Letter to My Children and Those at Calvary Who are Hiding Them (February 27, 2016)

To My Children, and those at Calvary Temple who are hiding them from us:

     It's been awhile since I have written my children here. I also send them texts, and calls. I have never received a response from them. Verbal or written. I do not know if they are allowed to read my letters. Many of us have been cut of by my children. All those who have told them what they are doing is wrong. God forbid that anyone should awaken their consciences. Years ago, Candace once expressed her anger of wrongs done in her childhood. I encouraged her to keep trying to build on her relationship with those that hurt her. No matter how difficult. I am following my own advice. I have been nearly destroyed by Pastor Starr Scott and his fellow pastors and the passive friends who attend his church. The ones who loved me and my family, and have turned a blind eye to the wanton destruction of my family because Pastor Scott just wanted to "...try it."
     Imagine a pastor telling a man to put his wife of 25 years, and mother of his five children, grandmother of his first grandchild, into a motel for 6 weeks alone, with no food or transportation, forbidding her to call anyone for help, and calling or bringing her food whenever he felt so inclined or permitted by the pastor. And Pastor Scott told my husband on the phone via Pastor Ron Zarou (on speaker), "....it's a great idea Tom." To which I was in shock, and responded to my husband, "Tom, no! Only cults do this! Please don't do this to me." All this to "...break me."
     Break me of what? Of being good and strong and faithful and truthful and honest and upright. Break me of my habit of not obeying anyone if I see what they wish me to do is wrong. Break me of having influence on my children and all the young people and old people at Calvary Temple; because they knew I am a good example to all. So how to ruin that kind of a person?  Play on the mind and will of an emotionally unstable guy, to destroy the sane, kind, loyal wife he was blessed with. And thereby insinuate to the children, who are good and loving children and especially so towards their mother; that they cannot trust either of their parents, and should transfer all love and affection to Pastor Scott!
     Can pastors actually do that you say? Yes they can, if they are sneaky enough. If they are willing to lie and defame and slander and coerce the hearts and minds of young and naive kids. Especially good kids who were raised by a trusting mom who believed authority figures were to be honored. I was raised that way. And they were raised that way. I had never imagined a pastor would want to do what Pastor Scott has done, to families. And the one time I heard a whisper of this, I did what I was taught to do, went directly to people at Calvary whom I had known for years, and asked them point blank. Because I assumed they would tell me the truth. And I was wrong again, they lied. Point blank. Good respectable God fearing friends (I thought), lied to my face. Denied the whisper of families being destroyed. And now a few years hence, that family that was once intact, beautiful and thriving, is now reduced to only one of it's three great kids. Because they have kicked out their two daughters, and have nothing to do with them or their lovely grandchildren. And Calvary Temple has the gall to tell me to repent...only now they say repent for broadcasting this abuse worldwide. Which is done to warn other unsuspecting, good families from imminent destruction.
     We will one day soon, receive our children back with open arms and hearts. We love them, and because we love them, we are telling them the truth. Not to hurt them,  but to set them free from the lies they are believing. And may God forgive all those adults who have aided and abetted Pastor Scott in keeping our children from us. Stealing lives and souls for your own pleasure. God have mercy on you all. It is repulsive. And it is NOT biblical Christianity. Like Chuck said, it is just a man made kingdom, that is rotting from the inside out, with the label of a church.  Let the real church of Christ stand and speak against such atrocities. We may as well be in the Colosseum of Rome being thrown to the lions for the sport of the citizenry.  And like Rome, which was rotting and about to fall even as it was persecuting the righteous in its own stadium; so is Pastor Scott's corrupt kingdom going to be exposed for the evil and wicked deeds of it's ruthless men and women who traded in the souls of men for profit. We are in the last days. When evil men are waxing worse and worse, and those evil men are dressed to look like the good guys, the sheep.
     Children, I am all for repentance. If Pastor Scott wishes to call or come and see me, and repent for what he has done to us all, of course you know I would extend him forgiveness. I am not bitter.  I am righteously indignant at such evil being leveled at our family by a man who calls himself a pastor for God. But he is after all, just a man. And all men sin. So if he wishes to acknowledge his grave sin of slandering your parents, and separating us from you four kids, sowing division. Great. Until then, or until my death, I will persevere in calling a spade a spade.
     Calvary Temple is destroying families, lives, and trading in the souls of men for it's own profitability. It is promoting the gospel in order to procure families/ young people to corrupt with unbiblical mandates (secretively through private meetings). Now that I have found all this out in the past few years since I was 'put away', I have and will speak publicly against this place. Until they repent and restore what they have destroyed. I speak from my own experience. And others also speak here, from their own experience. We speak and we warn the world and the true church. Because Pastor Scott is a pro at using our wonderful children and spouses and families to prop up his sagging empire. But lies always bow under their own weight----to kneel before the truth. Jesus abhors what goes on at Calvary Temple.

P.S.  "I’d also ask you something even more challenging...when you hear about terrible things happening to people, take care of the victims. And keep blame where it belongs—with the perpetrator. With the one who thought the thought, made the choice, and committed the act." ~Author unknown

Letter to Cali and Silas from Grandpa and Grandma Simoneau (February 23, 2016)

To our dear sweet Cali and Silas:

Who because of Gods love alive in my heart can fill my heart with so much love for both of you and prayer for you everyday, even though you don't know us at all.

God is the one who instituted marriage and family. We love you and long for the day to hug and hold you both. I'm reminded in the scriptures, the place that we as grandparents have in the lives of our grandchildren and our own children.

Well, let me catch you both up on things going on in our lives:

Your grandpa went to Haiti on a missions trip and they were putting up solar panels and putting a generator in. They had some hurricane winds come and knock down the panels. So our church and a church in Michigan I think sent funds to send your grandpa and a helper back to Haiti to fix and put up new solar panels. I will let you know how it all goes when your grandpa gets it done.

I have been blessed beyond what I could ever have imagined making and working in some great places. God has been opening up the doors of heaven and blessing me. But my most important thing is when you all leave CT, I want to be available to be with you guys as much as possible.

Uncle Michael is still driving the true moo truck and loving his job. He comes here Sunday's to go to church with us.

Uncle Steve is still in accounting and still training in basketball. He also trains kids in basketball.

Uncle Philip is still works as a building engineer and is going very well. He and Steve got new cars which is huge for those guys.

Uncle Peter works at lifetime doing kids camps and trains kids on the side for basketball. He also got a great full time job that I had prayed the Lord would bring something he liked and that they would be Christians and yep God answered my prayer. He loves it and they love him and he has a lot of potential growth there. Praise God!

Your grandpa and I have been working in children's ministry since 1981, 1984 for me. We love our cute kindergarteners now.

I was reading in the book of Acts as on Wednesday nights we are in that book. Our church which is why I love it so much is they go straight through the bible. We are in Acts and I have learned so much since being here. Our pastor always makes it applicable to our lives today.
I saw that it is God who adds to the church. Jesus is coming, and we know that and are busy sharing the good news. At the same time in the end days, people's hearts will wax cold but no where does it teach that the church isn't growing. Calvary teaches in the last days the church will get smaller but that is just not what the bible teaches.

Our church is growing and we are getting ready to move into our new building in November I believe. God is and has been doing great things in our church. People are getting saved. Lives are being changed. People healed. God is good!

We are so thankful to the Lord for leading us to cornerstone that puts Jesus as the center of everything.

When I'm there praying, I visually see you all there with us as one family worshipping our precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

We love you both and your dad and mom so very much. I am standing and believing God to restore to us what Satan has tried to steal and destroy.

None of what your parents are doing is of God. It is of a mere man who wants to control everything and everyone and does not know God nor how to trust God for anything. It is very sad.

Love and prayers always:
Grandpa and Grandma Simoneau! ❤️❤️

Letter to Mrs. Fitch from a Friend (February 7, 2016)

Dear Mrs. Fitch,

     Can you imagine any pastor telling a child to stay away from their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, old friends, anyone who disagrees with the pastor. And then that pastor telling the children they are 'martyrs for Jesus'...
     What is a martyr by definition? Martyr means a person who is killed because of their religious or other beliefs. And to kill someone because of their religious beliefs. One is a noun and the other is a verb.
      So I would surmise, that in this case, it is Pastor Scott who has done the 'killing of these children' and now crowned them with a martyrs' crown! This sick man is telling broken-hearted children that they are heroes for being 'killed' by him, and for destroying their own families? How insane. This is NOT Christianity, is it? Please, will the real Christians stand up. Say something. The silence of so-called Christians is deafening. 

Look at these links, and tell me how this is any different:


A Friend (in need is a friend indeed)