Letter to My Children and the Pastors of Calvary Temple Churches (May 21, 2018)

Dear Children and Pastors of Calvary Temple Churches:

     I don’t even know what to write. There is so much corruption in our supposedly Christian circles today. Integrity and truth have fallen in the streets and our churches.
     Married men having discreet affairs, businessmen who are shady in dealings, women who are cruel and have no kindness for those in pain, preachers of Gods Word who molest children and teens, civil servants sworn to protect and serve, turn a blind eye to preserve their jobs or friendships. Men who beat wives. Mothers who allow fathers to hurt their children. Pastors who slander others to their members.
     Heck, I am not talking about American society, I am talking about Christians that I have known. They go to church regularly, good churches for the most part that sing the same worship songs, share the gospel as in John 3:16, read the same bible. Not cults. But actual real churches. Not just Calvary Temple Church. Although CT stories are horrific enough to curl your hair.
      Now add in the three separate phone calls I received in the past week, telling me that Pastor Tony Wozniak told individuals outside and inside his church, that my blog is lies. And people should not talk to me. Astounding.
     And Tony knows? (Backdrop on Pastor Tony Wozniak. Formerly CT acknowledged head pastor of Calvary Temples’ Africa Mission. Before that, his Baltimore,MD church was a satellite of Calvary Temple for gosh, more than ten years? Correct me if I am wrong. Pastor Scott gave him a townhouse to use in Virginia and bought him a very nice motorcycle so he could go riding with Pastor Scott for fun when he was stateside.) I cleaned his townhouse, out of kindness, while he was in Virginia back in 2010-2011, as his wife Karen was getting medical treatments.
     Now in 2015, when I heard that Tony and Karen had suddenly left Africa, were on their own, starting a church up in Buffalo NY, I called his mom, to get his number to ask him directly, if he would go to Pastor Scott with me or for me, and get my children back. I detailed the request in my blog http://dearcalvarytemple.blogspot.com/2015/02/letter-to-my-children-february-16-2015.html. That is the only time Tony Wozniak has spoken with me in our past seven-year ordeal. He has not written, called or driven the 1 hour from Buffalo to our home to offer help or restoration of our children since we talked. He does regularly go to Virginia and preach at Calvary Temple Church.
     This does not look good, Tony. It appears you and your church are in Pastor Scott’s back pocket. And appearances are everything these days. Are you compromised, possibly engaging in wicked dealings that need to be covered up? Have you wounded, cut off, and cruelly treated members of your own family? Like the religious leaders of ancient Israel, are you throwing stones at those people who shed light on wicked deeds? Just asking.
     Give me back my children Pastor Scott, Pastor Heglund, Pastor Miller, Pastor Stone, Pastor Gardner, and Pastor Tony Wozniak.

Mrs. Molly Jo Fitch