Letter to Candace and Joelle (March 30, 2014)

Dear Candace and Joelle,

      Do you recall when you gave me this collage of photos? It was as a surprise 25th anniversary party you and my children planned for Tom and I. There are two things that deeply touched me from that day; this collage from you both, with each of my children, plus your own pictures, framed with a copy of my favorite poem Call Back.
     And the DVD my Sarah and Christina prepared of our 25 years of marriage. If I can upload the DVD to this site, I will. I still have cards of endearment you gave me. I just want you to know that I realize you are being forced to cut me off. I know you don't understand, but must just trust the leadership'. I know that Candace you could lose your own husband if you disobey the pastors. Joelle, I know that they need you to keep Sarah happy, otherwise she would be tempted to leave, and so would Taylor, which would mean Mr. Kain the big financial supporter of the church MIGHT leave too.
     But remember this.....God is watching and listening. One day very soon, we will all have to give an account of our lives before Him. Walk in the integrity of heart and mind that Jesus died for. He who did no sin and was hated for it, He died that we might be forgiven our sins, and have the opportunity to walk in the truth. Sin shall not have dominion over those who love Him.

Do what is right before God, not before men. Trust God alone, do not trust men.

God bless you, I love you and have no animosity towards you. When you are ready, I will be there to hug you.

Letter to Waleed and Amy (March 20, 2014)

To my friends and fellow Christians Waleed and Amy:

      Yesterday Sarah told me that your young daughter was allowed to come home.  I am glad for her, few know the pain of being 'put away' from your family.  When I spoke with your daughter last week, although peaceful, her face showed sadness from rejection. So now you have a chance to right the wrong. Please let me to share a certain history of the apostle John as recorded in Foxes Book of Martyrs. You were my friends, and I hope will be again one day. Don't let your family go Waleed.  God entrusted them to you. This is why I fight for my family. God entrusted them to me, and I will continue to reach out for them until the Lord takes me home. God bless you both and those 3 girls of yours. Please help restore my own 4 beautiful children and families to us.


     "When John was returned to Ephesus from the isle of Patmos, he was requested to resort to the places bordering near unto him.  Whereupon, when he was come to a certain city, and had comforted the brethren, he beheld a young man robust in body, of a beautiful countenance, and of a fervent mind.  Looking earnestly at the newly-appointed bishop, John said: 'I most solemnly commend this man to thee, in presence here of Christ and the Church.'
      When the bishop had received of him this charge, and had promised his faithful diligence therein, again the second time John spake unto him, and charged him as before.  This done, John returned to Ephesus.  The bishop, receiving the young man committed to his charge, brought him home, kept him, and nourished him, and at length baptized him; and after that, he gradually relaxed his care and oversight of him, trusting that he had given him the best safeguard possible in putting the Lord's seal upon him.
     The young man thus having his liberty more, it chanced that certain of his old companions and acquaintances, being idle, dissolute, and hardened in wickedness, did join in company with him, who first invited him to sumptuous and riotous banquets; then enticed him to go forth with them in the night to rob and steal; after that he was allured by them unto greater mischief and wickedness.  Wherein, by custom of time, and by little and little, he, becoming more expert, and being of a good wit, and a stout courage, like unto a wild or unbroken horse, leaving the right way and running at large without bridle, was carried headlong to the profundity of all misorder and outrage.  And thus, utterly forgetting and rejecting the wholesome doctrine of salvation which he had learned before, he entered so far in the way of perdition, that he cared not how much further he proceeded in the same.  And so, associating unto him a band of companions and fellow theives, he took upon himself to be as head and captain among them, in committing all kind of murder and felony.
     It chanced that John was sent for to those quarters again, and came.  Meeting the bishop afore specified, he requireth of him the pledge, which, in the presence of Christ and of the congregation then present, he left in his hands to keep.  The bishop, something amazed at the words of John, supposing he had meant them of some money committed to his custody, which he had not received, could not tell what to answer.  Then John, perceiving his perplexity, and uttering his meaning more plainly: 'The young man,' saith he, 'and the soul of our brother committed to your custody, I do require.'  Then the bishop, with a loud voice sorrowing and weeping, said, 'He is dead.' To whom John said, 'How, and by what death?'  The other said, 'He is dead to God, for he became an evil and abandoned man, and at length a robber.  And now he doth frequent the mountain instead of the Church, with a company of villains and theives, like unto himself.'
     Here the apostle rent his garments, and, with a great lamentation, said, 'A fine keeper of his brother's soul I left here! get me a horse, and let me have a guide with me:' which being, done, his horse and man procured, he hasted from the Church, and coming to the place, was taken of thieves that lay on the watch.  But he, neither flying nor refusing, said, 'I came hither for the purpose: lead me,' said he, 'to your captain.'  So he being brought, the captain all armed fiercely began to look upon him; and eftsoons coming to the knowledge of him was stricken with confusion and shame, and began to fly.  But the old man followed him as much as he might, forgetting his age, and crying, 'My son, why dost thou fly from thy father?  an armed man from one naked, a young man from an old man?  Have pity on me, my son, and fear not, for there is yet hope of salvation.  I will make answer for thee unto Christ; I will die for thee, if need be; as Christ hath died for us, I will give my life for thee; believe me, Christ hath sent me.'
     He, hearing these things, first, as in a a maze, stood still, and therewith his courage was abated. After that he had cast down his weapons, by and by he trembled, yea, and wept bitterly; and, coming to the old man, embraced him, and spake unto him with weeping (as well as he could), being even then baptized afresh with tears, only his right hand being hid and covered.
     Then the apostle, after that he had promised that he should obtain remission of our Saviour, prayed, falling down upon his knees, and kissing his murderous right hand (which for shame he durst not show before) as now purged through repentance, and brought him back to the Church. And when he had prayed for him with continual prayer and daily fastings, and had comforted and confirmed his mind with many sentences, he left him restored to the Church again; a great example of sincere penitence and proof of regeneration, and a trophy of the future resurrection."

--Taken from pp. 14-17 FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS, prepared by W. Grenton Berry, Baker Book House Company, fourteenth printing, Jan. 1992--