Letter to My Children (September 1, 2017)

Dear Children,

     I am tired; we just returned from dinner with friends in Sterling. Ellen Kusar (You remember Ellen, she was the photographer of Sarah and Taylor's' wedding.) Anyway, while there, Pastor Jeff Heglund, his wife Kimberly, and their younger daughter walked in. We were waiting for our table when I saw them and immediately made my way to the door to speak with them regarding being allowed to have my children back. Ellen, who was with us, wrote down what occurred. I am sad to say that, even though I walked out to their car begging them all the way to please allow us to have our children back in our lives, they never once cried, apologized, prayed with me, talked and said they were sorry for the past 5-6 years of needless suffering. I told them I would do whatever they want, give them a hug and kiss, cook and clean, no bitterness or meanness in me. I have done nothing wrong, and they know it. And like the widow before the unjust judge I will not be silent, give me back my babies, is the cry of my life. I stood there watching them back away out of the parking space and drive off. So sad. A pastor and his wife, of Calvary Temple in Sterling Virginia.
     By the way, I did stop at my children's homes, none home this time, but my Sarah. She did not open the door. So I picked up the children's toys in the yard, tidied them a bit, wrote with the chalk in the driveway a loving message from Mima (gramma), and smiled over the tree swing and quilt, and tree stump stools, memories of our home life. When I walked to the end of her driveway to visit with her neighbor, my little grand-babies came out and I waved to them-Weston waved back! And Penny would peek out the window afterward, and each time I waved. Made my day. So I went out and bought a few little things to leave on their lawn for them all. Just small treasures from Mima, for my precious babies and my sweet daughter.

With love,
From Mom

Here are Ellen's thoughts:

     Molly Fitch and I went to dinner tonight to meet some ex-CT friends. As we were waiting for our table to be ready, we saw Kim Heglund and her daughter entering the restaurant. Molly immediately met her at the door and asked her to please give her kids back. Kim's response was "we love you" and "talk to your children." Molly said, "I do try to talk to them, but they won't open the door." I said "When she did talk to one of the children, she said to go and talk to Pastor Scott. But Pastor Scott has refused to talk to Molly, so what should she do?" and Kim kept saying "we love you - talk to your kids."
     And I again repeated, "How can she talk to her kids, they refuse to talk with her until she has talked to Pastor Scott and he refuses to talk to her so now what?" At that time Jeff entered and Molly again asked for her children, saying "you know me, I have done nothing wrong, tell me what I can do." Jeff kept saying "We love you." He hung his head and would not meet her eye. In my opinion, Jeff looked ashamed. Kim attempted to keep a smile on her face. It was incredibly sad that two grown adults could not speak face to face with two women asking honest questions. Jeff, Kim and (I guess) Hope left without eating. We had a very pleasant time with our friends, but it was very sad. My question for Calvary Temple is why do you attempt to deceive people into believing that you have nothing to do with the destruction of the Fitch family?