Letter to Sarah (January 31, 2017)

Dear Sarah,

     This letter came today in the mail. It was unsigned, and had no return address. But it was postmarked from Virginia. I have had brief messages recently, word of mouth, saying you were sick, and not sure what was wrong. But you have not called. And I know the pastors have not allowed you children to call me. Since Christmas Day 2011. I pray, cry, call, text, and come down to knock on your doors, and write these open letters to you.
     But all this pales in comparison to your life. Your life is a gift from God, precious and valuable. No one can take your place as mommy to your children. No one who can take your place as wife to Taylor. You need to be well. I can try to do that for you. I have a healthy liver. I am healthy, and I am your momma. Please accept my liver and live a full and healthy life. You are young, with so much ahead for you to do. As you know, I have lived a spit-spot life. I don't smoke, chew, drink, no drugs or prescriptions at all. Just vitamins, and a little dancing about the kitchen at times  :) I love you sweet girl of mine. You are a gem, and you are going to get better.
     I tried to call you and call TAYLOR as soon as this came in the mail, but you have me blocked again. I called and left a voicemail with your siblings, but in the event it is not listened to, I am putting this out on the blog. You know while I was down in Virginia over the weekend to try and see you, I was asked if I wanted to do a Fox interview again. I said I would think about it. But I will do it if it is the only way to get Pastor Scott to allow you to be helped by me. I hate publicity, but I will do anything to help you. I feel like that little widow in the Bible, who kept asking the unjust judge for justice. Of course, he was unjust. Pastor Scott says he is just, so he will surely do the honorable thing, and admit it's wrong to keep us apart, and let me help you. I bear no ill will towards him. I just want my children back.

Xoxo Mom

Letter to My Children (January 26, 2017)

Dear Children,

     It is dad's birthday. We did not hear from any of you, not because you are traumatized from brutal treatment, but because your pastors are keeping you from us. We tried to make it a nice day for your father. Your nephews and I baked a small cake and supper for Bompa. We sang Happy Birthday and played. Gretel was spending the day skiing with Brad.
     Early on, I woke up at 3:30 am. I woke up distressed from a dream of you kids. So I got up and walked about the house praying. The heavy heart persisted all day. After Gretel and the boys had left to go home, I saw an email from Patty Semineau with a YouTube video that I just listened to. It was heartbreaking. I do not want anyone to go to hell.
     So I am reposting this YouTube video so that the plain gospel of Christ can be heard by you children, the pastors, and hopefully all the others in Calvary. Jesus came to save lives, give abundant life, give us hope, adopt us into his family.
     I love you and am not bitter. I want my children back in my arms. I want the pastors to get right with God and repent for their wicked deeds. Jesus said there would be many who believe they know him and their deeds revealed the difference. They did not care for others. (Matthew 25:41-46) I like the verses Tactics has listed recently. One said, 'Though he speaks fair, believe him not, for their are seven abominations in his heart'. That verse made me think of the song we used to sing when you were young, by Judy Roberts. Do you recall the tune?

There are six things, even seven,
That the Lord hates, things he cannot stand.
Proud looking eyes, a lying tongue,
Hands that shed innocent blood.
One that thinks of wicked things to do,
Feet that run to evil too.
Anyone who loves to lie about others.
And one who causes trouble with his brother.

     By the way, this YouTube was sent to Patty by her son Steven. Of course, you will recall that Steven was my son-in-law Taylor's best friend growing up. He was the best man in Taylor & Sarah's wedding. Unfortunately, when his parents were forced out of Calvary, (without their wonderful son Joey), Steven was no longer allowed to be Taylor and Sarah's friend. Years of friendship destroyed, by their pastor. It is shameful.

Love and hugs and kisses.

Letter to Joshua and Christina from Sydney Case (January 23, 2017)

Dear Joshua and Christina,

     Do you remember our Haflinger named Mac? I'm not sure if you rode him or not, Christina, but Josh and Danny went for a wild ride. Josh, you rode Mac while Danny was on the Quarter Horse. Your feet were practically dragging the ground! I wrote a book titled A Horse Called Mac, and I am selling them on Ebay. I will give you a free signed copy, but the only condition is that you pick it up personally.

     Now the animal related memories are flooding back. You both probably remember how much we loved animals. Yes, they were part of the family to us! Especially the legendary Gretchen. Did you ever help Abby paint her toenails, Christina? When people would come over and look at her fire engine red toenails in disbelief, I would hastily assure them that it was Abby who did her pedicures, not me! When you come home, I will take you to Gretchen's grave. We will have a moment of silence and then you can put flowers on it if you want! You both probably remember Tag, our cute, little, spotted dog. I have a picture somewhere of you and Abby, Christina, holding the poor puppy on top of Mac.
     Christina, remember Abby's fish? She named them all; the first ones were Eldeen, Joe Leonard, Jewel, Perry, and Dinah. Remember when Eldeen was dying and Abby refused to "murder" her? Even though you looked up to Abby, you told her that it wasn't right to let an animal suffer like that, so you had a burial at sea...you threw Eldeen in the pond! (Actually, I think you missed the pond, but the result was the same.)
     Josh, do you remember the time that you and Danny put onions in Marie's new shoes? She sobbed because you ruined them. I made you guys make her a gift and write notes to say you were sorry, but it was one of the cats we had, Mickey or Molly, that comforted her in the end. I certainly didn't help when she said the cat was so pretty, and I said yeah, she's pretty ugly. Marie didn't see the humor in that!
     I don't remember if you guys were there when Abby gave her testimony one Sunday night, but I hope you were because it was priceless. She told the congregation that Gretchen's full name was Gretchen Faithful Case and that Gretchen reminded her of God because she was so faithful. And she was right.
     I know you are all grown up now, but come home and we can make some new memories with my newest dog, Lindy. That is Ella McNish with Lindy (pictured below). She is 91 now and as feisty as ever. She is even more blind and deaf than when you saw her last, but she goes to the YMCA three times a week and does a mile on the treadmill!

Love you guys and hope and pray to see you soon,
Mrs. Case

Letter to My Children (January 19, 2017)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua and Christina,

     How are you? It's been a bit since I have written you. Holidays and your birthdays are hard to bear since we cannot speak with or hug each other. I try to stay busy, and not visit people much at this time because no one wants sadness around during the holidays. Noah has been asking me more questions about you all. Sometimes I help him with his reading and writing. On the computer, we found some of our old photos from before you all were taken away from us. This one with you Jonathan, and your curly hair, makes me smile. And Bradley looks so young. He was your and Sarah's partner in all adventures back then. Remember the ski trips, and four-wheeling out back, Shyboy and the flying lessons and civil air? I always loved your group adventures with friends and cousins. It seems we had a houseful every weekend.
     I saw Brad today, and you know he is getting married soon. I told him how hard weddings are for me, crying at Abby's and leaving early because all I could think of was how Christina should be there with the friend she had known since age 4. I made it through Claire's without tears, due to Gretel, the boys, and the kind fellowship of old friends of yours, John and Kim Clark. We talked a lot about you, and John just kept shaking his head at how you can do this to us. Please come home and go to the wedding with me. Think what a lovely gift it would be to us and to Brad, on his special day.
     I know you must be starting to question yourself and the leaders. It is right to do so. I hope you will come and ask me questions too. I often get calls from people in VA asking about what occurred to me, to dad, to Gretel. I have to say, that I do not know what you were told. You weren't there for most of it, but I bet you were told something, just wonder what if any of it is factual.
     But what I really want to remind you is that you are loved. I am proud of you. I am not mad or upset with you. I realize you have been stolen from us, lied to, and suffered terribly to obey the pastors telling you to treat us so cruelly. Come and see us. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. As are your children and your brother and sisters. Bring them home with you please. We need you son. We need you all. God bless you.

Love and hugs and kisses,
From your mother

Letter to Friends from Sydney Case (January 7, 2017)

To my dear friends,

     I have followed closely all of the blogs from people who have left CT. And I have spoken face to face with many who are fighting the good fight against the evil that pervades CT. Some of these are mothers, grandmothers, children, fathers and brothers who want to be anonymous but are fighting just as hard as ones I can name. This is to you whom I can't name, as much as to those I can. Ellen, Patty, Molly and Gretel. You are the ones I know best, and I can never tell you just how much you have strengthened and encouraged and inspired me. I know there is so little I can do to help you in this battle, but I am here for you all.
     I remember meeting Sarah Bright at Molly's house so many years ago (Long before Sarah kicked her two daughters and grandsons out of her house.) She was surprised when told her that I had prayed to ask Jesus into my heart, on the night of Jonathan's baptism. She was surprised when I asked her why. She said it was because I was a Pastor's wife...like I should have kept that hidden so people wouldn't think less of me.  Why? I remember that night well, as Sarah Bright's son, Josh (pictured above), was standing by the campfire and supposedly sharing about the Lord...all he talked about was his pastor, Star Scott!
     So when this same pastor went and destroyed my dear friends, the Fitches, whom I have known for almost two decades, my eyes were opened to the reprehensible things being quietly done at his church.  They were opened because of the bravery of ex-church members like Brandon and Naomi, Mr. & Mrs.  Foster, Mr. Miuccio, Michelle, John and Sarah Azat, Molly, Ellen, Patty, Gretel, and many others. They have laid their lives on the line by opening up about what really goes on. So many people and families are being destroyed in despicable and cowardly ways in the name of God. Star Scott hides behind the facade of a loving, caring pastor, when in reality, he is a wolf in sheep's clothing. He won't even speak with these brave people, who cry out for their own dear family members.
     God bless you all. May your families be given back to you quickly and justice done to those who keep them from you.

I love you all and feel that it is an honor that you count me as a friend.

Letter to Calvary Temple from Ellen Kusar (January 3, 2017)

Dear Calvary Temple,

     I am saddened that the members of Calvary Temple did not find it in their hearts to express the love of Jesus and attend the funeral of Nancy Adams. One woman very close to Nancy for many years knew of her passing, and I know many members of CT knew of it.  And yet you all chose to turn your backs on a beautiful, loving, grace-filled child of God.
     Nancy lived a godly life of service to the kingdom of God. While attending CT, she served in too many ways to count, including photographing some of your engagements and wedding, families and even the marriage of Star Scott. She brought people to doctor's appointments, took in those in need of care and ministry, worked in the school, helped in the office, and on and on. Many of you were the recipients of her loving, generous care. 
     After leaving Calvary Temple, she continued her life of unselfish service to the body of Christ, her family, and friends. She poured her life into her granddaughter and continued her care of any and all that needed her help. She became an instrument of love and grace to her husband.
     And not one of you could bring yourselves to give honor where honor was due.
     I imagine one of the reasons none of you were able to honor my dear friend was because you condemned her for her friendship with "ex-Calvary Temple members." You found it impossible to attend the funeral where perhaps you might meet one of us. No, we would not have turned you away at the door (like you did to us).  No, we would have welcomed you, cried with you, shared some memories, and invited you to come and fellowship with us after the burial. In other words, we would have behaved like Christians. 
     You should be ashamed of yourselves. As you wrap your pharisaical robes around you, try to comfort yourselves with the lie that you are better than you are. 

Grieving for a friend, celebrating a sister in the arms of Jesus,
Ellen Kusar