Letter to Dear Calvary Temple Readers (March 29, 2017)

Dear Calvary Temple and all other Readers:

     Today I was encouraged to hear the personal testimony of a couple who had been put away from a bad church. Some former Calvary Temple members feel the described church bears an uncanny resemblance to Calvary Temple, in Sterling, Virginia. Heartbreaking and bravely explained, listen for yourself.


A Letter to Our Grandchildren from Gramma Simoneau (March 26, 2017)

Dear Precious Cali and Silas:

     I'm writing this with an extremely heavy heart as I stand continuing to pray that we will all be reunited soon. We want you to know that we love you both so very much. Grandpa and I cannot wait to read Bible stories with you and talk of the mighty works that He has done in our lives and your daddy's life when he was young.
     Your dad was such a good boy, and when he was Silas's age, he would just sit right beside me and play so sweetly. He wasn't much of a talker. Your daddy is like your grandpa; he always liked breaking and taking things apart and trying to out them back together. Your Uncle Mike would keep his stuff in pristine shape and then your dad would come around, and that would be it, he would destroy it and try to put it back together. Sometimes successfully and sometimes not. 😂
     I'm hopeful for your dad realizing he's in sin by keeping us all apart. I say that because God in His Sovereignty placed him in our care and in our home to train and raise up in the Lord Jesus. Also, he is very much like your grandpa and me in him. That makes me very excited because I'm a critical thinker and God has gifted me with discernment. Grandpa likes to believe the best of people but will NOT tolerate being lied to nor being manipulated into things by anyone.
     We have learned a lot in our new church. I have learned that the longer I walk with Jesus, how much I need His Grace and Mercy each and every day more than ever. Our relationship with Jesus is based on love and respect for one another. God never demands our love, but rather we choose to love Him for what age has done for us on the cross. We love being at our church and learning how to apply God's Word into our daily lives. God's word is easily entreated. We have a Pastor who is a humble servant of God and an amazing Bible teacher. Most services Sunday's and Wednesday's we have an altar call and many come and surrender to Jesus. It's a beautiful thing!

Well, we have some things that Grandpa and I are waiting on till you guys come out:
1) We want to have chickens and need your help building the hen house.
2) Plant fruit trees
3) Grandpa said he wants to build you all a new playground in the yard.
4) We are fixing up our basement to accommodate little ones.

      These are just the natural things, but the things that are near and dear to our hearts; are sowing the word of God into your hearts like we did our boys. God will answer my prayers! He will receive ALL the Glory! Our arms are open wide; just like the Fathers are:
     We love you and pray for each of you daily as well as our church and anyone I meet and ask for prayer. Prayers are going up everywhere. GOD WILL DO IT!


Grandpa and Grandma and your extended wonderful family who can't wait to meet you all! ❤

Letter to Pastor Scott (March 23, 2017)

Dear Pastor Scott,

     As you know (from reading this blog) I have received several communications over the past 8 months that my daughter Sarah was sick. The last two anonymous letters received revealed that her illness was liver failure and critical. (Thank you for telling me.) That said, two weeks ago, someone told me that you are advertising my daughter Sarah's testimony on your Calvary temple site. (http://www.calvarytempleva.org/Teaching/Details/Sarah--Taylor-Kain-Testimony-201702).  
     So, as her mom, and because she cannot speak with us, I listened to it. And wept. How could you make my precious girl go through all that without her mom or dad? How could a pastor who is supposed to be kind and gentle like Jesus, not allow a girl to tell her mom and dad that she may be dying? Why did you not allow our Sarah to have the strength and support and help of her parents and sister while in end-stage liver failure! How could you keep our 4 children away from relatives while this crisis was going on for nearly 2 years? No godly pastors would ever do such a wicked thing! Why couldn't our daughter have us there helping with her little ones (the grandbabies I have never held in my arms), when she wasn't well enough to care for them, instead of calling Vanessa (a stranger to our family) to come and care for them? How could you be so cruel to Sarah and to all of us? What have we ever done to you to make you hate us all so much? How could you instigate Sarah's and Jonathan's and Joshua's and Christina's suffering like this?
     We are grateful to God for Sarah's recovery. For the past two years our girl suffered under your rules of secrecy, trying to stay alive. And grew worse and worse. Through the courage and godliness of brave people inside Calvary Temple, we were alerted and immediate prayers and attempts at communication of medicinal information took place on her behalf. She has improved. We give thanks to God for sparing our daughters life. However you, Pastor Scott, are accountable to God for what you have done, endangering her so callously.
     I pray you will repent and turn back to truth and godly living. God will remember what has been done to Sarah and all of us.

Molly Fitch

Letter to Sarah (March 4, 2017)

Dear Sarah,

     How's my girl? I am praying. But you know that. There's not an hour that you and the rest of our family are not on my mind. I believe you will be ok. Did you get the messages we sent on liver detoxes you can do with natural herbs? I will put a link to another site that has liver detox protocols you can try. God made the liver quite resilient, and it can regenerate itself. Don't be afraid. Be smart and do what you can to strengthen yourself.
     I am also so grateful to the individuals who have been sending me information regarding how you are. What noble, brave and good people are still in Calvary! It was with a sigh of relief that I read your test results were much better about the middle of February. I am sad to hear you are so down. But of course you would be when no one is allowing you to talk or be with your mom and dad and sister and extended family. And when your cell phone now blocks all of us from calling or texting you. It would break my heart if people attacked my mother.  But you are strong Sarah. You do not have to fear men's, including pastors, faces. Taylor is a good man (albeit his keeping you from us for the past five years). At least I hope so. If you stand up and stop this terrible deed being done, you know he loves you. I cannot think he would put you out of your house, or take your children from you. At least I hope not! No matter who pressures him! Just stand up and say you are coming home to see your mom. Or call me to come to you. We all will as fast as we can. Jesus doesn't tell husbands or pastors to do this. It is a misrepresentation of certain verses. God gives life. The devil brings death. Whatever oppresses and destroys is not God. But God can turn what the devil means to destroy us with and bring good out of it. Anyone who is a destroyer of families and marriages is bad.
     I missed hearing from all of you on my birthday. It was a sad day. Of course your sister and Noah and John were sweet, and dad tried to cheer me. But all day I waited to hear from you children. Nevermind. Soon we will all be together again, and wipe away all our tears from each face. And laugh and hug and kiss and just look on each other's faces and be thankful for our love that did not forget or give up.
     Noah and I are going on a little date tomorrow. He wants to take me for my birthday. So reminds me of Jonathan. What a wonderful eldest grandson, he often talks about his cousins Penny, Jackson, Weston and Madeline. He says he will tell them all about Mima and Bompa and the cottage, ducks, cows, fishing, hunting, hiking, etc. What fun times they will enjoy together. Little John reminds me of you, Sarah. It's quite funny. So let me try and find a picture of you and me when you were small like John.
     I love you, Sarah Eileen. Be strong and do not be afraid. We've got you. In our hearts and prayers. God has us all under the shadow of his wing. I want to see you soon! Please call soon.


Links to health site: http://www.globalhealingcenter.com/liver-cleanse-kit.html