Letter to My Children (June 23, 2015)

Dear Children,

     It has been a long weekend. We had visitors again, from Virginia. It was the second visit from the south this spring. Both families that came have lost either a wife or children because Pastor Scott has separated these precious families for his own pleasure I guess. There is absolutely no Scriptures to support the destruction of families; it is the devils business. No Christian would have a hand in anything so evil for sure. Every pastor I know takes a step back in shock and horror at husbands and wives being told to leave each other and children being told to shun their mother and father and siblings.
     We had several people here for dinner last night, sharing horror stories of pastoral lies and abuse all out of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia. It was exhausting listening to things we had no knowledge of. Thanks to the many blogs now out there, and people of credibility being willing to have anyone call and confirm facts and stories, we are now able to see that we are a drop in a bucket. They stole you children for your wonderful raising, your looks (thank you dad!), skill, and your money (grandparents). Yesterday, your sister sent us the link to the tactics blog.


     It is eye-opening and so sad, but at least people are being warned. The only warning we had was a lady who had a penchant for excessive talking. And even that was not directed to us but through your grandparents, and of rather dubious content. Now we have people that are doctors, lawyers, engineers and professionals in every walk of life speaking up to warn all who take the time to check credentials that this church is dangerous. Pastor Wayne has taken down all reference to his former association with Pastor Scott on his church's website. I am sure any pastor who was associated with the ministry is distancing themselves, as they should.  We are to be above reproach children. This church has lied to us about many things. Flee. And bring anyone you wish to with you. You know your mom, if I believe you, I will defend you. If I think you are a hoodlum, I will tell you to your face. You never have to wonder where I stand. Being honest is not difficult even if it costs me. I wish you children had inherited that trait from me, it would save you so much heartache. Stop listening to a man, and listen to God. Read the gospels. And listen to your concience, before it is so hard you cannot be convicted.

Love you always,

Letter to Calvary Temple Members (June 10, 2015)

Dear Calvary Temple members,

     As so many of you know, my story was posted on the The Wartburg Watch after I was contacted by the site, asking if I would give permission for the story of our family's abuse at the hands of Calvary Temple leadership. Since then I have followed the blog, amazed at all the stories of cruelty and abuse of Scriptural authority at the hands of countless pastors in America. I knew I wasn't the only person to suffer such things, but had no idea that it was so pervasive and rampant in rather respectable circles of the gospel community. But this latest article which is being linked below, is one of great encouragment to me. Because, in it you will read the story of pastors repenting and asking forgiveness and making restitution, for abusing a member of their church. Hopefully it will bless you, and cause you to think and pray that Pastor Scott will do the same for our family. We need to be together again. And if Matt Chandler can apologize before the whole world on the internet, as well as meet privately, then surely it would not be beneath Pastor Scott to also bring me my children and apologize for labeling me falsely to them, and keeping them from me and their dad and sister for nearly four years now.  Please. God is looking for each of us to do what is right. And this is so right.



Letter to Christina and Sarah (June 8, 2015)

Dear Christina and Sarah,

     I have cried too much. I love the pictures that one of your friends has sent me. I cannot stop looking at them. Christina looks so sweet and pretty, I love my baby. She is and was always a joy and comfort to me. For being number 5, (and you all know the story of her birth, how after she was born, all I did for that first year was rock and hold her), she was delightful, climbing the pantry shelves to get to the candy.  Loving dogs, sucking her thumb!  So much like the Beck side of the family. You are so pretty.Your hair reminds  us of when you were little. And now you are graduating. How sad, I cannot stop the tears. To celebrate the beginning of your adult life without us. But so proud of you as always.
     And Sarah, your children are sweet. We have been told by those inside Calvary that your children are the prettiest ones in the nursery. I always hoped for a baby with redgold and curly hair like Mrs. McD. Penny has it. And little Weston has his Uncles' blue eyes and narrow face. I have a very similar picture of Josh on his second birthday. I know you are a good mommy like Gretel is, so proud of you.
     What I want all the hundreds of people who read this  blog to know – is that we only see pictures of you when your anonymous friends inside and outside of Calvary send us the pictures. We are told that around two thirds of those inside Calvary Temple wish to leave, but are afraid and stay to not lose a part of their family. How awful. We have not seen you in person or spoken with you since 2012. And I have called, texted, written with no response. Dad also says you have nothing to do with him. Of course you also have cut off all extended family and friends. There are only a few who think it is ok for you to destroy your parents for God, they are wacky psuedo-christians. Is it right for a pastor to keep children from their parents? Is it right for him to say to children that they are hating God if they love and honor their parents? Is it right for a pastor to lie to children and defame their parents to the children in order to keep them for himself? If I could reason with him I would, but he doesn't listen to reason, he is a law unto himself apparently. We love you. I am dying without you. I pray for it. This world is too wicked. I have been a good wife and mother, but am defamed and bereft of my children, by a pastor! This is insane. And it is happening all across this once Christ-centered nation. Now many pastors use the sheep for their own gain. Pastors used to protect the sheep, pastor Scott is destroying and devouring the sheep.  And the men with him, do not stop him. Christina and Sarah, get your brothers, and come home, please. We are always ready with open arms and hearts. Your coming home will bring so much encouragement to us, you will put life in us again. You have seen all the things exposed by the media and others, terrible secrets that are now known. The mask of hypocrisy has been lifted. God is just and is judging his church. As it should be. 

Love you so much. 

P. S. Norma Dimsey, how could you photograph our daughters graduation picture without notifying her parents? Are you a christian? Did you do this to your parents? Shun them, run away from them, never speak to them? You should at least have had the decency to send us copies of those pictures along with an apology, telling us if you are afraid of disagreeing openly against pastor, which many have done, as they send us pictures of our children. That we understand. Your brother and sister-in-law, your own nieces have testified to you the terrible price we have paid for being godly and refusing knuckle under to pastor. You need to decide which side you are on.

Letter to Christina from Abby (June 1, 2015)

Dear Christina,

     It has been months since I last wrote you, asking you to come to my wedding. I text you from time to time, hoping that you at least read my texts. I hardly ever get an answer, but I did once, right before my wedding. You told you would not be there. I had known that would probably happen, but I was hoping and praying you would. I know it's not your fault. You would not have been allowed to come even if you wanted to. So I just want to take a minute to tell you about it:
     I was SO excited to become Mrs. Abigail Taylor and yes, a little nervous, too. You would have laughed at me right before the ceremony having a little freak out session wondering if my dress was ok and worrying that I would pass out in front of everyone, which didn't happen thankfully. I couldn't help but think that you and Sarah and Gretel were at Katy's wedding. Sarah did us girls' hair. Gretel was a bridesmaid, your mom did Katy's flowers and you helped your dad bring them to us bridesmaids then just hung out with us girls before the wedding, laughing and carrying on with us. I wish that I had known then that it was one of the last times that I would see you when you weren't suspicious of my acts of friendship.
     Your mom did my flowers, too. Oh, what beautiful roses they were! She did red roses for me and white roses for my girls. I think they were the same way that she did for Sarah's wedding. She also did all the flowers for the head table at my reception. She and your dad came to our wedding ceremony. I was honored to have them there, knowing how hard it must be for them to be at a wedding since they haven't been allowed to go to Josh's wedding and miss you all so much. Leah came, too. She made our cake. Gretel wasn't able to come. She wanted to but she and Kyle and Noah were up the month before. So only a couple of the Fitches were represented which saddened me because my whole life, I pictured you there taking a part in my special day. I don't blame you though.
     I pray for you every morning as part of my devotions that you will come home and be reconciled with your mom and dad and Gretel and adorable nephews and aunt and cousins and me and my family. I can't quite picture you all grown up! I wish I knew what your plans are. Will you go to college or start a job somewhere? Are you dating yet? That would be hard to believe since you never used to like boys :)  I trust the Lord that He will reconcile us someday. I have not stopped praying for you and won't. I can't wait for the day when I can wrap my arms around you in a huge hug. I love you SO much. Please remember that.

P.S. My new name is Abby Taylor. It's taken me a while to get used to though and sometimes I still catch myself signing something as Abby Case. If you ever want to look me up, I'm living in OH for the time being while my husband finishes school. Stop by for a visit sometime. My home is always open.