Letter to My Children (July 24, 2018)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina,
     I am still here. Just quite busy in the past month. Gramma Fitch passed away, dad and I were up from Florida, and sold a piece of property, working all month emptying the house of belongings. Just signed the papers and drove straight down here on Monday. Stopping beside each of your homes as soon as I arrived in Sterling, Virginia. Only Sarah did I see, and it was ten seconds of ‘Please leave this property immediately, or I will call the police.”
     But Sarah, all I said was you look beautiful and thought how identical you are to your sister Gretel in looks. She is blond, and you are brown. Otherwise, your faces and expressions are uncannily similar. I was glad to see you are looking healthy and longed to talk and hug you. And the children, Penny and Weston.
     But I am still here. I will try to write again more often. Now that I am freer of responsibilities again for a while. Above is a photo of Little John at his riding lesson last week. The gal is someone you kids knew. She has a lovely little horse farm. And teaches your nephews Noah and John. She has expressed her sorrow and prayers for us in having you taken from us by a pastor and a church. She understands.

I love you all. And miss you. Call or write or come. I will continue to do so.

Your mom