Letter to Friends Who Once Were Part of Calvary Temple (November 26, 2017)

Dear Friends Who Once Were Part Of Calvary Temple,

     Thank you all, for your kindnesses to myself, and my husband, our daughter Gretel, and her children, and for constant attempts to share my love with my four kids still in Calvary Temple. Your names are remembered and your friendship cherished. I would list you all, but do not wish Pastor Scott to know who you are. He does read this I am told, you are precious people, and I hate the thought of your names being on the lips of a bad man.
  • Thank you to the young man who often texts to tell me I am a good mom. 
  • Thank you to the young ladies who visit us in New York, and treat us so kindly. 
  • Thank you to the lady who always had room in her home and family for me to stay. And has made me feel like a blessing, instead of a burden. 
  • Thank you to the couple who regularly made me come for food, and gave me advice and insight into the craziness of being marked and put away. 
  • Thank you to the young man who informed me of so many things that had been going on in leadership behind the scenes with my situation. 
  • Thank you to the young man who encouraged me to write this blog, even though it was so hard for me. 
  • Thank you to the young man who wrote and offered an apology for his treatment of me initially, and then since leaving CT, his dear friendship! 
  • Thank you to the young ladies who helped our daughter Gretel, in more ways than I can count. 
  • Thank you to the couples who have invited me to their homes to share their experiences and tell me all they can about what my kids are enduring. 
  • Thank you to all the older individuals who have written, called, texted, sent cards and anonymous notes, sending photos of my children that they had, from their time in CT, and their encouragement. 
     You are all heroes. Thank you for praying for me and my family to be brought back together. Thank you for doing all you can to make contact with my kids when you see them out. Thank you for loving us in deed and words. Thank you for being so brave despite all the pain and suffering you each have already endured. Thank you for giving me hope, that this nightmare will end, and joy will return. Thank you for showing us you care, over and over again.

God bless and keep you all.


Letter to My Children (November 23, 2017)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina,

I am thankful for you all.

Your Mom

Letter to My Children (November 22, 2017)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh, and Christina,

     How are you all? I am sorry I haven’t written in quite awhile. You know every day you are in my thoughts and prayers and conversation with others. We all, up here, want to know when you will be allowed to see us and hug us again. Talk and share your lives with us.
     A few weeks ago John, our family friend who was in the special forces, called to tell me about the long conversation he had with you, Jonathan. He informed me of his concerns for you all, and his confidence that very soon you will be restored to my arms. And our whole family will be together, and the tears wiped away. He related how, despite earlier indications, he now believes you are in a legalistic church that is practicing wicked deeds behind the scenes. Due to John's familiarity with abuse of power, and his training in the military, he came away from a conversation with you, son, and was not impressed. You are a handsome and well-spoken guy, (and as your mom, I think you are a gem!), but you know Mr. C., he’s kind of a man's man. And unfortunately, son, your unkind actions toward your parents and sister outweigh your words. However, please know that I am not upset with you. I know that you are under the power of Pastor Scott. You can only do what he will allow you to do. If he disapproves of you talking to your parents, you won’t. If he approves of you talking to your parents, you will. It’s that simple. Lots of people are now being allowed to talk to previously shunned family members. People have called to say they are praying I will be the next person on that growing list. It is a win-win for pastor to send you children back to see us. In so many ways. I often hear from folks down in Loudoun County, Virginia, who tell me that they read this blog and that it was the reason their family did not attend Calvary Temple when invited. They did not want to take the chance of having their family split up by a pastors counsel.
     I love you all. Here is a photo of your nephews recently at our cottage on the lake. So many times these little boys remind me of you children, and your childhood. Gretel is a good mommy, just as I know you children are with my other four grandchildren- that I cannot wait to hold in my arms and get to know.

Please call me this Thanksgiving. Please.

Love and hugs and kisses from mom