Letter from Gretel (August 22, 2015)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina,

     Though the summer is ending, and I had so hoped you all would come home this summer, I still hold onto the hope that the year is not over yet. Maybe this will still be the year that you will choose to see the truth and rejoin your God given family that He joined you to before you were even thought of! I, along with Mom, Dad, Noah, and my husband, Kyle, will not let go of this hope for you.
     This summer has just flown by for us, as we spent it here with Mom and Dad while Kyle had some training to do. It was really wonderful reminiscing of our childhood. When we went down to the back forty and cut up firewood, taking it home, and stacking it, I was reminded of a time we were out stacking wood in the barn. Jonathan, you were in your mixed martial arts stage and were kicking at the air just inches in front of people's faces to show us all your skills. That day I am not sure what happened, cause you kicked at me and landed that kick right in the middle of my face! Dad was so mad at you, and all you could do was stare at me perplexed and announce, " Well that sure shattered my confidence!"
     There were other times this summer, I would be mowing the lawn or climbing up a tree trying to hang a rope swing, and I would get hit with this wave of loneliness for my siblings. Josh, when I climbed that tree, I could almost hear you and your cautious sensible self, telling me it didn't look safe and not to go any higher. Just like the time the trap door was nailed shut in the hay mow, and I felt the need to walk on it and show you and Sean that it was absolutely safe, right before I dropped straight through the floor! You were the best little brother running to my aide! Thank you! I miss you. Noah so many times is so cautious just like you. (Though he is also a firm believer that there are sharks hiding in the lake!)
Noah and Dad have camped out so many times, though they have it pretty good, since we found a few old mattresses that they put in the tent. Noah loves it and asks for his stories like we used to. Noah has been sharing a bed with me all summer, Christina, and its even harder to sneak away from him than you were. I used to have to inch away from you and slowly army crawl out of the room.  What I wouldn't give now only to give you a hug...From the pictures I have seen, you have grown into a very pretty young lady. We did kid around those last few years together, that after four kids, mom and dad finally got it right with you, as you got the best of both sides.
     Sarah, you are never far from my thoughts and dreams. I hope you know that I was in awe of you growing up. You were so beautiful and confident and told the best stories! Like when we would be out tubing on the lake and would feel the water pushing up under the tube, and you would tell me it was the sea monster trying to eat ME! I am almost positive you told me he only ate blondes, and thus you were safe! I smile thinking of those things! Noah loves it when I tell all these stories and is always asking for stories about me and then he 'll name one or two of you.
     This evening I was telling Kyle about our summer's growing up and the lists on the counter in the morning. Mom taught us well to work hard and get our work done quickly, so we would be able to enjoy the fun things- like going to Stoney Brooke, hiking, building, exploring, or playing your PlayStation, which somehow always seemed to bring Dad right home! We worked hard and played hard and had the best upbringing I can imagine. Sarah, you have said so many times that you wanted to raise your children the exact same way Mom raised us! So what happened? Why did you change? Jonathan, you admitted Mom was the best Mom! So why have you cut us all off? Because she stood in defense of Dad when you all were attacking him for having Noah and I over to join them for pizza?! You are wrong, Jonathan! You were wrong when after three days of my begging God to forgive me and crying perpetually, you said I still hadn't truly repented! You were wrong, and I forgive you.
     The other evening, Dad and Noah were hugging Mom and being silly and kissing her all over her face, and she laughed! It almost made me cry because it was the same laugh that only you, Jonathan and Josh could somehow bring out of her...
     Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina Anne- what you have done, allowed done and are doing is wrong! God gave you to us and us to you, and what God has joined together, let NO man take apart, put down, or destroy!
We are so ready for you all to come home! I love you all and can't wait to share our lives and all our old memories and stories together with our kids soon!

"Bon soir! Jutem!"

Love always,
Your Middle Sister


Letter to My Children (August 21, 2015)

Dear Children,

Once again dad and I have had an opportunity to relay messages of love and acceptance along to current Calvary Temple members for you to hear. I always think you will receive them, and then after a time of reflection, realize most likely you do not hear what those messages are. Because, although they may wish to repeat what we have said, to do so might well endanger them and their families. They could easily be defamed and possibly lose their children or spouse or parents. To me is is so bizarre that Christians are afraid of Christians. And that so many Christians cannot be open and truthful about everything, out of fear of their pastors! It is mind-numbing and just evil. We are in the last days, where wickedness is abounding.

Even dad said last night, as he, Gretel and I were talking, was I going to post this on the blog to you children. And I said to him, "No, if I do it might get them in trouble, because probably they are are not supposed to talk to us, right?" But this morning, after speaking with a former deacon of Calvary, why can't I be as open and honest as I have always been. It may not be pretty, but it's honest.

There are things I promised not to do anymore. Like Gramma Fitch asked me not to tell people up here what dad had done to me and Gretel, as it would ruin his reputation, and I agreed to try and protect him [except where my family and close friends knowing the truth was concerned] and have asked others to be discreet in those matters. We love him, and try only to share what needs to be said to warn others, and prevent more destruction of lives, and inform you children of the truth. Also Pastor M***** asked me to not mention his name or church in Virginia on my site anymore (after he and Pastor Wayne received a phone call from Greer Scott). Foolishly, I agreed, as I had no desire to hurt his ministry. Pastor Wayne, rebuked me for writing and asked me not to mention him anymore, but by then I was well aware of the silencing of the truth going on, and did not agree to do that. Privately in conversation, his wife Maryanne, has told me that Pastor Wayne and Pastor M***** do not agree with what has been done to me, and feel terrible, and will do what they can to direct my children to come home to us. I am grateful for that undercover show of support. By why does it have to be undercover?

So my message for you was this: Children I love you and miss you. You are precious and wonderful and valuable and I am so proud of you. Do not blame yourselves for what you have done to me and dad and Gretel, I know you do not know the truth and told to do it by the pastors. When you find out the truth, you will feel terrible, but we are not angry with you, we do not blame you. Just come home. It's all going to be ok, we accept you unconditionally, all of you. Do not blame yourselves! You are the most wonderful children and I love you so much. Kiss them and hug them for me, I said. And send them home to us.

Love you dear ones,

Letter to George and Sarah from Yvonne (August 17, 2015)

Dear Dad and Mom,

I know that Nana told you we are expecting our second child. She told me that you both were very sad that you would never know this grandchild either. I want to remind you that is a choice you have made. Mark and I have always told you our door is open when you decide to leave the cult that you are in. We were very gracious on two occasions making opportunities for you to meet Ariana, which I am glad we did. Both of our children have been miracles sent to us from God and we will protect them as God has commanded us to. Now that we know you are continuing to support people that abuse children physically and sexually we cannot allow our children to be around that sin. Nana did say you might want to call us and I told her I would love to hear from you. I suspect you haven’t called one because leadership told you not to and two because you know how blunt I am. Yes if you call we will not talk about the weather or the kids. I want to know how you can condone such evilness. Especially with grandchildren and the nieces you still have in there. I am fearful for them and cannot understand why you are not. Maybe you can just trust leadership when they say it didn’t happen, but surely you can remember the abuse I suffered from Joanne for three years. Do you remember I faked being sick for at least a month just so I didn’t have to go to her class? I will be posting my story soon and I do hope it makes it into your hands and you remember the truth. Lastly, in the times we have talked since I left, you have said that you want me to remember my first love. I never left my first love , in fact, I grew deeper in love with God after I left.

Your daughter and first born,

Wartburg Watch Article (August 17, 2015)



Dear Children and Readers,

I have been busy and not kept up with the Wartburg Watch posts until tonight. When I read the following story about Karen Hinkley, I was so happy. I had posted her story earlier on my site, to show that there are not always 2 sides to every story. Sometimes there are just victims, who through no fault other than believing and trusting, are cruelly manipulated and destroyed by bad folks. It is not their fault, we are not God, we cannot read minds. Bad people need to be afraid of hurting others.  Speaking up and exposing what they do, protects people in the long run.  Silence allows them to hurt people over and over again, without fear of consequences. God warns us that we are our brother's keeper. Karen's story really affected me, I understand the loneliness of finding ones loved ones being perpetrators. It broke my heart. Only God and time can heal us, but the confidence and love and affirmation of a few dear people is a buoy. They show me Gods love and give me strength to live another day.

Letter From Candace's Husband's Family (August 16, 2015)

Hi to my precious Cali and Silas.
My Joey and sweet Candace.

     I want to warn all those inside and outside Calvary Temple to stay away from this place and if in, come out. Why would we be lying about these things? What are we gaining? We love Jesus and always have.    
     My son and his young family, has been separated from us for 7 years, and this needs to stop. We have met Cali (briefly) 2 times and she will be 4. Also Silas is 6 months old and haven't met him at all. Why would we (your own parents) lie to you Joey? We have done nothing wrong. We told you the truth (about what really happened at Calvary Temple).
     This is our job as parents Joey, to warn our children if we see something that is not right. Look at all the bad fruit: Broken marriages (mandated from pastor) amongst those that don't want divorces. Children dishonoring their parents. Parents turning their children away, when God has placed each child in the home they belong in.
     Joey, please turn back and do what you know is right. Honor us, your parents. Be part of your brothers' lives again. Bring your beautiful family for us to love and be part of their lives too. If you have questions, our pastors at Cornerstone Church in Leesburg would be glad to talk to you and Candace. We know that possibly you and Candace are being held against your will, by coercion, fear of reprisal, or losing your children. We are praying. Let us help you.

We love you and are always here for you.
Grandma and grandpa and your brothers love you


Hello Candace,

     We were not home all day, and upon return were notified that you are up here in NY, and people wanting to look you up and speak with you. I just let your husbands folks know, you see they stayed with us for a couple days this spring. We had a lovely visit. Re-acquainting and hearing their heartbreaking story of loss of Joey and all of you.
     You were always like one of my own kids to me. And I recall with tenderness, the time you came up to me when I was put away, in a public place, and hugged me tight. I was so afraid someone would see you, and told you to go quickly or you might get into trouble. Or I might. I had just finished knitting your first baby's blanket. To be given to Pastor Ron on one of their checkup calls on me, to give to you for your baby shower. I missed so much during that 93 days of enforced isolation and brainwashing. I learned that the face of evil is sometimes beautiful. Calvary Temple with all its money is beautiful, but it is a tomb. Full of death and destruction, feasting upon the young people who are lured into its trap of money, looks, sports, good jobs, fancy things, cars, mixed with a sslot of Tozer quotes, etc. Please read the tactics blog Candace. Have Chris read it. I know you are scared. I know my Sarah told me that they wanted to put you out and take baby Cali away from you, but Joey asked to 'dung around the tree one more time'....I was horrified, but could say nothing if I wanted to stay home with my kids. We were trapped. But I am not trapped now, and I will help you both if you ever need me. Just call or knock on my door. I love you, and am so sorry. If I had known. He is not the man he has purported himself to be.

Tactics Blog: https://tacticsofcalvarytemple.wordpress.com

I was sent some pictures months ago of you, but never used them. I like this one, although have another of your sweet little guy. XO Gretel misses you too. XO

Letter to My Children (August 15, 2015)

Dear Children,

     I miss you. The birthdays last week, I am sure were difficult for you. They were for us. Our calls, texts were not answered. But we did get that text you sent to Aunt Jackie. She said it made her cry. There was no sign of sadness, concern or remorse for the cruel treatment we have endured at the hands of Calvary Temple. Only boasting about serving God no matter what. I showed the text from Sarah to a dear family friend. One who has loved and known Sarah since she was born. The observation was that Sarah has become 'self-indulgent'. Concerned not for her parents/sibling/nephews but only her own pursuit of God, no matter the lives destroyed in the process. That word, self-indulgent, makes me think of the proliferation of terrorists in the world today. They randomly destroy life in order to pursue their own version of pleasing God. It's called religion, and there are lots of them.
     Jesus did not come to destroy life, but to save it. He restored a dead man to his mother, he restored an sinful woman to a life of dignity, he restored a lying Peter to ministry, he restored a demon possessed man to his community, and on and on.
     Children, whenever we have shared what we endured, people are shocked. A few compassionate ones cry. I have had several say to write a book with our story. I have been asked to do interviews repeatedly with national news organizations. I have refused so far. Trying to appeal to a sense of honor and decency? In Pastor Scott? that he has made a grave error, please meet with me, please give me back our children. You are only hurting yourselves more by refusing.
     The evidence and truth are on our side. Things like telling dad to empty our bank account secretly, and then lying to the banks involved. Telling dad to file for custody of Christina while telling me he was going to bring the kids home to me. Telling dad to not pay our bills, to ruin our credit, and make it difficult for me to live. Telling Sarah to put Gretel and her baby on the street, alone without any family to help her, while I was put away. Threatening me that I will never see our kids again if I tell anyone in NY or VA what was being done to me. Telling dad to sleep in the woods or room with strangers, rather than sleep in his own house. Just a part of our story. If everything comes out that was done us, no one will go within fifty miles of Calvary Temple. Already in New York, no one wants to be associated with the name or Pastor Starr Scott. But if he were to acknowledge the wrongs done and make it right with our family, don't you think it would go a long way to repairing the awful reputation of Calvary Temple, Sterling, Virginia? And be a beginning point to repairing all of the other broken families and lives?
     I know you children probably do not know what we endured. Pastor Ron twice reminded me following my being put away, to NOT tell you children about my ordeal. He said it would just be confusing for you, and make you sympathize with me. I said nothing, and not one of you ever asked what happened to me. So I assume you were told lies, to calm your God-given love for your family, and make you think Pastor Scott was taking care of us for you. Please, go and ask him to restore your family, just like Jonathan Miller went and asked him to restore his parents, so could see them and be a part of their lives again. Jonathan's father was called a heretic for leaving Calvary Temple, he has since told me many things I found it difficult to believe at first. But now, he can see his son and grandchildren again because they have agreed to disagree. Please let me have my family back Pastor Scott. You can never repair the damage done, but you can do the right thing now.