Letter to Jonathan from Gretel (May 31, 2016)

Dear Jonathan,

     I cannot believe it has been five years since I last saw you. I am sitting out at McKellar's Lake on Fort Bragg this morning, fishing with Noah, while your name sake, Little Johnboy is asleep in the backpack. Noah has been in love with fishing since he caught two northern pike in NY with dad. I think he is officially "hooked" now. This is our second duty station and you would love it here. I went to the special forces museum the other day and could not help but think of how much you would love to be doing all I m doing. Again my heart ached for you and all you have lost at the hands of a wolf in sheep's clothing. All you have needlessly given up to God when He did not require it. I understand how Jesus must have felt when He saw the people being cheated in the Temple. God would have used you and your passion for the military. I know Jesus must be forming His whip even now to drive out the "money changers".
     Anyhow, I have been dreading this day all week, and it is finally here. Happy Birthday. It makes my heart ache just to remember it and think of you as you are now. My mind goes back more than ten years to your 16th birthday when you got your clay pigeon shooter and didn't you have your solo flight that night too? We all loved your birthday not only cause it was always in the last week of school, but because we all adored you. You were our own super hero, and practically perfect in everything you did. I think Pastor Scott has used the fact we all adored you, more than anything to damage our family over the years. I still remember having cried and begged for three days for God to forgive me after I was kicked out and when you saw me at the house you asked how I was. I ll never forget how you would call me buddy and it always made me feel so special that you would call me your buddy. As I was saying, I told you I was exhausted and had begged god to forgive me over and over and wept for days and yet I had heard nothing, felt nothing. You listened and then told me I must not be truly broken and repentant as there would be some visual change. I cried when I replied that maybe I was unable to forgiven then because there was nothing else I could say or do. You said that wasn't true, but that was truly how I felt. I had messed up and I knew it! I confessed it and did what you said when I was coming out of the meeting with Waleed and Amy, "It's going to be okay. Just do whatever they tell you to." There was noway to satisfy them. This was my third strike and I was out.
     I miss you so much Jonathan. I miss you asking me when I was little to put on the gloves and punch you, so you could practice your blocking (cause no-one else in the family loved you enough to let you hit them around lol). I miss the times we would all camp out in the woods and we would run through the woods along the trails barefoot "like the indians did". I miss all your chipmunk tails pinned to the walls of your bedroom and helping you skin your squirrel in the basement. I miss the lord of the rings cape you made and how you jumped up on Shyboy and tried to shoot the arrows off his back while riding bareback lol (only he was the most skittish horse ever and it terrified him). I miss you the rides on the way home from Civil Air Patrol listening to your we were soldiers sound track. I miss the way you would make mom laugh (I am doing my best to keep her smiling until you get home). We watch movies from time to time, and I catch myself thinking how much you would love this movie and I bet you quote it like you did The Emperor's New Groove.
     Kyle and I were talking the other day about how different armies around the world were made to do horrible things and so many of them, didn't realize what they were doing as they were fed misinformation! The Nazis and the Jews are one case of that. My point to this thought was that we always knew you were a good soldier, you would get behind a cause and follow to the death, "not mine to reason why, it's mine but to do and die," right. Well Jonathan, you have been fed misinformation! It is time to stage a coup and get this straightened out. I firmly believe when you finally sit down and open your eyes and allow yourself to see the truth, you will rise up and as Jesus said to Peter, “But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen the brethren” ~Luke 22:32

I pray that this will be the year that you and all the rest of my family come home! I love you Johnboy!

See you soon.

Love always your little sister,

An Open Letter to Michelle Freeman (Calvary Temple) | Wondering Eagle (May 26, 2016)

Dear Calvary and Other Readers,

     I remember my daughter Sarah, shortly after moving to VA for college, telling me on the phone she wanted me to meet a really nice lady at church. It was Michelle Freeman. When visiting my college kids in VA, Sarah again told me of this lady who was so Christ-like she wanted me to meet her. Years later, after moving temporarily to VA just to get our third child through her senior year of high-school, I was asked to work in the Christian school at Calvary as an assistant to Pastor Jeff Heglund's mother, who taught the 1st and 2nd grades. Not knowing any of these elementary school teachers except by name, I was privy to many of their conversations and concerns. One day, Mrs. Heglund gave me a little devotional book. She said she had been given it many years ago by a dear friend (Michelle), who since had walked away from God. She said how much this event had shocked her, had shaken her faith, as Michelle Freeman was one of the godliest women she had known when she was at Calvary.
     The other teachers proclaimed the same love for Michelle, and sadness at her apparent defection from the faith. I mention this to show that many people loved and cared for Michelle in Calvary. She had an impeccable reputation, until Pastor Scott began to sully it with lies and innuendo. Because she has been willing to expose the lie behind the facade of Calvary Temple Church. God bless you Michelle. Stand fast in the grace and love of Christ. He knows your sorrow and holds your tears in a bottle. And he is coming soon, to right the wrongs.

Love and a big hug,
Molly Fitch


Letter to Sarah from Ellen Kusar (May 13, 2016)

Dear Sarah,

     Yesterday and today I had the joy of spending time with your family...the family you have rejected.  Your wonderful mother with her heart for the hurting. One of the kindest women I know. Your beautiful sister with two of the most adorable children.  Being the kind of mother I admire and always strived to be.
     I watched your mother and sister laugh, joke, tease, and love one another.  The way that mothers and daughters do. The bond between them is lovely, and is made even stronger by a sadness that both must endure every day.  The sadness caused by you and your sister and your brothers. The sadness of knowing that Noah and John do not know their aunts, uncles and cousins. The heartbreak of not being able to love their sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. Sarah, this is foolish. You have given up so much, caused so much hurt, and you don't even know why. You have believed a lie.
     Today you told Gretel you would leave some of her childhood belongings at the end of your driveway hanging on the mailbox. Isn't that cowardly? Where is the love of Christ that real Christians have for all? Did you feel a little ashamed hearing their voices calling you? They knocked on your door but you had your TV on inside, why? So your children wouldn't hear their Gramma and Auntie at the door?  I hope you felt ashamed; you should.  What are your actions teaching your children?  That they should hide, lie, deceive and move in darkness? What will you tell your children when they are grown up, and find out that their Gramma and Auntie and little cousins often came knocking on your door? That you did not have kindness and courtesy for your family, that you would show a stranger? Do you only care about money, power, and the praises of false pastors who commend you for despising the very parents and siblings you were raised with? That God placed in your lives? (Your pastor often speaks of being placed in a church by God Himself and therefore you remain in that church. Did not God Himself place you in a family?)  I am sad for you. But your mom says soon you will call and come home. She will never give up on you and your brothers and sister. You have lost so much time and so many memories, hurry Sarah.

Ellen Kusar

Letter to Pastor Scott (May 2, 2016)

Pastor Scott,

     This photo was taken just after I was brought back from 3 months away from my family. Put away by my husband in motels and a rented room, on your orders. Yes you told Tom to do this. He has told me and others that you told your underling pastor to tell Tom if he did not put me away, then you would put Tom away. So I was sacrificed. For no reason. On a whim to 'break me'. 'To see if it worked.' Whatever that means. You are more like a witch doctor than a man of God.
     Give me back our four children, their three spouses, and my four grandchildren, and any and all other persons and animals that are part of their homes. I want everything back, you have lied, defrauded, slandered me, my husband, my daughter, my relatives, my friends in New York. You are cruel and evil. Give me my children and all that is theirs. Now. You have broken my children's hearts and ruined their and our lives. God will avenge us. But now I say again. 

Give me my children and all that belongs to them. You may keep them from us no longer.

God have mercy on you.
Molly Fitch