Letter to Cali from Patty (September 26, 2014)

Hi Cali,

     This is your Grandma (your daddy's mom). I have been wanting to write you, but was hoping we would be able to see each other and I wouldn't need to write this letter. Let me just start by telling you how much we all love you even though you do not know us. We pray for you each and everyday. I am in a women's bible study at our church and we are studying the book of Galatians, which is about God's grace and mercy. After we read the word and have a teaching on it, we break up into small groups. That is where every week I pray for you and your mommy and daddy and their new baby. We cannot wait to hug and kiss you. Grandpa is looking forward to the day when you can be with him and help him in the garden just like your dad  and his brothers did. They did have some fun. They used to have tomato fights. Go out and pick potatoes from the garden and your grandpa would make the best french fries. There are so many things I want to do with you like we did with your dad. Your dad's favorite book that I read to them almost every night was this missionary book and I would read the first word and your dad would get it right every time the name of the story I was going to read. Most of the time he would be the only one awake for me to read to. At our women's conference last year Jim Elliott, the missionary who died in Africa, (there was a movie made about his life called Through Gates of Splendor) and his daughter Valerie Elliott came and did our teaching and she had made a children's book about her life and I got a copy and had her sign it for you. She wrote a scripture in it for you. One day I am going to give you this beautiful gift  and you will love it. She encouraged me to keep praying for you and your parents. I have. I have so much to say to you, but that will have to wait for another letter. My next letter will tell you a little about us all, and what god is doing in our lives. We love, love, love you soooo much and I trust my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to restore our family so we all can continue to grow in the Grace and Mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. May the lord continue to keep your spirit, soul, and body safe. And may He continue to bless you with His peace.

Love and Prayers Always,
Grandma and Grandpa and your Uncles

Letter to My Sweet Children (September 4, 2014)

Dearest Children,

      Just taking a break from shoveling out the barn dirt from the truck.  Dad loaded me up last night at the farm, so we can have a good base to plant the raspberries in.  You know how children love eating raspberries!  Do you remember when dad planted Amos in the raspberry garden, I never ate any more berries from that side, seemed sacrilegious some how, specially since I backed over old Amos on Christina's birthday!  Poor Bean, didn't tell you about it that day, we just buried him while you were at Abby's birthday party.  Poor Candace, she was pretty sad about Amos....remember the gully trek/truck rescue?! Dad and I still chuckle about that.
     You children know how often I would get compliments on my gardens at the yellow house, and what did dad and I always tell people?  It's easy to grow stuff when you have good dirt.  The dirt makes all the difference.  We saw that in Virginia, awful dirt.  When Mrs. Schwartz asked dad and I to help her with a vegetable garden, it was so discouraging due to the poor dirt in her yard.  She needed yards of good old barnyard manure to replenish the soil.  I asked an old lady in Herndon who ran a plant shop about the sad soil, she told me how when developers came into the area  a few decades ago they stripped off all the good topsoil, sold it, and then put up housing and sod. Said the soil used to be terrific when she was a girl, could grow anything.
     So I was shoveling and saw a worm, he was burrowing back into soil, and isn't it neat that God has wired it into a worm to know what he needs to survive.  He needs dirt, being exposed to the air too long will dry him out.  We are hard wired too, to know right from wrong.  God says in his Word that he will write his laws on our hearts (Romans 2:15).  You know what you are doing to us is wrong, everyone who hears of this.......whether they are believers or not, know its wrong.
     We love you so much, not saying this to condemn you but to remind you from whence you have fallen.  Start reading the Bible again, all of it, it is good soil.  The lovely picture below the manure dirt pic from this morning, is Leah's garden (barnyard dirt dad brought in for her), which I took yesterday while mowing the Mazz house.  Good dirt makes all the difference.  Obviously I raised some good kiddos, or Pastor Scott wouldn't want you so bad.  The Lord is coming so very soon, we need to be reconciled while there is time.  Soon we will stand before the Judge of the earth and give an account for every deed and word and thought.  Praying for you every day with tears and love.

Come home.
Your mom