Letter from Sydney (June 8, 2014)

Dear Jonathan, Sarah, Josh and Christina,

     I love fairy tales. I love how the endings always turn out happily ever after (the well written ones do anyway!) Since the kids were babies I have sung the sleeping beauty song to them.  The one that starts "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream..."  I changed the words of course to accomodate whatever I was doing with them at the time like waltzing, rocking, etc., and after "once upon a dream" whispering "you're so handsome" (or pretty) to the child or grandchild I was holding. Well one day Danny played the Maleficent version of that song for me (way to ruin a beautiful song!) Such a dark, creepy voice. It really irritated me when I watched the trailers for Maleficent as it seemed to be making the evil witch the attractive fun one. Making evil look good like so many movies do. And then after the movie comes out I get a call from Danny. He said that your mother and I have got to go to Maleficent! He said it is such a wonderful, redemptive movie. I'm like right Danny; that is so dark I will NEVER go to see it!
     Well you know how persuasive Danny can be! So I look up the Plugged In review just to make sure I wasn't going to a trashy movie (by the way there are no swear words or inappropriate scenes. The worst name you hear someone called is Beastie. I highly recommend it.)
 Okay the point is this: Maleficent is a sweet beautiful good fairy who is cruelly betrayed by the one she loves and trusts the most. I could never take your mom to this movie. It would be for her like she were reliving the nightmare of most of the people she loves best in this world rending and tearing her apart after so callously breaking her heart.  Of course after a few years of bitterness and hatred Maleficent's love and forgiveness is beautiful. Inspiring. She is so like your mother in that way, but your Mom just skipped the hatred and bitterness part and has loved you with all her heart. You all remind me of the cruel king except that I have confidence that you will all come out and be the sons and daughters you once were. At least some days I do. Your mom has never lost faith that you will all come out someday. I pray that it is soon.
     She and your dad have purchased a cottage on Silver Lake.  It has 4 bedrooms and she is fixing up the upstairs ones for her children. You know her; it is starting to look like something out of a House Beautiful magazine.
     I have never seen such a beautiful piece of lake property. The lawn is large and has a small forest of trees and a creek.  It slopes down and has a beautiful garden.  It even has a tulip TREE of all things!  The other houses are not close and one is owned by people who are almost never there but keep the grounds up perfectly.  The water is so clear and doesn't have a sheer drop off but is perfect to teach children how to swim.  The kayaks and boat are just waiting for children. Oh and the porch! An incredible wrap around that your children will be able to skate and ride bikes on! Noah should be there on vacations to get to know his cousins. Well that is a very pretty picture isn't it?  But you need to slay the monster of pride, repent and get out here before it is too late to enjoy this place.  And by enjoy these material things I mean to have a restored relationship with your mom first.
     So many people have left Calvary and come "out of the closet" so to speak. Slowly they will heal.  Well not all the way; the damage that has been done to some is irreparable, but you will heal too.  Come quickly.

I love you all...bring your families so I can meet them too.
Mrs. Case