Letter to My Readers (March 24, 2016)

Dear Calvary Temple Readers,

     Gretel received a message from an old friend from by-gone days at Calvary Temple. Asking her to give me a message and see some videos he has made. I watched them, and am posting the most recent one below. Nice work! Michael was married the same year as our son Jonathan. His wife has been taken away from him. His story is a horror story, like far too many. And he is slowly and steadily recovering from the trauma and abuse and terror that were inflicted upon him by the pastors at Calvary Temple Sterling.
     I had the privilege of meeting Michael's parents for the first time late last year. They have been wonderful parents and stood by Micheal through the ups and downs of surviving being abused by a pastor you thought was godly. And is not. It is a horrible betrayal of trust. And nearly shipwrecks many a faith in God. Even Jesus warned those hoodlums who would cause one of the little ones to stumble. And the pastors at Calvary Temple in Sterling are doing that to many. Causing people to doubt Gods love for them. Along with tearing apart their families.
     Michael's family was torn apart by Pastor Scott even before he was married. His parents were marked and both Michael and his sister Sarah were told to cut off their parents. It was several years without their mom and dad. But his parents never gave up trying to see their children and grandchildren. Calling and writing constantly. And now Michael is with them again. And only their daughter Sarah and her young family remain to be reunited. I hope it is tomorrow! So many years of sorrow and pain to be made up for. The cruelty of the pastors of Calvary Temple is mind boggling. There is no rational explanation except it is just plain old evil. Like Stalin, like Hitler, like Lenin, it is just random evil to destroy for no particular reason.
     Your video is well done Michael. And your fight to rescue others left behind is admirable. I am proud of you. I realize it has been a tough road getting strong again. For all of us. I am sorry that you had to remove? Your last video of the protest. You were recording the person who was recording all of you protestors. And giving a commentary on how the church is videotaping all of the protests each week. (Except when the newspaper reporters come by for an interview.) It was a good video as well. But you are correct, Pastor Scott does not like to be open, honest and truthful about what he does. He is sneaky. He says one thing and does another.  Good job Michael. Do what you can and Stand Fast. God does love you...and proved it a long time ago on a cross.

God bless and keep you. And I hope the readers at Calvary Temple will find the truth.

Mrs. Molly Fitch

Letter to My Children (March 19, 2016)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua and Christina:

     Gretel took a picture of Noah yesterday. He was guarding the baby ducks. Sitting on a 5 gallon bucket with his hot chocolate near and eating a donut, he was perfectly content. And looked like Josh from our vantage point. In fact I called him Josh twice yesterday just out of memory I guess. 
     The same day I received a call from a friend on his way to work down the Beltway, he asked how we were doing, and if we have heard from you children at all. No I said. We talked about telling my story to the media. Knowing the help others derive from our transparency is the only plus. Mostly reliving the memories of abuse is incredibly painful for us. Gretel and I both. Thank God that Noah was too little to remember what he went through. Dad does not like talking about it at all. But we know that others need us to tell it. And it gives them courage to say to Christians who like to pretend that abuse by churches is ok, that it is wrong and evil.
     But it is hard to tell it. It is hard to remember how I begged Dad not to put me away. The days and days of being alone in a motel waiting for a call from dad or Pastor Ron Zarou to say I would be picked up and brought home. When food was brought and I hadn't eaten the last bit of food, being told I was manipulating by not eating. But I cried so much I was ill, unable to eat. Cried day and night. Went to sleep crying and woke up crying. Begging God to tell me what I had done that they would do this to me. Begging God to let me go home to my children. Being told nothing about them. Wondering if they were ok, why didn't they come and find me? Why were they not saying this was wrong. Later (after 3 months and brought home) finding out they had been told I had left them. But warned by Pastor Ron Zarou I was not to discuss any of my punishment with the children. Being handed my cell phone by dad and told to leave voice messages on certain family and friends house phones during work. Messages that I was fine and busy. Because they kept calling and were worried about me and wanted to talk to me and said they were coming down if I did not call them. Memories of waking up knowing my Christina, Josh and Gretel and Noah were crying for their mom. And sick with knowing they were in terrible pain wanting me home. And asking Pastor Ron Zarou how were my babies. Fine, doing really well without you. You were a stumbling block in their pursuit of God Molly. You made yourself an idol to them. They honored you above God. The pain those statements gave me. Pain of watching my husband do whatever he was told. Because he said, if he did not do this to me, they would do this to him. The pain of being destroyed by my own husband because a pastor was jealous that my children loved their mother more. 93 days of pain. And silence. No call from my children. Very few from my husband. Alone in a world of people, who did not know that I was abandoned by my family on a pastors whim to 'break me'.
     But to get back to the picture above. Gretel and I both dreamed of Joshua that night. She dreamed she was looking for him. I dreamed I found him, standing like a robot, silent. And I took him up in my arms and cradled him and cried over him. And slowly slowly he started to thaw in my arms. My sweet son. And I kept saying his name and how much I loved him. And slowly he became like our Josh again. Like the boy above sitting on a bucket. Happy. Content. And loved and safe with his dear family.

Love you all my children. Never forget you are my children. God gave you all to me.

XO Mom

Letter to Jonathan from Mrs. Case (March 12, 2016)

Dear Jonathan,

     Do you remember the legendary Gretchen? And her painted toenails? When people came over and looked at Gretchen's paws in disbelief, I would hasten to tell them that it was not me but my daughter Abby that painted them!
     You may be wondering why there is a Golden Retriever in this picture instead of a Black Lab. Well its because of what she has in her mouth. Four years ago, when Lindy was just a puppy, she went upstairs and came back down with Mr. Crab. We don't even know where he came from. In all this time, she has never put even one rip in him, even though she gnaws on him lovingly.
     Your mom mentioned that you had a crab like that, so I thought I would send you this picture. The young man is Abigail's husband, Josh. Hopefully you will meet him someday. He is brilliant, and was trained by a master violinist in Ukraine. 
     Anyway, I thought Mr. Crab might jog your memory of the wonderful childhood you had. By the way...do you still have your crab? Or is this yours? If so, I'll gladly give him back to you if you will just come home.

Mrs. C