Letter to Calvary Temple Readers (November 30, 2015)

Dear Calvary Temple Readers,

     Here is a good article all the way to the end. I hope you will read it. Calvary Temple is one of a large number of abusive churches. Due to the bravery of a very few in the beginning, the whispered horror stories were finally told to the world. And the result, well the result is that we hear from many who are grateful for the warnings, and people who after years of silence and suffering are now willing to tell their story. Because now they know they are going to be believed, and because so many Virginians have come forward to love and support them as they try to process their abuse by christian family and pastors.  Judgement truly does begin with the church, and after it will come to the world. I sincerely hope you have the courage to be honest in order to help others, and mostly to please Jesus, who was honest even when he had to  confront sin in his own friends.


Letter to People Wounded by Calvary Temple (November 25, 2015 )

Dear People who have been wounded by Calvary Temple in Virginia,

     Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day, and it is difficult for those of us who have lost our families to Calvary Temple. Like myself, it is probably a hard day to endure. Lost families and memories of celebrating holidays with them torture the present. Trying to find ways of 'getting through it' without making others feel badly. I know quite a bunch of you all, but whether I have met you or not, I want to invite you to come and be with Tom and I here in NY for Thanksgiving and for Christmas. We do not do much. Simple. But it is peaceful, warm and safe here. We have the room and we have food. We have beautiful surroundings to alleviate some of the pain. And we will listen. Even without knowing you well. Although we wish you could be with your own parents, spouses, children, siblings on this and all holidays. Where you belong. And we are sorry that you are forbidden from being there. Like us, you are uninvited and unwanted and unloved. It is a terrible thing to endure from those we love most in the whole world. Holidays make me pull in more than ever. Because ours were wonderful, big, happy, bursting at the seams kind of days.
     And nothing alleviates the loss. But we are able to offer respite to wounded people, who are fragile and not real strong, like us. So come. If you want to. Come today, or tomorrow or for the weekend. We love you all. And God bless you and keep you and bring you and your families together again soon. My cell phone is often on silent mode, so text me, and let me know if you are coming and I will give you directions. (585)-315-1161. 

Tom and Molly Fitch

Letter to Calvary Temple from the Sidewalk Protestors (November 22, 2015)

Dear Calvary Temple,

     Week after week and month after month a small group of ex-Calvary Temple members gather across from Calvary Temple in protest. We hold signs, we talk to pedestrians, we try to talk to CT members, and of course, we talk to each other.  On a few occasions, we might call someone a "wolf" or a "liar."  One or more of us might call out something across the street such as reminding children to call their parents or parents to call their children. We might hold up grandchildren for their grandparents to see. Amongst ourselves we laugh, cry, pray, stand or sit quietly.
     But here is what we do NOT do. We do not use obscenities or profanity. We do not threaten or mock anyone. And we do not lie about anyone. Even though Calvary Temple has implied otherwise. We stand and protest because we know the truth and we want others to know the truth.  Children and adults have been harmed by the actions of Calvary Temple leadership and members and it has been covered up. That is why we stand on the side of the road holding signs and being away from our families, friends and churches on a Sunday morning. We stand in the heat, the cold, the wind, the rain (and soon perhaps the snow).  We do it for love and we do it for truth.
     You see, we know the stories of those who have been hurt by Calvary Temple. We know the children who were molested, we have talked with them and heard their horrendous stories. We know the parents who were cut off from their children and we know the children who yearn for their parents. We have wept with family members that have lost everything they hold dear just because they have spoken the truth. We know the story of a child crying out to be heard only to have their cries covered up by CT leadership. We have listened in horror to the things said to individuals by supposed "men of God". We know the husband cut off from his wife though he desperately wants his family. We know all their stories and we want to stand for them. Some of us are living these stories. And a few, though these things did not happen to us, just want to stand with our brothers and sisters, supporting and loving them.
     We also stand for another reason.  We do not want to see others experience the pain that many live with.  Our hope is that no one else will  attend Calvary Temple and have their families destroyed, their innocence stolen, their trust betrayed or their faith shipwrecked. We will continue to expose Calvary Temple for what it is.

Galatians 6:2: "Bear one one another's burdens, and in this way your will fulfill the law of Christ." 

The Sidewalk Protesters

Letter to Penny, Jackson, and Weston (November 20, 2015)

Dear Penny, Jackson and Weston,

     I received this photo today of you three. I laughed. You three children are so like my children were many years ago. Jackson you look way spiffier than my Jonathan boy did when he was your age, but your Mima loves you just the same. And Penny you wear your sneakers the same way your big cousin Noah does, runs in the family I guess. I think you are a good mix of your mommy and your Aunt Gretel, who you so look like. Except now and then I see the steely look in your eye of your mommy. How it makes me chuckle. I love it and you. And Weston, are you a quiet boy like your daddy or your Uncle Josh or Aunt Bean? I wonder. I love you dear little man. I am sorry dear hearts, that you were never able to know me and your Bompa thru these early years of your life. Know that I have done everything I possibly can to get your parents back. I have tried and tried to show those who are keeping us apart, that this is wrong. Not anything that resembles christianity. And so I continue to receive pictures of you children from kind souls who take pity on me. They send me pictures of you and your parents. And then I pass them on to the rest of your family. Lately your Mima (Noah's name for your Gramma), has been thinking soon we will be allowed to know each other. I am so glad thinking of meeting you.
     Hugging you and hearing your little voices. And watching you all meet your cousins Noah and John. And the fun and laughter and hugs and happiness we all will have. You can come stay with your Mima and Bompa. Noah will show you all around the cottage, the Shady Bridge he and Bompa and Aunt Gretel built over our small gorge creek. And the Zepher high up on the cliff looking over the Lake, which Mima and Noah and Aunt Gretel built for you all to sail the seas. And the nursery which has beds for you all to stay overnight. And the grown kids room next door for your parents. And we will all bow our heads and thank Jesus for bringing us back together again. And for stopping those who are keeping us apart. And we will pray for all those others who have had a grampa or a gramma or mommy or daddy or sister or brother forcibly removed from their lives and hearts. We will ask God to help us to help them, comfort and care for all those hurting people. And we will move forward, making our own memories, while being patient with all the tears and pain we each battle. You little ones will be the best medicine of all, as you will make us smile and laugh and forget some of the excruciating memories. And we will thank God every day that joy comes in the morning. So love and hugs and kisses babies. Mima and Bompa love you and each night as I lay down to sleep, I ask God to watch over you. Please kiss my little Madeline for me will you? I cannot wait to hold my bitty baby girl. I hope her little red riding hood dress and sweater look nice on her. When I saw it in the store, I just had to buy it. Even though I am sure she is a pretty pink and white baby girl like her mom and dad were as little ones. xoxoxo

Love you.

Letter to Calvary Temple and Pastor Scott (November 6, 2015)

Dear Calvary Temple and Pastor Scott,

     Give us back our children. What you have done is shameful, slanderous, defamation, misleading, and destructive to our children, and it is traumatic to our families and ourselves. You are not doing the Word. Your cruelty is blowing up in your faces. Believe what you want, the facts tell the truth. And your unwillingness to admit your wrongs reveal an ungodly nature or passivity of mind. Both are tools of evil men. Please repent and give our children back. You can change your reputation from what it currently is known as, to being a true repentant church that admits its errors, and restores what it has taken away.

Letter to Cali & Silas from Grandpa and Grandma Simoneau (November 4, 2015)

Dearest Cali and Silas,

This is your grandma writing a letter to tell you both how much you are loved and prayed for every day. I'm sitting here in what I call my prayer chair. Where I sit, kneel and read God’s word daily and pray for my family. I know you do not know us, but we are praying every day for your safety and for you both to come to know Jesus at a young age. I want to tell you how good Jesus is, grandpa and I work in children's ministry every other Sunday. We have the kindergarteners. We absolutely love it. They are unique and special to God. Well, there is this one little girl in our class now who reminds me of you so much. She has your hair color. My heart is just smitten by her. She is precious. I love watching her praise the Lord. The Lord Jesus knows how much we miss you and want to be with you both. He has given me someone to be around that I can teach and hug and share with her. I am just so thankful.
     Well, enough of me, let me tell you what a wonderful godly grandpa you have. He's a quiet man, but a man full of love for his family. He's a man who would take the time to teach you things, play with you and have you work alongside him. He's a man that has truly been an example to all of us, as a man that lays down his life for his family. He is a man that would do anything to help a neighbor out. Your grandpa is respected by his family and many at our church. He is one that can be counted on and keeps his word. He is known as the "grill master" at our hallelujah party, he cooked over 900 hotdogs. We had over 3,500 people come through. He is s blessing and loves to serve. Your grandpa is a very tender man and can't wait for the day that we can all hug and kiss you guys.
     Please know that we love you both and pray every day for both of you and look expectantly for the day the Lord Jesus reunites our family together again. Till then, we pray and stand on Gods Holy Word. We love Him because He first loved us!

Love and prayers,
Grandpa and Grandma Simoneau

Open Letter to Molly Fitch from Wondering Eagle (November 11, 2015)

The following letter was posted on the website Wondering Eagle and has been copied verbatim in this post.
This is an open letter to Molly Fitch in New York. Molly is the mother of Jonathan, Joshua, Sarah and Christina Fitch. Molly was involved in Star Scott’s Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia in the D.C. area. Star Scott turned her flesh and blood – her 4 children – against her and they have cut her off. Its the modus operandi of Calvary Temple and one of the many devastating stories coming out of that entity. This is my letter, and my commitment to Molly to stand with her until her family is united, and she is with her children again.
“Hope is the pillar that holds up the world. Hope is the dream of a waking man.”
Pliny the Elder
“There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.”
Orison Swett Marden
“The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”
Zephaniah 3:17 NIV
Dear Molly-
     I want to take this time to write you a letter and speak my mind on the situation at Calvary Temple and what your family is going through. Before I continue I never thought that I would cross paths with people from CT. I never imagined it would be the case. I remember back in 2008 reading an article on the front page of the Washington Post about this horrific church situation in Sterling called Calvary Temple. I was bothered by what I read. But as time moved on life happened and other things captured my attention. Dee Parsons told my story at The Wartburg Watch. My story dealt with a prolonged faith crisis, and being unsuccessfully recruited into a Sovereign Grace church in Arlington, Virginia. I endured a horrific false accusation, when a friend sent me into the darkest season of my life. I don’t know how I got to where I am at today. I am still in a great amount of pain and rethinking and exploring what I endured.
     Earlier this year in the March time frame I checked The Wartburg Watch and I saw Dee had highlighted a new blog called “Against Calvary Temple” I was curious and on my lunch break googled Calvary Temple and I stumbled across your blog, “Dear Calvary Temple.” I didn’t know what I was about to read and how much it would disturb me. When I read that a church turned your children against you I was horrified.  With that I read your letters to your children – Jonathan, Josh, Sarah and Christina. I read your pleas, the times you cried and of a family that was shattered by a diabolical man named Star Scott. What I read on my lunch break consumed and greatly bothered me. It troubled me so much that I struggled to get work done that afternoon because your story so weighed on me.  Dee Parsons and I are close, as she helped me with my situation from Sovereign Grace. Dee was beginning to learn about Calvary Temple and I took your blog and a couple of others and emailed her, grabbed her ear and said, “you need to read this…” Dee Parsons read and was disturbed by what she encountered. I knew I couldn’t stay silent on such an issue. With that I started to email Brandon and Naomi and encouraged them to contact Dee and they did. They put together a couple of posts and that led to this, and this and its still being written about in stories likethis one. I’m glad the ball is rolling and more attention is being drawn to this nightmare in Sterling, Virginia.
     I don’t know what you know about Dee. She was a Sunday School teacher in the Southern Baptist Convention who is a diamond shaped by fire in a church called Providence Baptist in Raleigh. That organization which is led by David Horner had a child sex abuse situation that was horrific. She witnessed and was caught up in it, they left and the church tried to impose church discipline on Dee and her husband Bill after the fact. It took a threat of a lawyer to get Providence to back down. That incident is what drives her today. In her time in blogging she has been key in many situations. Her blog is a platform for those hurt by Sovereign Grace in which she directly challenged CJ Mahaney. Susan Burke, who has been involved in the litigation against Sovereign Grace has also released a statement through Dee’s blog.  She wrote so much about Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Seattle that she has been credited in being one of the influences in that situation. She also broke the story about Karen Hinkley’s discipline for annulling her marriageto a pedophile addicted to child pornography at Matt Chandler’s The Village Church and clashed with Chandler personally on Twitter. She is sitting on another story that will break shortly that deals with yet another 9 Marks church. I’m sure that Jonathan Leeman and Mark Dever are having indigestion knowing what she is writing about. So with that I think she’s perfect for taking on Star Scott and using her blog to help resolve the situation at Calvary Temple.
     Your story Molly has weighed on me since hearing about it. I’ve had times in my condo where I’ve cried for your family and have been deeply disturbed by what has transpired at Calvary Temple. Your story is uncalled for, horrific, and the behavior of Star Scott is evil. This entity crawled out of a pit of hell, and it’s to hell where it needs to return.  People need to be returned to their family and the separation and division need to end. Molly I want you to know that one day it will end. Every dictatorship has to control a totalitarian state with  fear, intimidation and force. Joseph Stalin did that in the Soviet Union, Nicole Ceausescu also did that in Romania and Saddam Hussein mastered it in Iraq. Fear and control is the only way they can keep order, however it cannot continually indefinitely.  There is a day when it will come to an end. Every dictatorship fears a revolt or upheaval. But one day that collapse will come. I want to tell you a story without getting into specifics that will give you hope in this current stage of life. Recently in the last year I heard of something remarkable and its something that every person involved in a split craves and hopes will happen.  It involved someone in a Sovereign Grace church which I want to remain anonymous. When 2 people left this particular Sovereign Grace church they were treated as dead and disowned. One part of the family cut off another part of the family and refused to even acknowledge them. Time passed and that included the birth of children, and the growth of a family and the estrangement dragged on. After a prolonged period of time maybe 7 or 8 years I think…the last part of the family in this Sovereign Grace church left and reached out to their family after 8 years or so of not even acknowledging them. The phone call came out of the blue, and they started to reconcile and work things out. So it is possible and I believe that your children will be with you again one day. One day Molly you will introduce me to Jonathan Fitch and I’ll get to know him. One day you will get text messages and phone calls from your children again. That day is coming and will happen at some point. I want to give you that hope to hold on and to cling to it during this time.
     There is another thing I want you to know. You will not walk through this period of life alone and by yourself. There are a lot of people who care and love you Molly. During this time I want you to know that I love and care for your family. Your family situation is why I give up church occasionally and stand outside Calvary Temple and protest that abomination. We are all here for you and you can lean on us for support and rest on our shoulder. We will carry you and help you walk forward one day at a time. Step by step…moment by moment we will walk forward together. If I were there in New York I’d give you a hug and we’d cry together in a room for an hour over what you’ve gone through. I want you to know how many people do care for your situation. It’s beyond the former Calvary Temple members. Dee Parsons is upset over your family situation. I also believe Pam Palmer who was the face of the Sovereign Grace lawsuit and who  stood outside and protested Calvary Temple is upset over your situation. Any person with a soul or a conscious would be rightfully upset. I’ve had a hard time resting when I think of what your family endured. But we are here for you in the long haul and will walk and hold you through this separation. We are also here for Gretel and she as well will one day see her brothers and sisters again. Its important that she has hope as well.
     There is one thing that bothers me and one recommendation I have for you Molly. First let me say that I have lived in the D.C. area for 10 years now. I traveled through Sterling on a regular basis on my way to and from Leesburg. I know Leesburg Pike intimately given how much I have driven it. For years I have driven by Calvary Temple not knowing the horror that was transpiring in that entity. In that context I want to let you know that I am sorry that I didn’t know all that transpired. For the times I was silent about what was happening there, as a member of the body of Christ let me ask for your forgiveness. I can’t rest or ignore this situation knowing the trauma its inflicting on you and the other individuals who used to be involved in CT. So with that I will protest from time to time outside for your family. Your situation is what compels me to act. You can’t be indifferent to evil, to be silent on evil is to embrace it. Martin Luther King once said. “He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating withit.” So I can’t be silent on the evil coming out of Calvary Temple. I will stand in the gap and protest from time to time and at Star Scott’s car shows until your family is united again. What also bothers me and what I have to ask is the following. Where is the Christian community in the Northern Virginia area on this horrific situation? From churches in Leesburg, to Reston, to Sterling, to Tysons Corner. There are a lot of churches within a stones throw of Calvary Temple. Why aren’t churches speaking out and raising their voices or asking questions? Correct me if I am wrong…isn’t that the take away of the parable of the Good Samaritan? To not leave a person wounded alongside the road and attend to the “temple” and ignore the pain in the midst? How can a pastor or other Christians be aware of the situation and go about their life and stay silent on this problem? I don’t get that at all Molly.  So on behalf of the Christian community here in the Northern Virginia area let me say I am sorry. Too many churches, and ministries are silent on this issue and that needs to come to an end. I don’t know how to tackle this issue I’ve talked about it with Ellen and Michelle as well as Dee Parsons. We’ll have to come up with some new ideas. What I would recommend is if you started to tell your story to media outlets and draw even more negative publicity to Calvary Temple and Star Scott. Whoever that might be...ABC News, the New York Times or beyond. Your story needs to be told and people need to hear about how a deviant pastor turned 4 children against their own flesh and blood because he is drunk on control and a narcissist who greedily reaches for more Kool Aid.   Your story is disturbing and it needs to be told. Please don’t hold back but speak your mind. Speaking about what happened I think will increase the likelihood of your family being reunited one day. You see Molly Fitch,  Star Scot doesn’t want your story to be told because he knows how damning it is on him. That’s why you need to speak up and start telling it. To tell your story on The Wartburg Watch is courageous. You are one of the most courageous people I have known.
     I also want to let you know that I love all of the people outside who protest and who I have gotten to know. Michelle Freeman is a gem, and I love her energy, passion and commitment to the cause against Calvary Temple. To protest and work against the church while holding two jobs amazes me. (I think she’s down to one now) I love her dedication. I love and care for Ellen Kusar as well. Her heart is gold, tender and loving. I know how close you are to Ellen and I can see why you love her so much. I love her as well! The others I am slowly starting to learn and know. The next time Dee Parson comes down to DC she wants to protest and see the operation and how the church reacts. But I want you to know that I love the former members and my heart grieves with them. Well Molly I have said all I can think of but there is one final thought I want to impart on you. One of these days I will meet you and your family when they are one. One of these days you’ll introduce Jonathan, Josh, Christina, and Sarah to me and I’ll get to know them. When that day comes it will be one of the most joyous days in my life. To know your family is one, and whole again will be one of the highlights of my life. I’m looking forward to seeing that day when you are with your children again. When that happens I will be able to sleep better at night and know that this nightmare is over.  This will come to an end one day Molly, and I look forward to that day coming. Stand strong, we’re all here for you.
     Molly you are loved, and you are precious. You need your children and they need you. And that day will come. Until that time hold on, please. Your children need you.

With deepest respect.