Letter to Jonathan (April 19, 2015)

Dear Son,

     I love this picture of you. The picture and message were sent by those at the carshow.  You, my firstborn son, so handsome, strong, and smart.  Always very proud of you, and cannot wait to hear your voice again.  Do you remember that day we were driving to Batavia?  You must've been about 11 or 12, and I was listening to the radio tell about orphans in Romania, wondering if we should try and help them by adopting?  And how you made me chuckle, saying with such male insistence "Mom!  We have enough babies!!!"  It's memories like these that keep me going, that one day you will remember from where you came from, who you really are.
     I love you Jonathan David Fitch.  Dad and I just returned from Kansas, where we welcomed your newest nephew into the world.  He was named John Nicholas.  You know how your sister Gretel has always idolized you.  She needs you too.  While we were there your nephew Noah woke up one morning saying "I love my cousins Penny and Jackson and Weston!"  He has never met them, but we tell him what we know, and show them pictures others send us occasionally.  Bring your family and come home son.  It's gonna be ok.

I love you,
Your own mom

You and your nephew Noah, days before he was put away with his momma.

Letter to Jonathan and Sarah (Repost from April 28, 2014)

Dear Jonathan and Sarah,

     I am crying. I was just shown some of your Facebook pages, and saw some of the comments from people to you as well as your own comments. It is awful. A person should be weeping if they had their parents ripped away because of pastors orders. What shameful adults, who say that my children ALONE AND WITHOUT FATHER OR MOTHER TO GUIDE THEM, are now a real testimony to God's grace and goodness.
     God hates divorce, but Pastor Scott advises divorces in order to manipulate the congregation. God says honor your father and mother, but Pastor Scott has told you to dishonor us....IN ORDER TO PLEASE GOD. God says you are not to hide from your own flesh (family), but you children are told by Pastor Scott to call the police if I linger too long at your door. God says not to lie, but Pastor Scott tells you lies about your parents and you repeat them without even checking with us to see if it is true. God says not to make haste, yet Pastor Scott tells you to throw your sister, nephew, mom out in the street in one meeting, and you do it. God says you will know a tree by its fruit, Pastor Scott tells you poisonous fruit is edible and you eat it. God says love, Pastor Scott says hating your parents is love.
     Those adults who wrote praises to you children should be ashamed. The bottom line is you children are known by your doings. No matter how lovely, handsome, smart, wealthy, healthy, happy.....you have not SPOKEN TO YOUR MOTHER OR FATHER in about 2 YEARS. And you only have texted Gretel to rebuke her over and over. I am ashamed of you. I raised you better than this. I raised you to THINK not just blind obedience.. God gave you a brain to use.
     In May of 2011, Jonathan you gave me pearls for mothers day, all of you children and Candace and Joelle, gave me the sweetest cards, declaring how you want to be like me as a parent and wife. What happened? You mean to say that in 30 days, Pastor Ron and Pastor Scott were able to get you to agree to putting your mother away for 93 days in some obscure place, and you never questioned it? You never said 'What is going on here?'
     And even though your dad was part and parcel in the deed-even he told me over and over that if he did not want do this to me, then they would do this to him. And so he agreed to something he knew was wrong. But you children, if you can do this to your mom who loves you and your father and the Lord Jesus Christ with all I am; than I fear that you will do this to your own sweet babies one day, or to your own spouses one day. All on the whim of a pastor. Just ask Waleed Zarou, who told your father and I one rainy afternoon...."Molly when Pastor Scott said he wanted to put you away, all of us deacons protested, saying 'No, not Molly, she is one of the godliest women in the church, if anyone it should be Tom.' But Pastor Scott said "Let's try it."
     Yup, it was an experiment children-designed to snare your young hearts, sow doubt and discouragement in your own abilities to know right from wrong. Make you think you 'Loved Mom too much to see the truth.' , like you told some folks up here. Really? Would to God, you loved Jesus enough to stand up to men who 'lord it over your faith' and are 'making a gain of you' for their own personal ministry.
     There is only one reason you are wanted at Calvary....you look good, you smell good, and you have access to our money. Pastor Scott needs poster children to lure other unsuspecting foreigners into Calvary. And you are innocent enough, like your mother was, to not check references, not check out stories of those who have been marked, not check out the integrity of the men in places of position.
     INTEGRITY is being the same on the inside as the outside. INTEGRITY does not have a secret past that must be covered up. INTEGRITY is ready to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me God.

God will judge. Are you ready for that day. Because it is coming soon.

Love with all my heart and no animosity for any one of you, only deep sadness.
Your own mom

Letter to My Children (Repost from April 22, 2014)

My Dear Children,

     Yesterday this photo was sent to me by two of your friends. I showed it to your dad at lunch yesterday, and we admired how beautiful our daughters are and precious grandbabies, and handsome our sons. Dad seemed surprised at how much Jackson looks like Jonathan as a toddler. I knew he was the spitting image from the birth photo that was sent to me by Jacquelyn. He is precious, and Penny, well, dad said yesterday what so many have said, 'She looks just like Gretel did at that age.' God has a sense of humour Sarah. Christina is beautiful, dad says she looks like me. And Josh is so grown up andlooks like his big brother.
     Don't think for a minute we are stalking you. Everyone up here knows you have cut dad and I off, along with Gretel, and our extended family. So when friends and family find a photo of you children anywhere, they send it to us. To comfort our hearts. I have made 2 albums of those photos sent to us from whomever comes across pictures of you.
     Your dad and I and Gretel love looking at them, so does your extended family and friends. I always pass them on to those you know, who love you and are praying for you to talk to us again. It encourages your dad and me so much when we receive these pictures. Every day I cry, but try not to discourage dad or Gretel. It would hurt them to see me hurting. But many days, I do not want to go on without you. I know this is wrong. And I write to let you know we are not mad at you, we are hurt. We love you no matter what. And to warn other people not to go to Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia. So they will not suffer as we have. There are churches that preach the gospel and live according to the Scriptures, but Calvary Temple is not one of them.
     Recently we had one of your cousins to dinner, and he was saying he wanted to go and shake some sense into you. It was good to hear your dad warning him to be careful, that what is said there is very slick and appears godly. But so dangerous underneath. It has been a long hard road for your dad coming to grips with what he did down there to us all. But God is working in his heart I believe, and he is working in your hearts also. We are here for you no matter what has been done to us. Just call and I will come.

Love and hugs and kisses,

Letter to My Children (Repost from April 18, 2014)

Song called Love is Here by Tenth Avenue North


     Do you like this photo? Our neighbor Kim and her 3 children gave it to me. They prayed while constructing it, for you to come back to us. They look forward to meeting you. 
     I love you more and more with each passing day, knowing you are being forced to 'kill' your mother and father and sister by men who have perverted the Scriptures for their own gain. You are precious and they want to keep you for themselves. I forgive you. 
     God gave you to us, not them. And he holds your hearts in his hand. Love you, praying for you with tears. Never forget you are loved, and when you realize the truth, don't be afraid. My arms are wide open and I am watching for you day and night. Anticipating our being together again soon. 

Hugs and kisses,