Letter to My Children and Friends (October 31, 2016)

Dear Children and Friends,

 I saw this movie and cried. I thought you should all see it. More and more I think the only people who have courage to look on evil and weep are the sweetest of souls. Or perhaps those close To death through old age, and their inborn desire to preserve themselves is fading. Children Look on our situation and cry. Because with all my heart, I believe God looks on it and cries. And then get off your knees and do something, anything, please TRY to get your parents back, please come knock on my door as I have on yours. Please call and text my phone as I have yours. Please call and ask my pastor friends to put in a word for you as I have done with yours. You will not be turned away. You will be welcomed with open arms and love. No matter what you have done or what you have become-come home. Others may condemn you, I will never. Others may blame you, I do not. As long as we have each other, it doesn't matter what others say.

We are family.
XO Mom

Dear Mrs. Fitch from a Friend (October 23, 2016)

Hi Mrs. Fitch,

You know for a long time I didn't read any of the blogs. Different people told me about them but I want to forget everything to do with Calvary Temple. I don't trust people anymore. Recently I pulled up your blog and read it, for two hours! And I cried for you and your kids. Your family was one of the nicest families I've ever known. And what they did to you and your kids makes me angry. I just don't get what motivates Pastor to persecute the best people. Like he's jealous of others happy families or just gets a kick out of seeing if he can get people to cut off their own families.

But your kids always loved you so much. They used to brag about what a great mom they had, and how they loved the way they were raised up in NY. And when you came to visit you were kind and just as sweet Jonathan and Sarah boasted you were. Everyone loved you. But the pastors had it in for your kids to get them from you. But you didn't realize. You really thought Pastor Scott was godly. Candace and Sarah started to see things, but Pastor clamped that down fast. He's a born liar. Sorry if it offends you to hear that, but it's the truth. He says whatever he wants to each of us. Never mind the facts. He manipulates all of us all the time, why do you think the pastors and deacons are always having counseling meetings in the back with different ones? And in school, all it is is control and discipline. The only ones exempt are leaderships kids. But we were trained to not share that stuff with our parents. Your kids  were taught the same.

I guess I just want to say, you are a nice lady Mrs. Fitch. And I am really sorry about what Calvary Temple did to you and your kids. And Mr. Fitch, And Gretel. I think your kids will be back with you soon. They know, deep down, that this is not right to do this to you. And hopefully soon they will break free of the control, like so many of us have already done. And then they will see what they did was wrong. If you are ever in Virginia, please let me know.

Wish you all the best,
Your friend