Letter to Joey from Patty Simoneau (February 15, 2017)

Dear Joey,

     First I want to say that I hope you know why we write on this blog; it is because you won't allow us to have any conversation to discuss things. This is all on you - you in Calvary Temple who walk in fear and do not know how to trust Jesus in all things.
     Your pastor says we are leaven but the truth is he doesn't want you to do what the Bible teaches. The word says you are a fool if you do not hear both sides. (this is where we get our judicial system from.) But you are listening to a man who continues to lead you away from the full counsel of God's word. He takes the scriptures out of context and therefore changes the meaning of a passage. That is false teaching.
     I want to ask you, Joey, to forgive me. For not seeing and listening and stopping the "O" family from steering your heart away from your dad and your family. Mrs. D used to tell me to be careful and not let you go the O's house so much. She told me the O's would leave their kids a lot and go off and do their own thing. Mrs. D knew we, like themselves, didn't do that kind of stuff. The O's, especially the dad, would make fun of your dad. Others heard him do it. What shameful behavior. This is not Christ like behavior.
      Joey, I enjoyed every day with you guys and have no regrets except one: we should have left Calvary Temple sooner than we did. We would not have lost you. But I believe God works things for good and He gave you a very godly wife. She will be a crown to you. She will train your kids in God's word like I did for you all.
     Why is it that you are drawn to and persuaded by one who has molested his nieces, ages 9 and 11, for 3 years? (Not just one time like you were led to believe.) And why are you drawn to a man that had an affair while his kids were young (Mr. O)? And also another man, Mr. K, who divorced his wife and married another? (for reasons not in the scriptures.) They are both adulterers. Your church is full of them. Men who are held by the power of pornography (leadership men). Some men who are abusers (physical, emotional) .Wow! And this is godliness and holiness?
      Everyday I try to wrap my brain around why you would choose these ungodly men ( who you know by their fruit) over your dad. Now Joey, you know your dad is a man that has never been a man pleaser, but a man who fears God and obeys Him. Your dad is a godly man and has never done these things because he's like Joseph. A man who feared God more. You have never heard your Dad make fun of anyone nor talk bad about anyone. He is your patriarch. God placed you in this family. We are your stewards. You should be getting your counsel from him and others. But not from anyone that would lead you away from your dad. This is God's order. You are not walking in God's order. No man has the right to inject themselves in between you and your dad. Jesus is our head.
     It is my prayer that you would remember the things that your dad and I taught you. We have seen the power of God manifested in mighty ways as you were growing up and He's still at work. I remember the things you told me, the things God spoke to you. I pray that you and your precious family would do what God has put in your heart and fulfill the plan of God for your life.
     Know this, we love you unconditionally and pray each and everyday for you and your whole family. We will always tell you the truth. Which you might not want to hear. But I believe: it is better to obey God, than mere men. Jesus is our Savior. ❤
     Tell Cali and Silas, we love them and so do their uncles and great grandmas, and their extended family members. One day soon! 🙏😘