Letter to My Readers (April 13, 2017)

Dear Calvary Temple readers,

     It was mentioned that people cannot read the letter sent. (In the previous post.) Just so you know, my guide for publishing the things sent to me is this: If it will possibly endanger a family inside Calvary by getting them in trouble with Pastor Scott, and causing them to be punished, humiliated or divided, then I hide the letters, pictures sent, etc. However, if it exposes the truth, or a perpetrator's wicked deeds, without endangering anyone else, I am fine with printing it. And as always amazed at the courage or those who do reach out to me. No one except a Holocaust survivor persecuted Christian from a country where Christians are watched and turned in by their neighbors and even families, can understand the level of intimidation that goes on secretly at Calvary Temple.
      I do not think it is a cult. After all they preach the same Gospel as any church; however, they are doing wicked deeds to families and individuals. Why? I wish I knew. It makes no sense in so many ways, almost like cutting off your nose to spite yourself. But the devil likes to work from within to destroy Gods children. And even Jesus warned his disciples about the wicked deeds of the Pharisees, the pastors of Jesus day. They weren't a cult either. Just doing bad things to God's people. Tying burdens on the people that were too heavy to bear. It's interesting to think that Jesus showed anger mainly with the religious leadership of his day.
     As a side note, most of the letters and emails sent to me, I cannot post. People tell their story, say they read the blog, and encourage. They have been too brutally torn apart to talk openly. They have been traumatized by their pastor, family, and friends. It is ungodly and awful what they have endured at the hands of brethren, who, like David lamented in Psalms, walked together and took sweet fellowship as they went into the house of God. They will be protected. However, I believe perpetrators of this violence upon Gods people, are to be exposed and questioned. I had no idea how many bad men have corrupted leadership. We see it in our government today. What can the righteous do? More than ever before, I get it when Jesus asked us to pray for those in government that we might lead a quiet and peaceful life. That they might be converted to Christ, and be good men, and treat others well. Not making merchandise of us all.
     Also, back in February, someone sent in the mail a copy of an email from Greer to a church member regarding Sarah's improvement. I was grateful for the information regarding my daughter of course, but I never posted it, because again, sure don't want to endanger anyone else inside the church. Keep your families together, don't let anyone take your children away from you. God gave them to you, hang on tight. No pastor should ever divide or steal or kill. That's the Devil's job. Christians believe the best, hope and endure, think no evil.
     In the meantime, dear brave folks inside Calvary, just keep speaking the truth boldly, telling my children to go home to their parents and not to do what the pastors say anymore.  The pastors are mixing good and bad together. That makes it all wrong. You don't get sweet and bitter water out of the same well. It's a no brainier. God bless and keep you safe.


Letter to My Children (April 11, 2017)

Dear Children,

     Here is another letter that came in the mail today. (Thank you whoever you are for your kindness in communicating with me.) Gretel dreamed last night we were all hiking together in Letchworth, just like we have so many times. Laughing and teasing, holding hands, like I often did, with Bean. Boys roughhousing. We do have a wonderful family. And thank you again Jonathan for telling me that Christmas Day I was put away for the second time, that I was a great mom. But I knew it was not you putting me away. Tom said it was either him or me, as he was told. This is truly a ridiculous tragedy of epic size. The ramifications of getting rid of mom has not only broken us all, but disturbed and angered hundreds of people all over.
     Please come home children. I do not mean move back, but come home and see us and be part of our lives again. You are loved. You are wanted. Your are our children and grandchildren. We accept and love your spouses. We need you. We will never ever stop reaching out to you. God never will, and neither will we.


A Letter of Thanks (April 4, 2017)

Dear People,

     I read in an article in the Loudoun Times about the raid on one of Pastor Scott's church properties, by the ATF. One more thing to be proud of about Calvary Temple right? 1 Timothy 3:7
     Most people acknowledge that Calvary Temple is not a safe or true-blue church. This is due to heightened awareness, thanks to all those who have protested, written letters on blogs, given interviews, gone to the police, etc. In short, all those who brought this stuff into the public eye, into the light so to speak.
     No one knows the actual depth of evil deeds that were done to our family along with so many others, who are unable to say a word. Because we just can't talk about it except in small doses. Awful trauma occurs from being manhandled by family members and pastors whom you loved and trusted. You cannot imagine that they would do cruel things to you. For no reason. It doesn't make sense. And so we are broken beyond repair. I feel like I've been hit by a train.
     And then there are the PROTECTORS. The dear, saintly, precious, wonderful people who by their ACTIONS and WORDS told us all that we were really valuable. They did it every time they wrote on a blog, every time they stood by the roadside with signs PLEADING with our lost families. Every interview they gave, every Facebook post they put up, was in defense of us. Every kind comment written on the blogs encouraged us and protected us from further abuse. There is no way we can repay those of you who have PUBLICLY spoken on our behalf. (And all the subsequent hassle you have taken from Calvary Temple people for being so brave.) God will not forget it, though. He is a champion of abused, forgotten, rejected people.

     Please don't think we are cowards. We are mostly silent because we have been so badly broken. We are not like real people anymore, just shells of who we were. And without defense, we do fade away. Because we just don't have the strength to protect ourselves or even defend ourselves anymore.
     So God bless you dear people who have been so kind and so brave. God will remember your kind deeds. Thank you.

Molly Fitch