Letter to My Children (February 16, 2015)

Dear children of mine,

     I am sorry for not writing sooner. It is really hard writing to you this way. Knowing so many others read my words, but most likely you are told not to read them by pastor Scott. Knowing from people inside calvary who tell people outside calvary, that if I write to you, you are not to open the letters, but take them to the church office. Dad also saying that my gifts are either thrown away or returned to others, so not to send them anymore. This is my way of reaching out to you, so you know I have not given up or forgotten you.  My way of going to the unjust judge (pastor) and saying give me justice, give me my children, you have no right to keep them from me.
     Last month I asked pastor Tony Wozniak to ask pastor Scott for reconciliation. He is starting a church here in Buffalo, NY.  And I knew his mom, brothers and sister, and his wife Karen from years ago. His mom gave me his cell, and he returned my call after I had left a message. I asked him to tell pastor Scott that I have been falsely accused, my kids do not know the truth and are being kept from us by falsehood and they do not know what went on in our forced marriage counseling meetings with pastor Ron Zarou. I will do anything he wants me to do in order to have a relationship with my children. If he wants me to beg forgiveness for anything I may have done to offend him, I will-but I will not lie or agree to a lie. If it is true, I will do whatever is necessary to make it right. I will kiss his feet, stand on my head, serve or help him in any good way I can. But if he asks me to admit to things that I did not do, or be silent in the face of evil, that I cannot do, or do a wrong thing to make a right, I will not. I did that once with the insurance agent when I was put away, because I was afraid telling the truth that I dented our car bumper, would give pastor Zarou a reason to say I was still under judgement of God and therefore shouldn't be allowed to come home to my family. When I told the insurance owner the truth, she was horrified. She knows my whole story.
     Pastor Tony Wozniak called me the next day. He told me the verdict from the 'multitude of counsel', (it must mean pastor Scott because he always said the buck stops with him), is the following:

1. I am not a victim
2. My children are not being held against their will
3. They do not believe I am humble enough for reconciliation
4.  Therefore there will be no reconciliation

     I never said I was a victim, I said that I was falsely accused of something??? I never said said my children were being held against their will, I said they do not know the truth of those counseling sessions which resulted in my being marked and put away from my family. And I just wonder about the humble part. How would you know if I am humble? And what does that Scripturally have to do with reconciliation? David was a man after Gods heart, so it means he walked in humility. And he called out to King Saul (who sinned repeatedly against God) twice in front of other men and once privately to King Saul’s own son Jonathan, he called out asking for reconciliation with Saul!
     Godly people seek for reconciliation with even ungodly people.  King Saul did not seek reconciliation with David.  He just eventually stopped trying to kill him. But he refused to restore his wife and properties to David. God finally did what Saul should have done.  You shouldn't take what belongs to others pastor Scott.
     This is not compromise, it is just saying please stop let's not be enemies, pastor Scott, I love you, I think you have told lies about me,  let's talk and be reconciled. You are wrong to keep our children from us and their relatives. Even if our relatives and we think you are teaching wrong things, you should not keep our children from speaking and being part of our lives. If we can clear up this mess, let’s do it openly. No more secret meetings alone with my kids. I am their mother, Tom is their father, if lies have been told they need to be exposed and cleared away with the truth.
     Even though you have nearly destroyed our whole family, by stealing the hearts of our babies, I do not hate you. I honestly do not know why you are afraid of me. Or hate me so much you cannot even sit and talk with me without mocking my pies and saying my good works are enticing people from God?! Tom told us what you said in church the day you marked me and had him put me in the hotel/motel. I was stunned. I do not understand you. What the heck are you doing? This is unbiblical goofiness. It's the kind of stuff weird people do, and I am horrified that you are doing it, to me and others without apparent remorse. Please please stop what you are doing. It is ok to admit you were wrong. It takes courage to publicly admit sin, like I did with the insurance owner. That was really humiliating. But it's what Christ's brethren do. We admit our wrongs and strive to make them right. We don't cover our sins, we confess and forsake them, we don't hide people from people. We reach out to all men, in love. Their sins do not affect us unless we want to do that sin. We sin by choice. Sin shall not have dominion over the believer. Before Jesus came and gave us eternal life, it was the Law of Moses that kept the Israelites from becoming like,the other nations.  You couldn't touch a leper, it would infect you.  Not with Jesus! The leper, bloody woman, blind, sick, demon possessed, epileptic, lame, liars, adulterers, covetous, thieves, feeble – all crowded around him yes, even the white washed, evil Pharisees and religious leaders crowed around him… and he was not worried that any of them would taint his holy, pure self. I am not afraid you will taint me, you have destroyed my life, but I forgive you, and if there is anything I can do to bless you and help you to right these terrible wrongs, and live and open and honest life before God and men, then I am your humble servant.
      I end up writing you, because I have been told you, Greer and Kimberly read these. But you tell other pastors of yours not to read these, they will cause confusion. Actually no. If they read my letters, they will want to talk to me and you and get to the bottom of this mess. Which is the right thing to do. The longer you wait to come clean, the worse it will get for you pastor Scott. Come, let's get together with my family, and relatives and the pastors and congregations that are affected by this travesty of justice. We can get on our knees before God and pray for courage and strength to right wrongs and ask forgiveness of the many many hurt and crushed individuals. I will walk with you through this, you could be an inspiration for other men who have abused their position of trust and authority. Show them that they can do all things through Christ who strengthens them. Even restore families you divided, restore marriages you divided, beg forgiveness of parents whose children you took away by deceit and craftiness, because I am not the only one am I? When will Mike and Hannah be restored to their parents? And Brian? And Joey? And Sarah A.? And Carly? How many others are there? God is shaking everything, The Bible tells us judgement begins with the house of God.  That's why so many pastors are being revealed for what they really are. It is mercy. So you and all of us have opportunity before the end, to forsake our sins and restore to others. One of my favorite verses: Micah 6:8, "He has told you o man, what is good and what the Lord requires of you. But to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God."
     I pray you will heed God in this, not me.  If I have spoken truth of God then please heed it. Otherwise toss it.

With love and kindness.
Molly Fitch

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