Letter to My Children (March 28, 2015)

Dear Children,

     I love you very much. Since the day I was put away for the second time, I haven't stopped trying to talk to you. I know all the twisted things you were told to cause you to go against your hearts and minds, and refuse to even look or hug or talk to the mom who raised you. People do not know the power of destructive influences camouflaged as good people. Before Calvary, I had never been hoodwinked by a person wielding authority. I know people in the legal, medical, law enforcement, military, and pastoral. I know hoodlums too. But I did not imagine Calvary was abusing anyone, until they did what they did to me, then your sister and nephew. Even then I excused pastor Scott, thinking he must not know what was being done. Initially.
     Since Christmas Day 2011, I have learned some things. Nice people are easy to lie to. They have no reference points in dealing with corrupt adults who masquerade behind authority. Children, women, and the elderly are easily manipulated by people they love and depend on. It is easy to corrupt men, when the combination of authority, money, and women are offered. People are often very naive about evil in churches.
     But what Brandon said in his recent post is right. "And then Jeff Heglund said something that I have never forgotten. He said 'Brandon, if you really think that we are a cult, then if you love us, you will do everything in your power to get us out of here. You will plead with us, you will beg with us, you won’t rest until you’ve pulled every last one of us out of here and seen us freed from this place.' And that is my second reason for attending this protest on Sunday: because I love these people and I want to see them freed? It is interesting to note that if you speak against Calvary Temple, they say that you must be bitter. But in that closed door meeting, Jeff said a Truth—a capital ‘t’ kind of Truth—that I’m not even sure he fully understands. It is love, not hate, that compels us to free our families from that wretched place. And it is love that brings us all to the sidewalk of Tripleseven Road on Sunday.  The final reason that I am attending is because I am a Christian, and I have a responsibility to God for those people and for the purity of His name. The world must see that we are not all like Star Scott. They must see that Calvary Temple is not the way of Christ. To be silent is to offer tacit approval, and that is something I cannot do."
     We are not able to be there to show you again, how much you are loved.  How valuable you are to us. But you know I expect to see you soon. Pull you close and tell you it's going to be ok.  All is forgiven. No matter what you have done, no matter what you have become-come home.

Love your own mom.

Letter to My Readers (March 25, 2015)

For all who are in Calvary Temple...especially those with small children:


Please, take care of your children before they are permanently scarred.