Molly's Thoughts (January 25, 2016)

     Quite a few years ago I bought a biography by Eric Metaxes called Bonhoeffer.  It startled me quite frankly. I felt in my gut, that it perfectly described the apathy and blind obedience of the Christian church in America.  Not blind to God, but blind obedience to charismatic speakers without considering the words being spoken.  This is how Hitler came to power in a self-professed christian nation.  Largely voted in by christians who did not read their bibles or use critical thinking skills.  Those who stood against Hitler from the get-go, were intellectual and independent. Their warnings early on were unheeded. Because Hitler's Germany was so productive. He corralled them into a top-notch, spit-spot, hard-working group of people. They looked good, smelled good, and talked good.  Just like the people in Calvary Temple.
     Being of German decent, and having discussed this with my gramma while she was alive, I have always been interested in how such a hard-working, clever people could be so hoodwinked with such profoundly devastating results.  Nowadays, when you hear the word Germany, you don't think of anything but the wars and the Holocaust.  All the rest of their good history is obliterated in the crimes against mankind perpetrated during WW2.  How sad.  Bonhoeffer's biography addressed the damnable blindness inside the church world at that time.  And I now see what Calvary Temple is doing to its people, as the same thing.  It practices religious hogwash,  which unfortunately is destroying good and promoting evil all in God's name.  I was raised religious, but became born again as a teenager, old things passed away, and all things became new.  No church can produce that.  But lots of churches try to emulate it. Unfortunately the imitation of 'new life in Christ', is dangerous. Dangerous to those who think they are right with God, and not.  Dangerous to those they try to enforce their 'religion' onto. The only way to highlight the danger to unsuspecting persons is to speak for others to hear.  Bonhoeffer did, and paid with his life.  But Jesus said, that greater love hath no man than this, that he lay down his life, for his friend.
     Thinking of the many pastors and deacons and heads of households who have walked away from the wicked deeds of Calvary Temple, yet remain silent to the ongoing abuse of power, reminds me of a quote by D. Bonhoeffer himself.
We have been silent witnesses of evil deeds; we have been drenched by many storms; we have learnt the arts of equivocation and pretence; experience has made us suspicious of others and kept us from being truthful and open; intolerable conflicts have worn us down and even made us cynical. Are we still of any use? What we shall need is not geniuses, or cynics, or misanthropes, or clever tacticians, but plain, honest, and straightforward men. Will our inward power of resistance be strong enough, and our honesty with ourselves remorseless enough, for us to find our way back to simplicity and straightforwardness?” ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer (Letters and Papers from Prison)

Gretel sent me this song today. It made me think, if more Christians realized their Father's eyes were on them, they would be strong, and courageous, and do valiantly despite the pressure to cave in to evil ways. 

Letter to Calvary Temple Member from an Old Friend (January 24, 2016)

Dear Calvary Temple member,

     When we talked the other day, I had a bittersweet and conflicted reaction.  We were once friends (and still would be if I had my way) and my initial desire was to just say hi and not bring up anything that I knew would send you running.  I wanted to know how you are doing, how your job is going, how your kids and grandkids are.  It would have been nice to just say "how was your Christmas?" I would have liked to tell you a bit about how my kids are and the amazing things going on in their lives.  And maybe some of the trials I am experiencing and how God is bringing me through.  
     But I couldn't.  I knew I had only the very briefest moment to speak the truth before you would turn and walk away.  And so that is what happened.  I asked you about a family member and her relationship with her mother and you responded with what I unfortunately expected.  "they are in rebellion and cutting them off is the right thing to do.  It works".  It works??? 
     If I could have just had a real conversation with you, this is what I would have said: You did not always think this way, my friend.  But out of fear, you have accepted the lie , that withholding a relationship with a loved one is how we "teach" someone to love God and desire a relationship with Jesus.  The name of the person I brought up was put out of Calvary Temple by leadership because s/he could not live a lie. This person knows it is wrong to allow a man (Pastor Scott) to control someone's relationship with God through legalistic means. This person was defamed, wronged and denigrated by the words and actions of Calvary Temple leadership. And now the ungodly, hurtful, and destructive interpretation of the scriptures is said to "work"?
     I will wager a guess that you remain in CT for the very reason you state:  "it works".  But not in a godly way.  These actions keep people inside CT because if they leave, they will first be labeled out of order and rebellious and will then be cut off from all loved ones. Everyone in CT knows what will happen if they leave, so they KEEP THEIR MOUTHS SHUT".  Yes, it works. But the ungodly, unrighteous works of man do not work the precious righteousness of God.  They corrupt and destroy.  They bring  a reproach to the name of Jesus.  
     I believe you know very well that the actions done to this person and their family is 100% wrong.  But you continue to speak the lies for the sake of keeping a relationship with your kids and grandkids.  Yes, in that way, "it works".  Fear and love of family are powerful motivators.  Be sure to tell God that when you stand before Him and explain why you did not stand for the truth.

An Old Friend

Letter from some Ex-Members of Calvary Temple (January 1, 2016)

Dear Calvary Temple People,

I just read Tactics ( and thought how quiet my memories are now of all the disgusting things Calvary Temple leadership and my family and friends have done to me years past now.  The pain has subsided, and I harbor no anger as the thoughts return. Thoughts of my nice family that turned into cruel strangers in an hour. All the memories of mockery and hardship in order to break my spirit. I think Tactics should have put names to all of us in his post yesterday. Maybe he won't get us all depending on how old he is and what he knows, but I think our names are important. 

We are real people.  We had real lives and families that were taken away from us, destroyed, so that even if we went back to Calvary nothing would ever be good again for us. Because we have seen how our families can be turned on a dime to hate us. It didn't even matter what the truth was. They wouldn't listen to anyone who doesn't agree with what Star Scott says. Period. So for us, family relationships can be bought and sold. And we won't ever be able to trust anyone completely again. But like that song said, at the end of the year, when reflection comes, we should remember what was, and what could have been. But for maniac of a pastor.

Here’s to  all those Calvary Temple has tried to destroy: Bassam Akel, Cynthia Azat, John and Sarah and Jacquelyn Azat, Mrs. Bickel, Barb Boyce daughter, Yvonne Bright, Jonathan and Jennifer Burrell, Deana Burton, Linda Carrs ex-husband, Neil and Dottie Conrad, Mike and Renee Cox, Latasha Dozier, Brian Ewens parents, Tom and Molly Fitch and Gretel, Mike Foster, Michelle, Stuart Freeman and family, Cathy Francis and Francis family, Mike Gardners real parents and family, Nikki and PJ Harvey, Rachel Hayden, Hannah Heglunds real parents and family, Josh and Tiff Jablonski, Paul and Helen Jester, Pat Jones daughter, Rick Hibbler and family, Erica Kains four kids, Amy Knecht, Andre, Anna, Maria Konczal, Patrick Konczals real mom and family, Jerry and Ellen Kusar and Kevin, Jason and Jessica Kusar, Andrew Lawrence, Chuck and Lisa Larock and family,  Sal, Rosie, Sal, Nikki Leonetti, Dave Lewis, Ken and Charlotte Luksic, Ken and Marian Marino and kids, Richard and Terry Miller, John and Aaron Muccio, Lauren Nantier, Chris O'Connor's stepkids Chassity and Tyler, Cindy Parkers ex-husband, Louis and Waleska Reed and kids,  Helena Robinette, Josh and Aja Saylor and kids, Maurice and Martha Saylor, Brandon and Naomi Schwartz, Josh Schwarz, Joe Schwartz, Amanda Schwartz, Scott and Victoria Shelton and kids, Ron and Patty Simoneau and family, Keith and Patty Stitt and family, David Stocks, Paul Sullivan and family, Larry and Sharon Thomas, Sherry and Cody Robinette, Chuck and Nikki Larock, Connie Tindells son John David, Kevin, Susan and Sheri Virnelson, Ibrahem Wahba, Donna Wotrings son Nathan, John Zarou, Rick Zarou. And all those I don't remember, because their names were pretty quickly deleted from our church directory. And I don't have old ones, only the one from the year I was kicked out-2009.

I hope you get through the New Year Eve ok. Just saying, we all have names. And our names have horrible stories behind them. And we all have lost part of ourselves at Calvary Temple. And not by choice.