Letter to My Children (April 15, 2016)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua and Christina,

     I remember taking this photo, while you were all watching a movie one Christimas gathering. All so beautiful and handsome and happy with each other. Cousins closer than most siblings. Now, because of Pastor Starr Scott and Calvary Temple Church you  are banned from us all. Your cousins no longer enjoy getting together with you. Cut off. Your aunts and uncles and grandparents, all shunned. Your own sister and nephews and brother-in-law you have never met or asked to meet. Your parents. All cut off on Pastor Scotts orders because why? No one knows exactly. Some say I had to be broken. Some say you loved us all too much, and it made him jealous. Some say we were not 'godly' enough. No real reason. All vague. And when I asked 3 Pastors of his, to please (and you must now how I BEGGED), intercede and ask Pastor Scott for MERCY, we will do anything for him, clean his house, kiss his feet, anything to be a part of our four beautiful children's lives. He said "We are not humble enough." Oh not to us, mind you. Children Pastor Scott has never had the courage to speak directly to your mom and dad. No he gives his orders to others who are frightened of him, (WHY?) and they tell us his decision. God did not give him the right to take our children from us. Period. He is a bad man to do this. I have spoken now, with many horribly broken and shattered people, to whom he has taken family members away from. It is diabolical and barbaric, and every one of the seven pastors I know here is NY, say he is a Wolf in pretending to be a pastor.
     Remember when he brought me home after taking me away from you children for 93 days? Here is an old photo I found of the first time I was able to see Noah following my release from punishment by Calvary Temple. I had been caring for him while your sister worked from the time he was a month old. And Pastor decided I was suddenly not allowed to care for my own first grandchild. I cannot tell you how much damage has been done to myself, and the rest of your family children. Please stop this insane idoicy. It is madness, not Christlikeness. I fear for your souls. Come home. We love and forgive you all. Do not let a madman control you anymore. He has lied to you and us.
     You are unaware of the magnitude of the lies, I really believe, but the time has come for you to man up, and come and speak with us and hear the truth of all that was done to our family, secretly behind your backs. And Carly, and Olivia and Taylor, if they are godly spouses, will encourage you to come and talk to your parents together. Not secret meetings, behind closed doors. Walk in the Light kids. Your testimony for Christ is shot. I hear all the time from many people in Virginia and Maryland. The gig is up as they say.

Love and hugs and kisses,
Always your own mom