Letter to My Children (August 17, 2017)

Dear Children,

     The above quote was referenced at our church on this past Sunday. Of course, you know I agree, always sticking up for the underdog, giving second chances and third and fourth. And so it is with you. When I spoke with Carly, she intimated that if I would admit to Pastor Scott that perhaps I did something to DESERVE being treated in such an ungodly manner, that you all would be allowed to see me again. This would, of course, strengthen Pastor Scott as he abuses you, under the guise of Christianity. Which would be like saying Jesus does evil to arrive at good. Of course, anybody knows that is ridiculous. I cannot call evil good, nor can I admit to false stories to prop up a ministry. Ministry without the banner of truth and justice and integrity is not legitimate anyway. It is only another false religion.
     Recently Jamie, the son of your dad's friend Don, attended a service at Calvary Temple while in D.C. Dad and I had informed him of the services and if he felt brave enough to please go, and try to see you children for us to give you our message of love. Jonathan, you invited him to lunch after the morning service. Jamie told us all about your home and lovely children, and how Christina looks like me, and the other couple who were there as well, Chris and Kevin O'Connor (who have a terrible story of abuse of their step-children: http://www.loudountimes.com/news/article/spiritual_warfare_at_sterlings_cavalry_temple_church898). Of course, dad was horrified to learn that Kevin was sitting at the table with our young daughter Christina, and of course, our granddaughter Madeline. Jamie was quite shocked as well because he had not discerned anything unsavory about the man initially (totally understandable). He relayed his enlightened perception of the message at church that day, as being rather hopeless. Of course, his dad (Don) has read the blogs and related information on Calvary Temple. Years ago Don attended the bible school there for a bit of time. So he is entirely familiar with how convincing a wealthy church and spit-spot looking folks and professional type pastor speakers can be. I am sure his dad's knowledge equipped Jamie to withstand the allure of the charm offensive done in his honor.
     But really son, we have always been plain and honest folks, and we never needed to impress people. Our goodness and kindness to all, irrespective of person, was the hallmark of Christ in our lives. Can you not see the most glaring blot on your visit with Jamie that day? He said it was really sad, that not even once did you ask about your mom, dad, sister and nephews, your aunts and uncles, cousins, or Grampa and Gramma Beck. You did mention the only persons Pastor Scott is interested in (because of their old age and possible inheritance for you and your children-Fitch grandparents. Which you already received by the way.) I was very hurt to hear that you showed no concern for your parents who loved and raised you and provided for you, to be a good man, and do what is right. Your actions outweigh your profession of moral superiority. You have fallen from grace. Repent my darling son. And do again the first things you learned...to show charity to your parents and immediate family. No one is impressed with a man who is cruel to his family. I know you were very badly manipulated to do this, and yet, please go and speak with some of the good men who have left Calvary Temple. They will answer all your questions. And call me. I will come to you.

Love and hugs and kisses,
Your mom