Letter to My Children and Grandchildren (December 31, 2015)

Dear Children and Grandchildren,

     It is the last day of a long year of pain and suffering. The fifth year for me. It started in 2011 when Pastor Ron Zarou made it his objective to destroy our family for the glory of his God. Not the God of the bible mind you, but his own. Without being able to speak or see or hug or watch your mom and dad at all, you have been quite rapidly deceived and blinded by the constant dripdripdrip of their counseling of you all.  I have offered many times to meet with them, help them, sort through all the slander and lies, forgive them; but to no avail.  Most recently, children, I went and spoke with Richard Miller, (you know he was a former pastor of CT) and asked him to bargain with Pastor Scott. Because he knows there are no bad things in my life at all, and because he knows he has falsely accused me and stolen our children from us through false stories and trickery. I said I would forgive him, and take down my Dear CT Letters blog and would be more than willing to kiss his feet (I heard Pastor Chuck told someone that once, so thought it was worth a try), clean his house (I am a much better cleaner than offering to make some good home cooking).  IF...Pastor Scott would just let my children talk to me on the phone, each one, once a week, come and stay with us here at the cottage for one week out of the year. They do not NEED to leave CT, just stop keeping them from us. I told R. Miller I have been asked by a major media to tell my story of abuse, and several others have offered to add their stories alongside mine.  But I would not tell my story to major media IF he would give us back our babies.
     Anyway, Richard said he knew how to get ahold of me to give me Pastor's answer. And I have heard nothing for nearly two months.  Nothing, to a mother whose children are being kept from her by a pastor. It is incredibly rude and evil and heartbreaking. Jesus raised a woman's dead son, and gave him back to his mother.  Jesus raised Lazarus and gave him back to his sisters, Jesus raised a dead little girl and gave her back to her parents....but pastor Scott has taken my children (the best and brightest and most beautiful children of all, better than anything he could produce at CT) for HIMSELF.  He is a selfish man.  He is a covetous man.  He is not Christlike.
     Even so, children, I would be so happy to forgive him and try to help him be a good man.  Just come home.  Of course not to live, you are grown now and have lives, but come home, or call and we will come to you.  Because nothing and no-one can take my love away from you.  I pray each day for blessings and peace on you.  And now at the end of the fifth year of torment for dad and Gretel and I, just want you to know you are loved always and forever.  And no matter what you've done or what you've become-come home.

Love and hugs and kisses,
Your own mom

P.S. This is your wonderful nephew Noah on Christmas Day at Topsail Beach...we were thinking of you all and our memories of wonderful family vacations. No other vacations will ever be truly joyful again for any of you, until you come home to your parents.xo

Letter to My Children (December 11, 2015)

Dear Children,

     We love you all dearly. That is why I tried to see each one of you while in Virginia last weekend.  Your dad had to spend 4 days in DC, so I stayed with Ellen. You remember her I am sure. She did the photography for Sarah's wedding. Beautifully done. And she was a very good friend of Candace. And the wife of a Deacon, and a teachers aide at the school. For over 2 decades at Calvary Temple. And she has opened her home to many of us over the years, for comfort and hope. That we will be reunited with our families. The kindness of Ellen will hopefully be repaid by you children one day, as she now lives so closely to you Sarah. All your near neighbors will be a blessing to you I know. From Patty and Ronny, Sarah and John, and Ellen, and all the wonderful others who repay unkindness with kindness, repay rudeness with gracious manners, repay silence with a cheery greeting, repay selfishness with unselfishness. I am thankful for each of them.
     When I saw and hugged you the other day, I was so happy and cried for awhile after. On cloud nine just to be able to hug my daughter. I wish I could have seen my little Penny and Weston.  And my boys Jonathan, Joshua and sweet Christina. And little Jackson and Madeline. I was told little Madeline has been quite ill, and recently hospitalized if an immune disorder. I am so sorry. My heart aches for her. And will be praying for her health. I was unable to get to Josh's home. And Jonathan, it was heartbreaking to have you refuse to open your door to me. I was speaking with your neighbors following you driving by me, and telling him our story of abuse. He said he would warn the parents on your street to protect their children, from going to Calvary Temple.  And shared how many young adults have cut off their christian parents, but are happy to lure in more to weed through.
     I was also informed that you children are talking with dad and gramma fitch. Obviously gramma is only communicated with because she has lots of money. And dad you are trying to lure back in after casting him out to sleep in the woods for months. It is mind boggling to me. But from what I have read, it all is part of his plan to destabilize marriages and families. Not sure how much of this you will actually read on your own, maybe pastor will allow you to read some. Anyway, I will gladly shut down this blog completely if pastor Scott will allow you to talk to me daily, visit me at our cottage in NY, and even spend a week a year each with us there.  Obviously if you were wrong you will not contaminate me, and If i am wrong I cannot contaminate you. Because the truth and light are immune to contamination. So one of us will be changed, and I am not afraid of change if I am wrong. And surely you are not afraid of change if you are wrong. So please accept my offer. Of course you should know that starting this blog was my last ditch effort to reach out to you. As you had shut down my phone number, and dad said you threw out my cards and letters. And my gifts were thrown out dad said. I can only deduce the reason my person is kept from you by pastor scott is because he has found no fault in me, and I am a real christian that he could not corrupt. And he did not want anyone around him that was not willing to fully obey him even when he is telling them to do bad things.  I love good pastors, but I hate all those who use their authority to propagate bad things. Whether a pastor, a policeman, a farmer, a businessman, no difference. Honestly and integrity are core to a true christian.
     Anyway children. I love you dearly. I cried and I laughed over the weekend. Many of our old Virginia friends who have left, or been destroyed by Calvary Temple came to see me at Ellen's, and I will say they were a blessing. Very kind and encouraging. They put some steel in my backbone again. I was getting weary in well doing. God bless all those who expose evil and tell the truth. And God bless you my dear children. I know we will be together soon. If you need anything please call me. I will come. Remember I am not mad at you at all. I love you and pray for you. Be ready to admit when you are wrong, or have been duped, never be ashamed to say you were wrong.

Love and hugs and kisses,