extended family, or we the parents. So I asked if I could write a message on the face book to Sarah since she has blocked all of our relatives from seeing her posts. After I wrote the message, she blocked the sweet friend and former babysitter from seeing her posts. I guess she doesn't want to have her conscience stirred up by speaking or reading anything about the family she has 'killed for Pastor Scott.' It is not about God. It is about idolatry of a pastor.

The third conversation was later in the day, with a young Russian lady who was at Stoneybrooke Park, where we went for a creek hike. She, as a recent immigrant, expressed her surprise at how fearless Americans are to speak their displeasure with the direction of our country and those leading it at the moment. In Russia, she said if you do that, you can lose your job or end up in jail. You just must be quiet about bad things, and not mention them publicly. And it made me think of the culture at Calvary Temple. All those years bad things were happening, so many, and no one mentioned anything to me from inside the church. None of the supposedly upright, godly, men of integrity, came to Tom or I and warned us that things were unsafe there, not as they appeared. In fact, when I did question two men in leadership that I respected, they both pooh-poohed all my questions and concerns. Explaining them away with Scriptures. Very well I might add. I totally believed them. And they lied to me.

Finally, Calvary Temple's abuses and lies are perpetrated on the backs of these supposedly fine, upstanding, godly men and women. It could not happen up here in NY. First of all, we all know each other up here. And two strikes and you are out. We know your aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins. Lots of people to check out if you are legit. And if you are unknown, you are not trusted, period. And if you are known, and do bad things, you are not trusted.  That is why Sterling, Virginia has a Calvary Temple, lots of immigrants, and newcomers looking for jobs in the DC area. Especially the bright, handsome and lovely young people who were well raised by good parents in other states. Beware. Don't judge a book by its cover. They look good, but you need to talk to people who refuse to go there, or did go there. They will explain what goes on underneath. We don't have to be afraid, like people who have grown up under repressive governments. As Christians, it is our duty to reprove, rebuke and exhort with all diligence as the day draws near. Like Jesus did with the wicked religious leaders of his day. Don't be afraid to say the truth to those you encounter from Calvary. We should not play the game of silence and lies. We walk in the light, and let the deeds be made manifest whether or not they are wrought in God.

This is the way I raised you children. This is why Pastor Scott does not want me in your lives anymore. You are young, naive and gullible. I am a bit older, smarter, and wiser. Listen to your mother. In some cases, the pastor is not always right. If he is a pastor at all. After all, Paul warned us that in the last days, grievous wolves would enter in and not spare the flock. Heed Paul's warning, the truth is not afraid of the light. Talk to us, talk to those that are 'marked' for speaking the truth to Pastor Scott. Talk to those who have left because they couldn't stomach all the bad things anymore. You will not go to jail or hell for hearing both sides of a matter. Thank God. Truth is fearless. Jesus said he did not come to give a spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind.

You are all in my prayers and heart with love, and soon we will be together again.


Letter to Pastor Scott from a Former Member of Calvary Temple for 20+ Years (September 7, 2016)

To Pastor Scott,

Stop lying to the Fitch kids. Stop lying to the people. You never yet have told them the truth about their family members. You've lied about why Chuck, Richard, Neil, Keith, Ken, Larry, Paul, Wayne, Hugh, Ron, John, and all their wives have left or been shunted out. You've lied to the people about their kids who have been thrown out and or left. The only people who know the truth, partially, are those who are or were on your payroll. And they are cowards.

You give those kids back to their mom. I am sick of you terrorizing families into silence in order to get to see or hug their child or spouse for a few minutes. This is nuts. I swear to God, every chance I get, I will tell their and your stories. No one who is not a complete idiot or creep, will want to associate with you.

Give those kids back to their mother, Star Scott. You are no pastor.

Letter to My Children (September 3, 2016)

Dear Dear Children,

I love you. Loving you is all I know. I love your dad, even when he put me away in a motel and rented room for 3 months, on Pastors recommendation. I just held both of you, Sarah and Christina. Driving by your house, I thought I spotted you both. So I pulled in that there you were. It's the first time I have held my Christina since the fall of 2012, I think. But just now I hugged my baby girl, and kissed her hair, and cried.

And then as I listened to how you feel I have to be kept away from you all because I was fearful back then, and all I think is what the heck. We had a terrible three years, of difficult family issues. There was so much going on behind the scenes in NY and in VA, that none of us knew anything about. It only was exposed just a couple of years ago. Of course I was afraid. We went through a lot. And then you said I must apologize to Pastor Scott for speaking against him by writing the blog. I asked if you read the blog.  First, I write to my children and those who are keeping them away from us. I tell what happened to me, because I highly doubt you know, as you have never been allowed to sit and talk to me, and ask me what happened. Second, Pastor Ron Zarou told me to NOT tell you anything about my discipline or the meetings we were made to attend (even though I begged Dad not to go to them). I have heard from other wives, husbands and children that have been put away, slandered and defamed and had their families taken from them, that my experience is also theirs. Nothing new at Calvary Temple, just new to me. Because we had only just moved there. And the church tapes, (Edited) don't talk about pastor telling husbands to put away their wives. Or their minor kids.

Heck, I would've NEVER believed this junk was happening, because I asked George Bright outright, and he said nope, that people left on their own accord, because they hate God. But that was not the truth. Was it George?

Between all the Baptist and Evangelical pastors and missionaries we are friends with, this (what has been done to our family by a ministry) is a grievous error of Scripture to take and separate husband and wife, and children from parents. Everyone you knew as children and were close to, that loves God and life, is horrified at what has happened to you kids. It makes no sense. I mean, we have not had perfectly sinless children, obviously, and yet never did we kick any of you out, and refuse to speak to you. Cutting you off for years because of what? We loved you and corrected you, and endured you patiently. Because that's the right thing to do. God changes hearts, not me. I love you always, even when you are naughty like now. I know God loves you even when you are naughty. I bless you, you shun me. I reach out to you. You lock the door on me. I cry and hug you, you point the finger and say to go and repent to Pastor Scott for writing you letters publicly. Because your dad told me you don't read my texts, snail mail, voicemails. And so what is a mother left to do, but write you openly, hoping someone will read it, that knows you, and tell you what I am saying.

That I love you. Dad is sorry for dividing our family, and he loves you. Gretel loves you. Your nephews and grandparents, and cousins and friends and relatives all love you. We miss you so much. You are needed desperately. Come home. Call. Or write. Tell me to come. Set up a meeting with your pastor Scott, and I will bring a witness, because after so many lies, I don't trust anyone but God. And I am not mad at your Pastor. I am sad that he has done this, keeping you from talking to me for 5 years! It is mind boggling. It is bizarre. It is crazy. No Christian does this. This is what the Muslims do, or the cults, or crazies. Please talk, sit and ask how we are doing, sit and let us tell you what we went through. When you were kept away from us for all this time. Let us ask you what you went through. Let us weep and talk and be a family again.

Until then, I will keep knocking on your doors, I will keep writing, I will even give interviews which I have avoided doing in the past. I will let the articles be written in newspapers, I will not avoid the calls from major media outlets. Because I have nothing to hide. It's all out there. And your hiding from me, not talking, only makes you all look guilty of something sinister.

And I will speak hoping that no one else has to endure what our family has had to endure, and so many other families have endured. And I love you so much. I long for God to take me to heaven, but maybe I am the only wounded person who is bold enough to make our horror story public. If I cared about my reputation, I would not say anything, but Pastor has turned my children against me and us, so what the heck. Nothing but the truth matters. Truth crushed to the ground will rise again. And it is rising. All the secret meetings and things being done, are being revealed and I am glad. Because only bad things are done in secret. The good things are made open and manifest for all to see IF they are really good or not.

I love you and will continue to try to you. Ok. So if you want me to be quiet. Then tell pastor Scott to give you all back to us. And he doesn't even need to apologize to me for what he and his leaders have done to me. That's between him and God. Just give us back our babies. All of them, and their spouses, and their children and their animals, all of them. Nothing left behind. They don't have to move home to NY, they just need to be restored to us again as children that love and honor their mother and father and sister, etc.

You said I need to go to Pastor Scott and apologize for my blog, and we can be a family again. Why? Jesus is slandered all the time, and he doesn't take their families from them. No real good man would keep children from their parents until he feels vindicated. Lay your life down Pastor Scott, turn the other cheek if you feel hurt, and give me back the children I birthed and raised.

I love all men, I hate lies and evil. Give me back my children Pastor Scott, stop twisting them to hate their own parents and relatives. It is not right.I will say good things about you when you do good things to me by giving me back my own dear children. I will even help you be a good man if I am able. I am not vindictive, and you do not need to apologize to me. Because God has my back. You just talk to him. He covers me with his wings. And I trust him to right the wrongs.

Love you all dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, Christina, and my dear little grand babies, Penny Rose, Weston, Jackson, and Madeline.

Love and hugs and kisses from your very own mom and gramma.