A Letter about Being Put Away for Three Months (May 25, 2017)

 Nearly two weeks ago my daughter Sarah and her husband Taylor were visited by an aunt and uncle who came from out of state for a one-hour coffee to try and get our kids back. During the ensuing debate, my children asserted that Pastor Scott did not put their mom away in a motel....their father did that. This is a lie.
     When my husband told me he was going to put me away somewhere, I sobbed and begged him not to, people would think he was crazy, and pastor Scott would never endorse such behavior. He told me pastor Scott had told him to do it. I said no way; he did not. So he called Pastor Ron Zarou and putting the phone on speaker, he told him that I did not believe pastor wanted him to do this to me. Ron said to Tom, let me tell pastor as he's right here, and then I heard him say "Pastor says it's a good idea, Tom." I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach.
     After being put away, I was called every few days by Pastor Ron Zarou to see if I was 'Broken and repentant and able to be brought home' yet. He also came to the first hotel room to see me for a half hour with Tom, to rebuke me for crying and begging to go home. (I obeyed them all because I was told if I did not, then I would not see my children or grandchild again). This went on for the entire three months. Pastor Ron sent his wife, Tara, to bring me cash from my husband to pay for the room I rented upon being removed out of the motel after six weeks. Pastor Ron sent his wife to pick up the birthday gifts for my two youngest children who turned 15 and 18 while I was put away. I had finally found a job that the pastors approved, (I was told not to accept a secretarial position at a local orthopedic office because other Calvary Temple people worked there, and it would be difficult for them to work with me as I was marked, Pastor Ron told me.) So while working as a greeter at Dicks' store in the mall located in Sterling, I had my check deposited in our joint account. Tom had given me back my license and a credit card, phone, and car, so I could get to work and buy gas and food for myself. Each months rent was to be paid in cash, provided by Tom. Tara delivered the money to me, she would call my cell phone indicating she was waiting in the parking lot, I ran out to take it, she drove off. Supposedly everything was approved with Tom through Pastor Ron Zarou. I was told not to call Tom directly; Pastor Ron told me to call his cell phone directly, not the church phone.
     After three months of this life, Pastor Ron told me in a phone conversation that he thought I was possibly ready to be brought home. Tom called and came over and very nicely said he thought I was ready to come home. I said nothing. I had been beaten down completely. I was their puppet, and they pulled the strings. Even later that evening, when brought home, the first thing our son Josh said to us upon seeing me, was "Dad, does pastor know you brought mom home?" In an accusing voice, as though Dad was doing something wrong.
     Finally, I was not allowed to attend my children's school functions, sign their report cards, talk to their teachers even after coming home. I did not even attend church for a few weeks due to my work schedule at Dicks. Finally, my older children complained to their father, and finally to Pastor Ron Zarou, who told me that he had told Tom to find another job for me because the kids wanted me in church. Although first, he told me to ask for better hours, which I did; however, I was a new employee and had only been working about six weeks at that time, as the low guy on the schedule, I worked Sunday's and nights.
     The leadership and pastor Scott of Calvary Temple totally controlled my being put away, where, length of my separation from my children, my whole life. Yes my husband was culpable as well, he has acknowledged his part, but he did tell me that he was afraid of them and that they had told him that if he did not put me away, they would kick him out of church. Also, a few days after I was brought home, Tom and I were out walking when Deacon Waleed Zarou (Ron Zarou's brother), drove by in his business car and stopped upon seeing us. He commented to us both how nice it was to see us out walking together, and that when Pastor Scott had told the deacons he was going to have Molly put away, all the deacons protested! Saying no pastor, Molly is a godly woman, if you put anyone out it should be Tom. But Pastor Scott replied, "Let's try it." It was then I realized it was an experiment on our family, to gain control over us. And my heart went cold.
     So yes, I was put away on the direct orders of Pastor Scott. All the other pastors and deacons know this to be true. Obviously, they have lied to my children about what really occurred. To protect pastor's reputation. If it WERE possible that only Tom did this to me, then shouldn't pastor Scott inquire what happened to Molly who attended his church and worked in his school as a helper? Why then did not my children come and find me? Why didn't they call our family in NY to ask where their mom was if she had disappeared so suddenly without a trace? Without a note or a phone call, while the younger children were in school, and I had not been allowed to speak with any of them before being taken away? Why did they NEVER ask me upon my return, where I was, what had happened? Why did they never reprove their dad for hiding me from them all for three months without any communication at all? And with my Sarah becoming pregnant during that time, why didn't she try and call to tell me she was expecting her first child?
     No, it is a lie to say Tom put me away. Pastor Scott ordered Tom to do it, walked him through every step of the three-month ordeal via the active participation of his assistant pastor Ron Zarou. And Ron Zarou often told me he was relaying 'pastors (Scott) heart' regarding the ongoing church 'discipline.'

Molly Fitch

A Mother's Day Update (May 24, 2017)

  I was only able to see my son-in-law Taylor on Mothers Day. He came to his door when I brought flowers for my daughter, and respectfully asked me to leave his property per Sarah's request. I asked him if she was feeling better, he said yes. And I asked if he would give her and my grandchildren a hug for me, and he said yes. And I asked if I could give him a hug, and he said yes. But that I need to repent to pastor Scott before he could talk to me. I said I would never put my children or my reputation on the line for a lie. In all I had about 5 minutes before I was told to go. I cried on the way to the truck. (Taylor WAS the nicest he has been to me since I was put away, for which I was thankful.)
     I did leave flower baskets on Carly's (my son Jonathan's wife), and Candace' doors. I left a corn bag on Christina's car from her sister, Gretel. No one answered their doors. I could not find my son Joshua at his last known address, so we asked, and were quietly told he is living in the basement of some old friends of ours, the Brights. This couple has broken our hearts with their aiding in keeping our children apart from us.
     Some folks in the area asked me to tell, again, how I was put away. I did. It surprises me that this blog is widely read and many people are praying for our children to come back to their parents. What a terrible reputation Calvary Temple has in the Sterling area now, apparently since the news coverage back in 2014. (God bless all those protestors for a whole year! Even a pastors family from NY came down to join in on a Sunday morning protest. Good friends of ours for 18 years. And I had not participated in the protest yet, concerned with publicly seeing my children drive by, being so close and yet not wanted, the pain of their rejection is great each time, it's a struggle to not cry. When I finally was strong enough to attend a protest, it was the end of a whole year for those brave and stalwart men and women who had been standing every week to warn and reach out with their own stories of injustice.
     A lot has happened in the past 10 days, that I will not share, regarding Calvary Temple. But must address a lie pastor Scott is telling my children (per my children). It will be forthcoming in a day or two. Common sense dictates my children should see through this, but I am aware (NOW ) of misinformation used to separate families. God is giving people courage to honestly and openly share what has been done. Hopefully pastor Scott will acknowledge his wrongdoings and make restitution while he can.

Letter to Christina from Abby Case (May 20, 2017)

Dear Christina,

     It's been a long time since I last wrote you. But that doesn't mean I've forgotten you. There's a bobble head dog on my kitchen window sill that you and your mom gave me for a birthday years ago. Every time I look at it I'm reminded of you and I pray for you.
     Yesterday, Gretel brought her boys over to my mom's house to play with my nephews. It was such a beautiful day. We had a picnic outside in the yard and Mom and Gretel put together a treasure hunt for the boys. Watching them, I was struck by how neat it is that there is a third Fitch/Case generation of friendships! I was also reminded of all the countless hours we spent with our siblings playing after church. Summer evenings especially were the best. It was good our moms were such good friends because that meant extra time to play while they visited :) I miss those innocent times when the only thing we had to worry about was when we would see each other next. Times change, but know that my love for you hasn't. You'll always be that sweet little sidekick.
     I wish you could know your nephews and mine. They're all so precious and remind me of us so much. I am looking forward to the day when you come home. We love you so much and miss you. Please know that if you ever need anything, my home is always open to you. I love you Christina Fitch!

Abby Taylor

Mother's Day (May 14, 2017)

     I woke up and thought I need to go down to Virginia to try and see my children on Mothers Day. So I came and found some flower baskets to hang on the girls' doors. I have six wonderful grandbabies and five beautiful children. But Mother's Day I will be knocking on doors of four of them hoping to catch a glimpse of dearest faces. Faces that I raised and kissed and hugged. Laughed when they teased me, recited silly poems, cried when they got married, privately into my pillow at night, because they were grown and leaving the nest, loved unconditionally when they did naughty things or heart stopping moments when I wasn't sure if they were ok. It was a lot of work, and thank God they all turned out beautifully inside and out. Couldn't be more grateful for each one.
     Despite the sleepless nights, tears and sadness of the last few years, my children are worth every effort I have ever made and so much more. God bless them all and keep them from harm. I pray that we will soon be together. I will meet and hug and kiss the four grandchildren I do not know. We will laugh again. Jonathan will wrap his strong arms around me, and I will cry. Josh will lift me off my feet, and Sarah will sit close on one side and Christina on the other and Gretel will feed us all her amazingly delicious food and get the laughter and memories flowing again. Dropping little kisses on top my head occasionally. Lol. Noah will lead the other four kiddos and his little brother in the exploration of the fields and lake. Dad-Grampa will sigh with relief that all is once again as it should be. And this nightmare will never hurt us again. And in my dreams, Pastor Scott never does this to anyone ever again. And all the wounded, broken, divided families find a measure of peace and the restoration of all that was stolen from them. Stolen lives, affections, reputations, faith, innocence, peace.

A Mother's Day Letter to My Children (May 13, 2017)

Happy Mothers Day to my children.

     I miss you and love you and long for you. Thank you for all the wonderful years, the memories sustain me. The poems and presents and love and hugs and laughter. All of you (you too, Candace) are my life. God-given to me and your dad. I took this photo yesterday in between helping dad work on the garage. You are my dear babies, and I will never give you up, or give up loving and looking for you. God gave you to me. Bless you all, and keep you safe in Jesus.

-Note to readers: I have had no hugs or kisses or cards or visits or talks or calls or contact with my four children since Christmas 2011. All because Pastor Star Scott decided to break my mothering of my children and break my spirit or personality. His comment once was that 'too many people loved me.' He tried to turn my husband against the family; thereby deceiving my children to gain them for himself. Making them afraid of their parents and extended family relatives. Young people and children are easily hoodwinked when separated from their parents. And separating mothers from children is devilish. A wolf does this. No pastor should do this.

Love and hugs,
Your mom

Letter to Mr. Scott from a Community Member (May 7, 2017)

Mr. Scott,

     I recently listened to one of your online sermons. I felt heartsick and grieved to the point of feeling physically ill. You described a time in your youth when you "knocked [a young girl] out," "boom, jacked her up and she went into a wall." You were called into the principal's office. He said, "Bob, you can't... (a pause as you and the congregation laugh)... be hitting people".  More laughter from you and the congregation. And then the principal looked at you and said, "Now, I know she deserves it." And more laughter from you and the congregation.
     You next referred to "demon deacons" that you wanted to punch out (one because "he got in my face over nothin') but God had supposedly changed you, and you controlled yourself. You spoke of how people should be very glad God changed you because in the past you would have just as soon hit people.
     Your next story is of "one of our haters that was sitting across from us at the mall the other day." According to you, this "hater" stayed on purpose to listen to your conversation. (perhaps she was just eating her meal). You mocked her by raising your voice and speaking of your great humbleness learned through the persecution you have endured. All the while laughing and joking about the "hater."  Again, your congregation was laughing at your cleverness and your supposedly momentary backslidden state.
     Mr. Scott, you think this is funny? You should be ashamed of yourself. I have no idea who was sitting near you at the mall, but my guess is you are responsible for bringing great heartache into her life. How do I know this? I have talked with ex-members of Calvary Temple and have heard the same horrific stories again and again. Stories of abuse. Marriages and families destroyed. Intimidation tactics. Lies told from the pulpit. Children put out of homes. Personal confessions revealed to all. Physical, emotional and sexual abuse known and covered up. All the while, you mock and ridicule those you are supposed to be protecting. A true shepherd lays down his life for the sheep, even when they leave the "fold" of Calvary Temple. But you, Mr. Scott, you do all you can to kill and destroy the little ones Jesus died for. Again, you should be ashamed. How do such incidents become comedy material? The very work you say Jesus did in your life is clearly non-existent. If He had delivered you from such fleshly responses, you would fall on your face before you would verbally "jack her up." Just because you were able to physically restrain yourself doesn't mean you are a changed man. You assaulted her in your heart. Do you remember the scripture "But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart"? Same principle, Mr. Scott. All you have learned is a socially acceptable way to beat people up.
     And as for the members of your congregation, I wonder if any felt repulsed or saddened by these remarks. Or are they immune to such disgusting behavior? Have they heard many such stories throughout the years and think it is the norm? I would pray that the community at large does not hear these kinds of stories and think the man telling them is an example of a Christ-follower. Because he is not.

A member of the community
(staying very far away in case you "momentarily backslide.")