Letter to My Children (July 14, 2014)

Dear children,

     This video....the words of it....reflect my heart pain. And, now that I know, the pain of only God knows how many-who have been destroyed and ripped away from their families.
     You know I pray for you all every day that you will know the truth, or at least ask to hear it. But just as often I find myself praying for all those I have now heard from or of, who have been told they are not wanted by God, or their families?!?!?! It is mind boggling isn't it? That the wonder of Jesus coming to save men from their sin, should be twisted to ....only if you are worth saving.
     That is the message you are giving, even if that is not what you think.....actions speak louder than words. Why are we not worth loving anymore? Love is no respecter of persons, why can you be loved and not me? Not Dad, not Gretel, not Noah? What about all those others who you haven't heard of, but I have. Dozens and dozens and dozens of lives thrown away. Lives Jesus died for and came to seek and find and save. Precious dear lives, faces, names....they are worthy of Jesus love, why not yours?
     Turn back, it's ok, everyone makes mistakes, sins, wrong decisions. Ask Gods forgiveness and go to people and apologize. I have had to. Many have, some are too proud to admit their wrongs, but I believe you children are not too proud, you can admit error. I love you all so much, this is taking the life out of me, but I cannot call evil behavior good.

Hugs and kisses,


Letter to My Children (July 4, 2014)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Joshua, and Christina,

     I have not written in a month, but every day I carry on conversations in my heart with you. I ask you questions like, Sarah how is our newest grandson, what is his name, why are you killing us with your silence? Or Jonathan your photo is beautiful, but tell me son, how do you smile so happily? We rarely smile anymore, and underneath even that is an ache that never goes away. Joshua, I have been told you are happy, and am glad, so much prayer has been made for you and Olivia, she is very lucky to be your wife, we hope she loves you as much as we do. Dearest Christina, you are wonderful, and dad and I need you to come take care of us, we need your love. 
     And then to the men who are teaching you and many others to commit such wicked deeds, how can you use Gods name to justify your evil destruction of people. Have you no fear of God? With your mouth you speak nice things of God, but your actions tell the real truth. Give all our children back to us today, give all the women back to their husbands, and tell the husbands to go beg their wives forgiveness for throwing them out. And please stop lying. It is wrong to lie. And tell the fathers to bring back their children they have thrown away.  And ask the children's forgiveness.    

It is time to do what is right.

And always I love you my own dearest children....all five and your families.  And we always will.

Song: You Cannot Lose My Love