Letter to My Children & Grandchildren (December 24, 2017)

Dear Children - Jonathan and Carly, Sarah and Taylor, Joshua and Olivia, Christina & Grandchildren - PennyRose, Jackson, Weston, Madeline,

     Here is my Christmas message for you in 2017. I will always I love you. I will tell what happened to our family until you are with me again. I will expose the people who did this to us. Publicly, because all quiet and private attempts have been, and still are being rebuffed. But when you are part of our lives again, I will stop writing on this blog. More and more individuals, who (thankfully!) are allowed to have their families again...fathers, mothers, children,....don't have to speak publicly any longer. We know they are reunited due (in large part) to the protests for over a year outside the church, along with news articles, court cases brought to public attention, several blogs written about Calvary, increased community pressure. All lead to a loosening of the control and separation of families. Public pressure on bad decisions is a good thing.
     And so my part will continue until you are all safe in my arms, we can talk to each other. And laugh and make wonderful memories again, healing the painful memories of the past seven years. Remember children and grandchildren. False accusers and destroyers of families, do not prosper. Pastors should not covet their neighbor's children and grandchildren. Pastors should not lie. Pastors should not steal. And pastors are not idols to be worshipped. They are plain men who must be good, pure-hearted and noble. (A requirement of those in ministry) Real wisdom is honorable. Not a con-job.

Love and hugs and kisses,
Your own mom and dad and the rest of your family