Letter from an Ex-Calvary Temple Member (September 26, 2015)

I am writing to those who have never visited Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia.

When first meeting members of Calvary Temple, they seem like normal, everyday church-goers. They are warm, friendly and inviting. In the beginning all will seem well. In fact, it will seem REALLY well.  You now have lots of scheduled activities, an opportunity to use your gifts to minister to people, friends to hang out with, and you believe your kids are safe and happy.  There is a youth group and a school where you believe your children can be educated. Everything you experience in the early days of attending Calvary Temple seems godly and biblical.

You would not suspect that they are members of an abusive, controlling, destructive and divisive church. 

After attending Calvary Temple for a time, you begin to notice you are not with your family as much as you once were.  You begin to notice that the kids are one place in the church, and you are in another.  You start to feel like you are no longer sowing into your children like you once were. You as the parent know you have the God-ordained  responsibility for your children’s spiritual training and yet it seems like the youth pastors and helpers are having more input into their lives than you are.

Recognizing the need to spend more time with you family, you begin to adjust your schedule to implement what God has shown you. Therefore, you may begin to miss some of the scheduled activities. The following will now happen:

Someone in leadership will approach you and begin to pressure you to attend ALL the scheduled activities. They will start to question you about your relationship with the Lord and where your treasure is. Sounds good, right?  Your desire to minister to your children is taken out of context and used to manipulate you into doing what they say is best. Though you believe you have heard from God concerning raising your children, you are being told that leadership knows best and you must obey their rules concerning how to hear from God about your children.

If leadership has decided they want to hang onto your kids because of what they can offer to Calvary, they start the process of undermining the parent/s to the children. They will begin to sow seeds of doubt concerning their spiritual condition, even labeling them as rebellious.   They start to tell the children that they should be willing to go live with another family if their parent/s do not obey the pastors.

This is a process that can go on for weeks or months, even years, in an effort to convince the children to shift their allegiance from their parents to those in leadership.

Some have cut off everyone in their family and their family members have no idea what they have even done. They are just cut off and never spoken to again. At times, the children do not even know what their parents have done to deserve being cut off.

Another method of control used in Calvary Temple (that most are not aware of) is profiling.  Leadership identifies the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of its members in order to manipulate and dictate their behavior. This strategy is effective with those who are questioning leadership ( because they see something wrong in what is being taught). Even a strong believer with a solid understanding of scripture can find themselves questioning everything they thought they knew. It is also a way to deal with family members that are struggling with what is being said about their loved ones.

Thank you for reading and prayfully considering what I have written.  Please pray for those still under deception and lies that they may be set free.  Also pray for families to be restored that God may receive all the glory.

Letter to My Children (September 17, 2015)

Dear Children,

     Yesterday while blanching green beans for the freezer, this YouTube video played on the computer. I cried. Watched it three times, and cried each time. It brought back memories of me begging Pastor Ron and also dad to let me come home. Begging and being willing to do anything they asked, literally anything. The quiet desperation that this video depicts is real. Too exhausted mentally, emotionally and physically to do anything more than quietly weep and beg. In my case, not for money but to be brought back home, from the motels and later the rented room.
     Surely no Christian would think this is acceptable to humiliate individuals and yet a church did this to me. And no one in Calvary Temple has come forward and apologized for destroying me, my husband, and our family. It is wrong, was wrong, and will always be wrong to subjugate, humiliate, break, wound, disparage, slander, libel, lie, manipulate, steal, destroy, divide, mock people. And Pastor Ron Zarou, with Pastor Starr Scotts apparent blessing did this to me, encouraged my husband to do so, and eventually turned on my husband and did the same to him. All to snare the hearts and lives of our wonderful children by destroying their faith and trust in their very own parents. It is absolutely evil.
     And yet, as a Christian, and a woman of integrity in every aspect of my life, public and private – I have refrained from bringing a lawsuit of slander against this church (although several folks have suggested it). Opting instead to beg, plead, write, call, ask for others to seek meetings for reconciliation and restoration. First privately and when that failed to garner a response, then publicly. I will pardon the church, and the pastors for what they have done to me when they restore my children, telling them they were wrong to make our children forsake us and they wrongly defamed us. Until that time, I will continue my efforts to be reunited with my children. If it means putting our story in a book, or going on national television then so be it. I have not sought that, I have actually rebuffed those overtures in the past. Having no wish to further embarrass and humiliate my husband’s parents in their old age. Having no wish to harm the reputations, further than they already have been, of old friends that I loved dearly. People who vouched for Pastor Scotts integrity, knowing him much more thoroughly than I. And out of a desire to follow the Scriptures in addressing church issues using the mandate in Matthew 18. But Pastor Scott has refused to follow those Scriptures. He didn't follow them when he put me away twice, and he has not followed them in the ensuing four years of my beseeching and pleading with him to give me my children.
     In the words of Waleed Zarou our deacon during that time, Pastor Scott informed the men who are the leadership of his church that he was going to have me put me away. At which, Waleed said all of the men protested, saying "Not Molly, she is a godly woman!" And Pastor Scott's response? "Let's try it." I was an experiment. Why? Who the heck knows. I can surmise, based on the abundance of stories we have learned since, that it was because I had wonderful children that respected and honored me. I needed to be discredited, and 'broken' in order for Pastor Scott to gain their complete loyalty. And I have been. But that will not stop me trying to get my babies back. Not until Pastor Scott restores what he has taken away. Then I will stop.
     God bless you my wonderful children, and soon we will be together. Please do not blame yourselves. Men and women far more savvy than us have been taken in by false advertising.
Anyone can fall for a good lie. We aren't mind-readers.

Love and hugs and kisses,

P.S. Check out this YouTube video:


Letter to Calvary Temple (September 3, 2015)

Dear Calvary Temple,

     The world is apparently falling apart at the seams. In the bible, God forewarned us that it would be like this. And that everything would be shaken, with judgment first beginning at the house of God. I grew up in a culture of silence, good Catholics didn't discuss bad things. We were raised to be silent if wrongly accused, or wronged. It wasn't nice to stir the pot. And later, found the same logic in the evangelical churches. I have come to see through our situation and a closer study of the scriptures, that God never asked us to do that, and he does not do that. Repeatedly in bible, his men were exposed when doing wrong things. He did it to warn us that all things are to be brought to the light, to see whether or not they reflect his standards. Secrecy means bad things go undealt with, and public scrutiny is a wonderful method of causing us to pause and think before we act. Heck, even court cases are open, and reporters can report on the trials as they progress. This is to ensure a measure of justice, knowing that no one man is perfect and totally unbiased.
     As flawed as our judicial system is, it is more open and transparent than our church judicial system. If that isn't so, why does Pastor Scott not allow me to tell my children, and all the congregation what was done to me? Why does he tell them not to read my story or my letters? Why is he not allowing our children to speak with their mother and relatives? Why did pastor Ron say to Joshua and Christina "Don't listen to your mother, her words are very enticing." As Josh and Christina proceeded to put earplugs into their ears as I tried to share with them what had happened. My children would never have thought to plug their ears from their parents, someone instructed them to do so. Why? Could it be that hearing what I had to say, would cause them to realize they had been lied to? By pastors? So why do many pastors connected to Calvary Temple in past years, not speak up and address the growing laundry list of corruption being exposed. We are to judge our own first and foremost, as pastor Scott likes to say. Where are you Pastor M******, Pastor Wayne Hughes, Pastor LaRock? Does Pastor Scott really hold you hostage with legal action {as has been alleged} if you relay what you know.
     It is not easy admitting you have been hoodwinked at best, supported a bad guy at worst. In my case, thought I was a fair judge of character. So grateful for Brandon and Naomi's blog [first one addressing CT], and then for the other blogs which have sprung up dealing with the slick way Calvary Temple portrays itself as a paragon of virtue, finally, for the Wartburg Watch addressing the issue and pointing out that it is a growing problem in churches today. Evil church leaders looking good. And church leaders calling good Christians evil.
     So here’s more information on the scandal of Calvary Temple. It is sad to see something so many of us considered upright, involved in covering up its sins. Time to reflect on a verse: But he that does the truth, comes to the light, that his deeds might be made manifest, whether or not they are wrought in God. John 3:21
     But, I am still willing to talk to you Pastor Scott, with all my children involved, and witnesses who are not under your thumb. Having free course to share everything that you have subjected us to. No silencing to protect the church or yourselves. It's time to make things right, not cover up more wrongs. And after me, how about making things right with Hannah and Mikes parents? And Yvonne and Renee and Michael? And the dozens of others you have wounded to the death? We are not bitter, we are christians, protecting the weak and vulnerable from exploitation, and speaking up against abuse and corruption in a place of influence- Calvary Temple. And we are not guilty of any secret sin; you have slandered our reputations, and misrepresented the facts surrounded our expulsion or leaving.

Always willing to speak with any or all of you. At any time, with lots of witnesses present.

God bless and keep you all,
Mrs. Molly Fitch

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