Letter to My Children (July 15, 2016)

Dear Children,

     Recently I had the pleasure of seeing old friends. You remember Jeff and Danelle of Old Paths Church. It was an auspicious chance meeting (at the movie theatre last week), which resulted in seeing them both next day. We spoke for a couple hours. A lot to share about our experiences at Calvary. Cleared up some lies and answered lots of questions.
     They shared with me a (email or text?), which my Sarah had written someone in their church. In response to the question of why Sarah cannot talk to her mother?! The lengthy description of moms 'Sins' was startling. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Not just because it was untrue, mostly because it was purported to be from my daughter. My second born child. I didn't know what to think. What kind of pastor would fill a young adults head with lies and nonsense? And how did they get her to actually believe it?
     Anyway kids, we asked for a copy of the actual text or email, so that first of all, our family and friends up here can see it, Read it, and respond to it. Probably we will print it here on the blog. That is if all efforts of communicating with you children fail again. After all, the content which pertains to me (your mom), should have been directed to your mom (and the rest of our family), in the first place.  It should not have been sent to a stranger. Matthew 18:15-17. We are surprised that Sarah would be sneaky. I have tried to recall everything in the text, but there is so much, its best to have an actual copy so there is no mistake.
     Always we (and all others) were told by you, the following: 'can't uncover moms sins to others', or 'it would be gossip' or 'dad and mom know what they have done' or 'dad knows what he has to do'' or 'mom needs to repent for speaking against pastor' etc. Never have I or anyone else been given ANY reason for the evil being taken from you. Because there is none. Pastor has told you to hate us, and is keeping you from all of us, in order to keep you all for himself.  Pastor Miller had said that Pastor Scott is afraid of godly men and women. I guess that's us.
     Right away I tried to call you Sarah, and talk about this, but per usual,  I was not able to get through. I told some family about the things shared. And now will tell everyone else who is carrying the load of our brokenhearted family up here and in Virginia. I think it's best to document and verify. Injustice feeds off silence.
     The Truth scares bad people. So they try to silence and discredit the truthful. Victims are silent often because they have been battered and manipulated. When someone is able to talk about the crimes (and I understand being so bullied one cannot), bad people really are afraid. Afraid the truth will come out, and they will lose their power.
     Jesus said "let your deeds be made manifest (known), whether or not they are wrought in God.' And he also said "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." That is one of my daily prayers for you kids. I love you always and forever. No matter what you have done or been forced to do, come home. You are loved. We forgive you.