Letter to My Children (August 26, 2014)

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Dear Children,

      For the past few nights my dreams have been filled with images of you.  Happy scenes of hugs and talking and laughter.  I do not want to wake up.  We were always close.  And that is how these dreams are.  In this song, there is a line that I want you to notice.  "I see the slave awaken to the value of her soul."  More than ever, I see the lack of regard mankind has for the value of a soul.  Jesus paid for the souls of all men in his lifeblood.  Your souls are precious.  Please kneel down and ask your Heavenly Father if he wants you to keep obeying a man who is destroying souls.  God is gentle, he does not crush or break even a bruised reed, how much more the lives of the people he died to save?
     As always, I offer you my life, as your mom.  To warn you and do anything I can to help you in this life.  Call or write or txt if you want me, I will continue to call and write you.  When we see each other again, do not apologize for what you have been forced to do to me, I will apologize for leading you to trust in a person without doing due diligence on his background.  For accepting a pastor on the basis of his speaking ability, instead of looking into his past and seeing if he is a man of integrity.  (And to the many pastors who read these letters, shame on you, for not requiring integrity in the ministry of God according to the Scriptures.  You are the ones whom God set to watch over the flock so it not be abused by bad men, you have not warned this man of his wicked deeds, and God will hold you accountable for our lives.  And for the life of this man, whom Christ died for, which is also valuable.  Why haven't you warned him to turn from his wicked ways?  Please read Ezekiel 33.)

Always watching and waiting.  With love and hugs and kisses,
You own mom

Letter to Christina from Abby (August 20, 2014)

Dear Christina,

     I wrote you a few months ago recounting a lot of memories of "the good ol' days". Now it's time to write about a life changing event that happened on July 28, 2014. It is with mixed feelings that I'm writing to you. I am happy, deliriously happy. But at the same time sad. Sad that this is the only place where I have any hope of keeping you informed on the things that are happening in my life.
     I told you that I am in a relationship with an amazing guy, Josh. He asked me to marry him in July at Letchworth. It was a gorgeous day and the setting couldn't have been more pretty. He got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I said yes of course. God is so obviously in our relationship. He has been directing our steps the whole time and we are seeking His face in what we are doing. After he proposed, I excitedly got on the phone with my family and then close friends. I want you to know that if you had not been told to cut me off months ago, you would have been one of the first ones I called. As it stands right now, this blog is the only way I can tell you these wonderful changes that are happening.
     I am planning to be a wife Christina. Me, a wife! Can you picture it? I am having a hard time for real! I am in the process of buying a dress and have been remembering the hours and hours we spent playing dress up with me as the bride in that poofy wedding dress Mom bought me and you as the flower girl. Oh, that you were able to be here for the preparations. The date is December 20, 2014. 4 months. 4 months for you to come home! We all love you so much. The best wedding gift I could get would be for you to be there. Please come to my wedding, Christina. Please be here to witness the joining of two lives together. I want you to be able to meet Josh. I want to hug you. You were there for the hours before Katy's wedding. We had many laughs. I want to share that time with you. This special time only happens once. Please don't let men dictate your actions. Read this blog and let the Lord work in your heart, not men who are fallible. Trust the One to speak to you through His Word. Listen to the quiet leading and whispering of the Holy Spirit.
     I love you more than words can tell. I have not ever stopped praying for you. You have always been a special friend to me, I'd say even one of my closest friends before circumstances and men came between us. Please, please come to my wedding. I'll be saving a seat for you.

Here we all are playing dress up. I of course was the bride and you were my flower girl. We had such fun dreaming!

     We were always dressing up and playing make believe. Do you remember? Of course you do. Don't shut out these memories please. God wants you to remember. I pray you will allow yourself to remember and realize that we (your mom and dad and sister, us Cases, your aunt and cousins, ect. do not hate you. We are not sinning against the Lord. We LOVE you Christina Fitch. We will welcome you home with open arms if you will just come. Please!

Letter to Sarah from Katy (August 18, 2014)

Dear Sarah,

     I know that it has been almost three years since the last time that we have talked so I thought that I would let you know what has happened since then.
     May 28, 2011, my wedding day, a day that a girl dreams about all her life. You were there to help me with my hair and make-up. You transformed a girl into a woman ready to commit her life to her husband. You made me feel gorgeous. Who knew makeup could do that right? Well, it was more than that. It was you taking the time to make me feel beautiful; what a wedding gift that was!
     All my life I looked up to you and wanted to be like you. I used to listen to the music you would play in your room when Gretel and I would be playing and I remember thinking how I just wanted to be just like you. To this day when I hear Point of Grace singing “Keep the candle burning” I think of you first. You were someone I aspired to be!
     I remember one time you came and babysat us while my parents went on a date. You got to spend the night AND you slept in my room! I was beyond excited!! I remember confiding in you how I felt so alone and wished that I had more friends and you took out a piece of paper and wrote a promise to me. Do you remember? You promised to be my friend for the rest of our lives and then signed it. I was over the moon!

Now I look back and think, “What happened?”

The last time I saw you was on my wedding day and so much has happened since then! 

     These are my two precious baby boys: Elijah Samuel (2 years) and Micah Daniel (8 months). I actually think that our little ones are not that different in ages. How I would love for them to be able to meet each other and play together like our families played together so many years ago. I can just imagine you, Gretel and I meeting at a park and sitting and catching up on life while we watch our precious babies play.
     Right now it seems like such an impossibility but I know that with God NOTHING is impossible!  I miss you all so much.
     Please come home Sarah. Please come back to your family and friends that love you so very much!  Please introduce your babies to their Grandma Molly and Grandpa Tom. Please search the Word of God for the truth. What is love? Love is not completely cutting off your parents and sister from your life. It is not refusing to speak to them or even hear their side of the story. Treating them like they are dead just because some pastors told you to is not something Jesus would do and thank God He does not!

Please repent and come home to your family they are waiting with open arms.

Please come and have a play date with me and my boys I can’t wait for that day at the park.

I love you Sarah and miss you so.

Katy Hollands

Dear Pastor Scott and Greer (August 14, 2014)

     This a picture taken just before Jonathan left to go to college and join your church in Virginia. With my blessing he went, but I hated letting him go. I was sad, even though Pastor Wayne Hughes, Chuck and Linda Wood, and Pastor Miller all backed up your church then. Then. Now all of them do not. Now they have all done due diligence and discovered a sordid past. Now they are sad for all those they pointed towards you. And I am without my beautiful children. These two wonderful boys, who loved and honored their parents, loved God, loved their own family - you have stolen from us, and poisoned their minds and hearts with a doctrine that teaches them to destroy their own family at your command.... in order to secure their salvation. To please God they must hate their own family. You have twisted the very meaning of God's love to be something bad.  Calling good evil, and evil good. Why? How can you destroy us? We are so dear and precious to our Lord, he died for us, while you tell my dearest babies that not speaking or answering the phone, or door is Christlike? I call, text, write, knock and am rebuffed. You must have had your work cut out for you, it must have taken weeks to get my kids to obey you in doing this evil deed to their own beloved parents and extended family. Because my children were raised to love and honor and cherish dad and I, and love and care for their siblings, and extended family. I can imagine some of their objections to the 'mind numbing meetings' in the back rooms during church services, as you had the pastors trying to get my children to 'kill' their own parents and family.

Questions such as:
"Why?  My mom loves God!  Why is she being put away?"
"I don't understand why my mom has to be put away?"
"Mom has always been up front, but she is afraid now.  What is going on in those meetings?"
"We know dad doesn't tell the truth, so why do you listen to him?"
"You have said dad isn't a Christian, so what?  Why can't I talk to him?"
"You say mom is a godly woman, but needs to be broken....for what?"
"Where is my mom?"
"Why can't I talk to my mom and ask her questions?"
"Why is my dad able to be in church if he is not a Christian, but mom cannot attend church, because my dad is making her work a minimum wage job to help keep her broken...and her hours are during church services."
"I want my mom!  Why can't I have my mom live in the house with us?"
"I think this is wrong, what has she done?" 
"What did she do?  I never saw anything!"
"Just because she cries and dad lies doesn't mean she should be put away does it?"

     But I know the verse you used to persuade them to kill me and dad and Gretel and Noah and all the rest of those who love them up here... Any man who loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.... You have taught them to do wrong things. Greer how can you do this?  I loved you all. I only thought the best, even when Pastor Ron Zarou was saying goofy things... I figured you both had no idea what he was up to. 
     When he said to me that day that Tom lied to his face...”Even when Tom is wrong he is right!” and my response to that goofy statement..."No.  When he is wrong he is wrong.  And when he is right he is right." You should not call evil good, or call good evil. God said that.  Do what is right.  I forgive you all.  No bitterness. Only heartbreak and sorrow for my children, and for Tom to see that you can repent. He is horrified by what your background is. I believe time is short-do call me, do come and see me.  You will not be rebuffed as you have done to me... my door is open, my phone works, and I will do anything I can to help you right the wrongs which have been committed against our family. Tom and I both, as we have forgiven each other, will show the same grace and kindness. But it is time to stop muddying up the water of truth. There is only one reason you won't allow the children to talk with us all; it is because we are speaking the truth. And you are afraid you will lose them, and many others who love them down there, will also be offended with you and leave. It might happen. But having peace with God is the more important thing, correct?

Molly Fitch