Letter to My Children & Grandchildren (December 24, 2017)

Dear Children - Jonathan and Carly, Sarah and Taylor, Joshua and Olivia, Christina & Grandchildren - PennyRose, Jackson, Weston, Madeline,

     Here is my Christmas message for you in 2017. I will always I love you. I will tell what happened to our family until you are with me again. I will expose the people who did this to us. Publicly, because all quiet and private attempts have been, and still are being rebuffed. But when you are part of our lives again, I will stop writing on this blog. More and more individuals, who (thankfully!) are allowed to have their families again...fathers, mothers, children,....don't have to speak publicly any longer. We know they are reunited due (in large part) to the protests for over a year outside the church, along with news articles, court cases brought to public attention, several blogs written about Calvary, increased community pressure. All lead to a loosening of the control and separation of families. Public pressure on bad decisions is a good thing.
     And so my part will continue until you are all safe in my arms, we can talk to each other. And laugh and make wonderful memories again, healing the painful memories of the past seven years. Remember children and grandchildren. False accusers and destroyers of families, do not prosper. Pastors should not covet their neighbor's children and grandchildren. Pastors should not lie. Pastors should not steal. And pastors are not idols to be worshipped. They are plain men who must be good, pure-hearted and noble. (A requirement of those in ministry) Real wisdom is honorable. Not a con-job.

Love and hugs and kisses,
Your own mom and dad and the rest of your family

Letter to My Children (December 16, 2017)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina,

     On my mother's birthday, your newest little nephew was born. An absolutely peaceful and precious birth attended by two of your sisters old, faithful friends, Katy and Abby Case (now Hollands and Taylor). It is quite a story, which I hope you will call your sister to let her tell you. Anyway, I texted you all that night and hoped you would respond. I waited. But nothing.
     Anyway, the arrival of little man, and attending old friends dropping everything to come and spend the day with Gretel, while Kyle was wrapping up work at Ft. Drum and then making the drive down—caused me to reflect on how wonderful the Case family has been through this whole nightmare 6 years (on Christmas Day). Without you all.
     Remember how the Cases came to visit us in Virginia? And when I was put out, Sydney was right there, even spending nights so I wouldn’t be alone. And Dan talking to Dad about how wrong it was to do this, so kindly and firmly. Always being a friend to Dad and me, although we did not attend his church. (Dan pastors a little Baptist church nearby our hometown.) Always available to visit at our home as often as we needed his company.
     Abby flew down to attend a court case with me and tried to talk to you children. Later, Sydney flew down too, babysat Noah so Gretel and I could spend time alone and talk, and then despite not feeling well, attended a court case and tried to talk to you kids also. Later on, Katy and Jason came down with baby Elijah, to talk with you Jonathan, for quite awhile, I will always be in their debt for that effort, when Jason did not even know you, but Katy encouraged him to try. Danny showed me how to do my blog, and still helps me when I can't figure out this dumb computer. Jenny, drove down with Danny and your cousin Jacquelyn to meet with you Sarah, and try to show you how wrong this is. While Danny met across the street with Joshua, at our deacon Waleed's pizza shop in Cascades. How good Danny was to meet alone with you Josh, and Waleed right there, a bit intimidating going to try and reason with a deacon, but Danny did it because you were his old friend. And Danny, being a pastors son himself, knew wrong from right. And what Calvary Temple has told you to do is wrong.
     And finally, there are the calls, texts, Facebooking, letters on the blog that they have written to you over these past six years. Never doubting that one day you will read the notes, and come to your senses and come home. Interesting isn’t it, that even though Dan is a pastor and Sydney a pastor's wife, and Dad and I are not part of their local church—Sydney (with Dan's blessing) still came down with Danny last year, and stood on the roadside outside of Calvary Temple and held up signs from me, begging you children to talk to your mom, dad, sister. Come home.
     Yes, this little baby boy's birth, so sweet and peaceful — with two of our faithful friends, made me incredibly grateful for this wonderful family up here in Perry. Don’t know what I would have done without them. And by the way kids, did you know that Pastor Ron Zarou considered Sydney to be a threat to his control over me, and he told dad to monitor our friendship. (You recall it was Pastor Ron Zarou who was counseling dad for Pastor Scott, to put me away. ) Oh well, she is a godly woman, so I suppose she would make a bad guy nervous.

God bless and keep you all my children. I love you, and soon we will be together.

Your mom

Letter to My Children (December 13, 2017)

Dear Children,

     We received 5 inches here overnight. Everything is covered with white snow. I’ve been baking Christmas cookie gifts for the first time since Pastor Scott encouraged Dad and Jonathan and Carly to put me away on Christmas Day 2011. Like we have done since I was a little girl with my mom, trays of all kinds, baked and piled on pretty plates for neighbors, friends. You remember. I found a few pictures of you girls baking and goofing around in the kitchen, aprons on! And this note from Sarah tucked into the recipe box with her Sister Cookies recipe card tucked inside. Lol. Blessed memories of our wonderful family.
     It was cruel of Pastor Scott to ruin Christmas for us. Always the memories will burden our hearts on what should be a day of peace, joy, and a celebration of the birth of Jesus. Instead of memories of a mother instantly deprived of children, husband, home. And my five children deprived of Mom. Tom forced to put out his wife or be outed himself.
     Allow me to share some good memories since.... A family visiting for Christmas took me to a movie and held my hand during the show because I was crying. Others calling to say they are going to try and reach my children, and do I have a message for you, that they could relay. Surprise flower deliveries. Meals brought and left with a note. Hugs. Lots of hugs and shared tears and coffee from unannounced visits. Always invitations, even though I rarely accept them, they still come, and we are still wanted and missed. The Christmas cards in the mail, although I rarely send any, mean so much. Texters saying we are loved, they are proud of us, don’t give up.
     Jesus said to ‘visit the widow and the orphan in their affliction.’ I am not much for going to peoples homes now. I miss you so much, being in family houses is painful. When individuals want to be at the cottage, even though we are not super happy, I know they are Christlike. It is much easier to invite people over than to go and be with them in their sorrow. This is called bearing one another’s burden. So Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina, you will have lots of people waiting to do the same for you as they have done for us. To hug you and say ‘...got your back, and it's going to be alright.’
     Always I love you. No matter what you have done, or what you have become, come home. Contact me secretly or openly, and I will come to you, as fast as I can. You are my children. I love you.

God bless us, everyone.
Xo Mom

Letter to Joshua & Olivia (December 8, 2017)

Dear Joshua and Olivia,

     Someone just told me that Olivia has been quite sick for a while. I am so sorry to hear it. Dad told me awhile back that Olivia had a bad back. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I will be praying for her. I was thinking of my Josh this morning while shoveling the sidewalk. Just a perfect first snow...the wreaths on our fence looked lovely, but when I took the picture, the sun casts a shadow over the red bows. So I tried to color them in for you to see. Can’t do it justice, but for Penny and Jackson and Weston and Madeline, they may like to see that Gramma likes coloring too!

I love you, Josh, and I miss you so much.
Xo Mom

Letter from an Old Family Friend (December 12, 2017)

Jonathan Fitch, Joshua Fitch, Christina Fitch, and Sarah Kain,

     I am not saying ‘Dear’ because your behavior towards your mother and sister is not endearing, it is manipulative and unchristlike. I hope your mom will put my letter on her website for you all to read, or your neighbors to read and tell you about. I heard you Jonathan, were mocking your mom being cast out of the home by your pastor and your father. The comment was along the lines of 'hotel room locks are on the inside of the room, mom could have left anytime she wanted!'
     I am shocked at a statement like this coming from kids I have known for over 25 years. You’d never have said that before Pastor Star Scott twisted your minds. And you cannot tell me he is not the one pulling your strings, because every pastor I KNOW, would have driven you to your mom by now to make things right. That he allows you to cut off your mom and family for six years shows he's the one calling the shots. So he can keep you all to himself, is my guess.
     Your mother was brutally treated, beat down emotionally and spiritually, and blackmailed into doing exactly what your pastors and father demanded of her, because of the THREAT OF NEVER SEEING HER KIDS AGAIN. Most decent moms will stand in front of a moving truck if it means keeping our kids safe. Why did that sadistic pastor have your father, keep her away for so long? Tom told us he hoped it would just be for a few days. Sick, sick, sick men get power by crushing the best people around them.
     So this brings me to one BIG QUESTION. If your mom could have left and been home with you all at any time, and she just suddenly DISAPPEARED, but you had no idea where she was, only your dad did......... WHY IN GOD'S HOLY NAME, DIDN’T YOU FIND HER AND BRING HER HOME? Don’t children typically CARE ABOUT THEIR PARENTS? If my MOTHER OR DAD OR SISTER OR CHILD OR HUSBAND SUDDENLY DISAPPEARED WITHOUT A GOODBYE AND I HEARD NOTHING FROM THEM FOR 3 MONTHS, I WOULD ASSUME THEY WERE KIDNAPPED OR DEAD OR WORSE!!!!! AND I WOULD CALL THE POLICE TO HELP ME FIND THEM!
     What kind of sick pastors (and I call them pastors because they call themselves that, your mom calls them that, and you call them that), would encourage, allow, promote, be aware of this kind of thing going on in their church? And do NOTHING? Please don’t tell me they did not know. That is not true according to your dad, your testimony in court (transcripts), other people who have written your mom. Your pastor has talked about your mom, and the blog she writes. So he knew, and he knows, and he has done nothing to make your wrongs right.
     I’m sorry, but you are adults now and need some critiquing. I am astonished at your cruelty, your selfishness, your coldness, and your self-righteous attitude towards someone who had been rejected so thoroughly. You admit your mother has DONE NOTHING WRONG EXCEPT BE A LOVING AND PROTECTIVE AND A WONDERFUL MOM, (again your words). Yet you have disowned her, your sister and nephews, your father and all extended family. Personally you kids need to get off your high horse and ask your mother's forgiveness. The rest of your family will accept you after you fix that. You are not Christians. Not anymore. As an aside, I know for a fact, your wealthier grandparents say you will never get a penny of their money until you leave that church, and are talking to your parents.

Words of admonition from an old family friend. 

(I hope it drives your pastor nuts trying to figure out who I am. From questions I have asked Leah in the past, he likes to be in the know.)